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Germanyīs little little 9/11?

I condemn the hostage taken of a peace activist who was in Iraq to help people. I do understand some Iraqis have the right to armed struggle against the occupation but I do not see the hostage taking of someone coming from a country that openly opposed the war as beneficial. What I see as even more disturbing then the hostage taking in a country that seems to be in total chaos and under no special control is how a certain new Interior Ministers (Yes you Mr. Schäuble) takes the opportunity to tell the country that because a german was taken hostage in a chaotic country that is in a state of war that a terrorist plot is about to happen in germany and that we are not safe and probably die some unknown death in a u-bahn and tomorrow you will introduce some more legislature to curb our privacy and freedom. And I condemn even more the german mainstream press (spiegel, focus, faz and and and) for picking up this story and hyping it to the extreme - firstly giving the abductors the voice they want and secondly giving Mr. Schäuble the fear in the population that he needs to get rid of the free society. I did not elect this government and I do not stand behind their action - just in case things get totally messed up I am not responsible.

The end of Free TV in Germany?!

What Telepolis (german) reports today comes right on the heels of yesterdays report about Internet usage in Europe. Apperently the private TV stations in Germany think about going PayTV all together. Pro7, Sat1, RTL, RTL2 and all substation want a "cheap" PayTV model for their programming very soon the plans are already so far that the newer Satellite receivers support the system. Still about 15 million TV household would need to upgrade their satellite equipment and they want to quit out of terrestrial completely. I think at least here in Germany were money in the hand of the ordinary people seems to be getting less and less its just another dig in the grave of TV - especially when people are forced to upgrade their satellite equipment - something around 200 Euros. The reason behind this move are "stagnating commercial prices" - why that would be? Bad programming, less viewers I would guess.


German "Mautsystem" to be used against "Terrorists"

We all knew it would happen sooner or later and that was a reason for big protests from the "liberal" side. The German Autobahnse have been entrenched in a system to track truck drivers to make them paying a duty to use the highways. Now this system is supposed to be used to "track serious crimes such as terrorism". Means - you are driving on the Autobahn the system knows where you are where you stopped where you exited - truck driver or not (license plate scanning as far as I know). It gets worse trust me - a recent "study" showed that more and more truck drivers are taking normal roads to circumvent the duty - the proposal is now to install the system on normal roads as well - basically making the way clear for an all out surveillance system whenever you us your car. Extremely scary - especially in the light that you are scrutinized already by the police when you are driving later then midnight (me at least have been pulled over 4 times in a year) you could be a terrorist you know.... bad thing its not 1984 anymore - brave new world here we come.

European Internet Usage up sharply

5000channeluniverse.jpgWell I donīt want to beat the dying horse more then necessary but a recent report suggests that people are looking more and more to the internet for their news and entertainment fix (and therefore must be spending less time in front of that massmedia thingy that will suffer in the short future). 24 percent of all people asked in a recent study (german) say that they are spending more then 16 hours weekly in front of the net. The usage time has increased 17% when compared to 2004. Mighty numbers with lots implications. Twelve percent of the users in Europe load Podcasts at least once a month.
Oh and the man on the picture wonīt be converted so fast with his 5000 television channels.


An article on Yahoo News is reporting on the characters of introversion in juxtaposition to extroversion. It talks about how the extroverts seem to rule the world with there engaging mechanisms and the urge to "be someone" but that introverts seem to be better at strategic planning, thinking, memorizing.

Extroverts enjoy the external world of things, people and activities. They have more activity in brain areas involved in processing the sensory information we're bombarded with daily. Because extroverts have less internally generated brain activity, they search for more external stimuli to energize them.

So introverts need to be alone a lot to regain energy that they might have spent in the extrovert world - I would like to add that this not only affects young people. Yes and introverts behave differently and therefore are seen as strange beings in todays society. If you are a couch potato might be lying in your genes and is not connected to Introversion.

Something for the MusikIndustry

Ah I shied away to talk about rootkits and DRM for a while - things that plague about any bigger CD release as of now. Multiple studies are now surfacing that show just how damaging the DRM measures are for the big labels and how small labels benefit greatly when they make their music available for free and easy to access. The former study states that

"Downloads have an effect on sales which is statistically indistinguishable from zero."

The other says that big bands and labels are suffering from downloads but universally all small bands who open up their music catalog have benefited from more sales and fuller concerts.

Ars Technica writes:

The BBC reports that a whole generation of Europeans no longer see music as something that ought to be paid for. Jupiter analyst Mark Mulligan warns that children are being raised on a "limitless diet of free and disposable music." He sees this, unsurprisingly, as a Bad Thing (tm), but only time will tell if file-swapping music lovers are shooting themselves in the foot by putting the labels out of business, or whether they are making possible the growth of a new, artist-driven economy where even niche bands can earn a living.

I have always thought that Music on a platter is a way to promote your art - thus as freely distributed as possible - fans will know how to support a band when it comes to that. The income should come from concerts where you are doing a service - I think this whole industry goes more into that service rather then product direction.

Games are Used for TV Productions

biaeib_screen_f.jpgI had to read the article twice to really get the scope of what we are talking about here. What enthusiasts and gamers have been doing for a while under the machinima brand big TV corporations are starting to mimic and using footage from games to prep up there documentaries. So the days of realtime film creation without lenses, tapes weather conditions and acting up actors are nearing an end? I would say not yet - only in speciality films - but ask me again in five years and my answer will definitely different. Now if someone would make a "film" engine that I can load with my own character (with their own behaviours) and own environments an life like cameras and a focus on realism at 25p 720x576 rather then ultra high frame rate high res low poly - it would be a good start. More on the World War II discovery channel production on wired.com

Update: Just on the heals of this story comes anyother one via boingboing that apperently some french independent film makers have completed a whole film using Activisions "The Movie" - a game made to make movies. Sounds cool so far ONLY that Activision is claiming all rights to the finished pieces in their prohibitive Eula. Well there is hope that the open source crowd will come up with something similar soon.

Artificial Hand ....

robothandprotheses.jpg... that starts to look like a hand and works like a hand. Now yes yes we are advancing and our robot/cyborg overlords are near. Are we having a vision for the short future that will come upon us? More info on this wireless touch sensitive 6 motor and 4 nerves only hand protheses here.


The Split Society

Through a lot of endeavors in my life that tried to find a group of people working for a common goal I have lost faith that such an approach will ever work again in the future - not only concerning projects orbiting around prototypen but generally in society at large. On the surface it all looks easy you have people rallying around big corporations or big ideas or big ideologies but what worked through the last centuries - people pulling on the same side of the same string in large quantities seems to slowly die out of existence. Its like the individualism of the present and future will change the substance of our existence - a part of our evolutionary past. We came from small hordes of mammals trying to survive in a group and learn inside the group and trying to see our own action in the light of benefit for that group. This survival instinct probably led us through the grassy Savanna of Africa and made us smarter then most other mammals on this earth (well in certain aspects). Now in modern society it seems - especially in western societies - the need for this survival instinct and the idea that only as a group you can advance is vanishing as we think that we can survive on our own just fine and the internet has and will be given us access to about every information there is. This seems to spill down to about any subject there is in society and large governments and small groups feel the impact already. Man was it easy to make a whole nation follow some dictator into stupid wars just a 100 years ago - but even with the modern massmedia reaching millions of people it seems that the more advanced the society is the less people follow any simple thought. Of course the transformation hasnīt taken place completely and there is still time to fuck up the planet with lots of people not having approached the individualism trend - especially those who look back seem to be still having some kind of success - especially with people who also look back - see the Iraqi war. The right wing conservatives that take their ideologies from the past seemed to be a very united front for a long time compared to the fractured "thinking elite" liberals that could never come to a common opinion fighting not only the "enemy" as in the neocons but also the people who seemed ideologic on the same path but had tiny disagreements or would just dissect certain views until they would fall apart. Now even in the last couple of years you could see how these big politics failed to pursue large quantities of people to speak for their cause and a lot of individuals speaking of their own cause that is incompatible with most others.
Its not only visible in the big mass rallying political scene but also on a small scale in small communities down to two persons. A group of people having a genuine interest might find together to pursue this interest further - develop a community around it, share their views but as soon as it goes into more detail a lot of the times today people have completely different visions how to go along the path and as a rule of individuality try to compete with their mates to not loose their own individuality to the mass - making most groups artificial. So communities without common goals or reasons seems to be those who flourish most - communities that underscore individuality. Incorporating speciality into those communities causes the aforementioned friction and breakup or at least loosening of those communities. As a small example I would like to take the "VJ community" as its present on VJCentral. I think we can agree that we are all working towards the goal that the VJ art is accepted as an art and recognized as a real thing (not just something never growing up boys play around with) from the masses (and I am already hearing that might not be the goal of the vj scene from some - just to prove my point above). Now how we get there? There are about as many different opinions as there are vjs and there is not a unified voice at all. The community drinks a beer at some avit festival gets together tells each other how good they are and goes home just to get back to the highly virtual forums to beat the shit out of each other - the only common ground only to be found when talking about hard and software. Now I am not going to say where the VJ scene - as in this example - would be if the 4000 members on VJForums would rally up behind a unified message as a unified body. I am one of the persons there and I think as it stands right now this individualism is not going away and will just get more and more. With the Massmedia loosing even more control over society in the comming years every person will and can be vocal about her/his own thoughts his own visions and people leaders like Che Guevara, Hitler, Stalin, G.W. Bush, Mao and the countless others will be a part of a dark past that is not about to happen again. As you see in my selection of people there is no good and no bad to be found in this individualizing of society the big powers that were will have a hard time coming back in the coming centuries but this comes also at the expense of smaller groups trying to gain momentum or a voice. No bad or evil makes it easy for me trying to accept it as a matter of modern civilization and trying to work with it rather then against it. Empowering the individual and trying to very honestly see were the real common ground is seems to be the way to go - not trying forced communities pulling on the same string rather temporarily, loosely banding together for the small honesty there is between the individuals - a reason why flash mobs might work so good - some people coming together for an event that they think they can agree on and then parting and never see each other again. Maybe life will be a big Flashmob in the future. Current traditional values of large corporations, permanent institutions and opinionated parties might be too inflexible for what is to come. The biggest common thing holding together society as of now is not ideology anymore but only money. I am not alone to suspect that this concept of virtual numbers exchanging hands might fail at some point in the future and then the last bondage in society that really rallies large groups of people together voluntarily and involuntarily might break down the mammal instinct of being in a horde. It is proven that evolution is flexible and faster then one thinks and it might be this kind of evolutionary process that leads us into the individual society - loose but honest.



Well well after over 3 years I finally needed to ditch my old cellphone that couldnīt accept any calls anymore nor could dial and get a new one. This time around I thought that getting music for on the way would be a good thing. Beeing not that much of an iPod fan and only having about 1 gig of free music on my computer (mostly dj recordings etc) I thought I would go for one of the new Sony/Ericsson Walkman handies - the W800. It comes with 512 MB exchangable memory stick and can read MP3s is connectable to a USB One bus on my trusty TitaniumPowerbook (which is a real problem with the new iPods you know). The size about in the middle of a full blown iPod an a Nano and it has a good interface comes with very good earphones and has a 2Megapixel Camera that is much better then I ever thought a camera in a phone could be - with enough light it does actually make usable photos and for taking that quick snapshot of a surface to be used as a 3d texture its brilliant - because always when I see things that I could use I never had a camera with me - so yes its useful. The video on the otherhand is a little gimmik and absolutely substandard to any full blown camera on the market - the mp4 is so blocky you would rather paint the video by hand but its a handy so I forgive.
Someone also thought about the interfaces. The MP3 player and Camera funktionality are pretty hidden from normal phone use - but accessible with only a button or opening the camera lens, using the phone just for phone purposes is actually better then the last two phones I possessed and about as intuitive as phones were when they were phones and not all-in-one-gadgets. Getting connected to the net is a little too easy - a function I really really do not need - I took out all the connection data from the setup so now no calling home anymore.
Today then I stumbled across an article on macnews.de that pointed me to some very useful utilities to be used with the phone. Yes its easy to copy over MP3 right into the memory card via the usb cable but its even nicer to do it the iPod style through iTunes. The software "iTuneMyWalkman" does just that and you think you have an iPod connected to your comp - not a competitors product. Also if you crave to watch shitty compressed video on the W800 (or similar SonyEricsson phones) you can get two automator plugins that compress video to MP4 and upload them via bluetooth. Good way to use that Automator Program for once.... All in all I am a happy camper can listen to music on the bike now and take photos in that extreme conditions and the phone functionality is simple and easy. Oh yes the sync of contacts and calendars was fast and easy as well but I wouldnīt have expected less as the older phone was already doing it pretty good. Oh and it has a good functioning FM radio as well - something Apple doesnīt believe in - I do with the radio saturation in Berlin being so high there actually is something informative going on from time to time.


Video Guerrilla

f_vi_video.jpgApperently there is this guy - Fernando Llanos - running around with his self made video guerilla gear that is fully wearable including beamer with power supply and all. He projects burning airplanes an airport building, endless kisses in urban prostitution areas etc. See the full design at his website

The Falluja Massacre

liberatediraqi_jpg.jpgWay back when the US invaded the Iraqi town of Falluja I was reading some Arab News Media that were heavily propagandistic and not the most trustful resource - or so I thought and didnīt write much about it. These website reported on "Chemical Weapon" usage of the US in Falluja and had images of mutilated bodies. I was very concerned about the whole "erasing a city" which seemed like blanked bombing by US Aircrafts and for a while it seemed the US forces really had a tough standing in Falluja and were about to loose - an incident not reported on any western news media but lots of different Arab websites (which seemed to come from different sources) said that insurgents even gained ground after the first couple of days. Then all of the sudden Arab News media and western News media alike said the Falluja offensive is almost over - we are talking about a matter of two maybe three days. I called the Arab News Propaganda lying in the first place thought well the overwhelming firepower had put the whole city to rubble with everything within. Now a year later an Italien TV Channel is reporting that the Americans indeed used chemical weapons that turned out to be White Phosphorous - normally used for marking positions with its multicolored smoke. When used in larger quantities and dropped from bombs it is about the worst burning chemical on earth eating through about everything and melting flesh on the spot. So it seems the "propagandistic" Arab News have told more truth all along between their Koran lines then ANY western media - mainstream or left wing or independant. Back then no one was asking any questions except a few who died got captured or robbed of their material - the only exception beeing the photoblog from Falluja back then.
The shocking documentary is on the net have a look and be concerned and think again if the US and the west with their governments should be stopped from operating and if Bush should be put on the same court next to Saddam. Its as ugly as it gets - war pictures or not - this is not your usual lost limb shot half rodden soldier from World War II this is molten meatballs that used to be living humans, children with a beating heart a mind that could fear and love - people that would be still alive would the US have not invaded Iraq in the first place.


"You are Germany"

dubistdeutschland.jpgThere was this media campaign here in Germany recently (donīt know if its still going on but it was big and expensive and one was bombarded with it) to make Germans aware of their heritage and stand behind their country and look positive into the future. The slogan was "Du bist Deutschland" (You are Germany) and has drawn many different reactions - mostly negative. What nobody knew - probably not even the makers - someone else had used almost the same slogan just 60-70 years ago - time for some concern if Germany is moving in that direction again...
More info on Telepolis(german).


X-ing out the Vice President

CheneyX.pngOne of the coolest media hacks ever has happened at the biggest propaganda news station of the US - CNN. I really believe that media hackers are the bright future of peaceful protest - a protest that can reach millions and has ultimately more impact then any ten people on the street of a cold November morning. And this first hack shows that this is absolutely true as the world is abuzz with the news that CNN put a big black X over US Vicepresident Cheneys face when he was trying to make a case that the US administration did not lie. The timing and the specificality of this makes it clear that it was intended by someone who access to the tape before it went to the broadcasting tapedeck. It looks like it was done fast and I guess it really happened on the way some curier took a little detour with it or whatever but it happened and I guess it was only the beginning of might be a true media war - soon you will be strip searched before entering broadcasting towers. Protestbeaming, hijacking Moving Picture Billbords and putting subliminal messages on to broadcast shows is going to be a big hobby for young revolutionaries in the future. I can only recommend again "Channel Zero" by Brian Wood as the comic who predicted the future in that regard to good.
By the way CNN wants the world to believe that it was a computer bug. Maybe the computers are smarter then humans now?


Berlin appointed UNESCO City of Design

Berlin has been appointed by the UNESCO as a city of Design. Donīt ask me what this means other then billions of jobless starving designers coming from more then eight (ten?) public and private design, film, 3d and game schools and roaming the city for the little work offered. From the press release:

As the first German city to be appointed to the Creative Cities Network, Berlin has demonstrated remarkable social, economic and cultural achievements in the field of design, and as a crossroad of diverse backgrounds and histories, Berlin’s design tradition and contemporary creation have influenced both national and international movements.

More information yada yada can be found on the UNESCO homepage. Apperently the UNESCO is trying to interconnect other "Design Cities" to create a network effect - especially trying to create a bond between the developed world and the "third world". Bauhaus "make it fast and simple" designers of Berlin can put on a warm hat if they need to compete with gorgeous labour intensive designs from Africa, China or the Middle East but cross learning and breeding is always good I guess.

The end of Print already? The Net at danger!

Hubert Burda (65 years old) - grandson and manager of one of Germanys biggest printing house with publications like "Focus" or the "Burda Mode Magazine" is saying that he will never open a new printing plant - he says at the moment printing will not go away but he does not see a bright future in the printing press. "News has now become a commodity, thanks to the Internet, so we must differentiate ourselves in other ways" he says. Which goes hand in hand with all big media reshuffles many have been predicting in the last years. He says that the only way to keep a fellow readership is by creating "communities" to interact with. I am a little startled that all this is happening already - first print then radio then TV was always my personal prediction and that the big medias are already stopping to invest in their longtime profitable businesses is telling - that an "old" man is at the forefront of this - one I would have thought to be a conservative - reading the Focus magazine from time to time is even more interesting. Now the implications are not so rosy. I always thought the collosses of big media might be too late to the game to gain a big foothold into the free net as we know it but ultimately this might not be the case - even before the independent bloggers could gain momentum with a big enough fellowship to rival the conservative traditionals they are entering the battlefield with their big budgets and lemming masses rallied behind them to take the lead in mass thought making again.
How to stop them the carriers and big corpos to take away what most bloggers, online activists and communities have taken for granted in the last 10 years or so Doc Sears wrote an highly interestingly article about what the net is and whats it about to become if no one realizes the risks in the first place. Interesting times indeed and a big battle of an society based on self thinking individuals and a corporate led mass society ahead.


The day when there is no low wage labour anymore

200511150007_01.jpgIt looks more and more likely that most people below the age of 30 will see a time when robots are taking over most low wage labour. I expect this to be in less then 15 years. No politician seems to think about such a development and I would even attribute 1% of the 5% jobless people in germany already beeing "victims" of the robotificational transform in society. When I buy a rail ticket in germany I donīt go the understaffed counter but just pull it out of a machine. Driving through Italy I have lots of petrol stations without staffing - just the pumps and a credit card slot. Big factories are laying of more and more people and still have higher and higher revenue - means they must be still producing the same amount of goods or more as before they layed of people - me guessing it has to do with more and more robots - in still primitive forms - populating the assembly lines. Now german government instead of acknowledging these facts come with plans to make people work longer - killing even more work places. In fact I think that collectively everyone should get more free time because all the robots are helping us - it should be a good thing not evil - originally robots came to existence to help people instead of threaten them. Now without acknowledging that fact the society will create a lot of Ludities - people who hate technologic advancements because they rob them of their life's - somehow even understandable but it will create more tension in an already tense and strained society where every little problem causes outbreaks of violence. It would be nice of our politicians to look into the future and see trends that can derail society and accept these changes as fact and work with them or around them instead of against them.
Sparking these thoughts was an article on engadged about the robot bartender that has now pressure sensitive hands and filling your orders autonomous - not yet perfect but soon it might be one of the millions of jobs that are at stake. Knowing the bar owners they would love a no-wage bartender that works for them 24/7 - filling beverages and cleaning the room - for them even cheap student labour seems not cheap enough to survive.


Serious World Wide Raver Discrimination

raverbustPic.jpgIts interesting that after the "Utah raver bash" were the police raided a legal rave party with riot gear teargas and dogs everyone was claiming "oh this only happens in the US" - you wish. As an article in the Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (PNN) from last month claims there was such a raid on the German - Czech boarder in Mlynec last summer. Czech police in riot gear invading the legal CzechTel party leaving 45 policeman and 35 ravers injured as most ravers refused to leave the party. Some members of the audience said that the majority didnīt want to loose their right to party so they put up a fight ....


The BuFu movement

Or how to survive the moment of technological singularity - formerly called the point watershade

RedMonk.JPGSingularity - in a non Einstein way - is now the catchy name for the moment when technology outdoes the human in every field and therefore creates a feedback loop that is not controllable by mankind. This moment in space-time might come sooner then most of the masses expect as all technology from all is rapidly advancing together for the first time in mankinds history and cross feeding itself. Singularity is not only about Artificial Intelligence outsmarting the human mind - its also about reinventing the human body nature the universe and beyond (ok I exaggerate). Undeniably this point in history - it might be a longer line on the time graph rather then a sharp point so - will come along with the need to change the collective mind of the mankind as this will bring along changes that question everything we have come accustomed to. Besides that singularity might not come due to earth beeing destroyed by evil meteors, US presidents or science comes to a halt through Creationistic theories in the next few years the likeliness that everything we take as granted today might not be so tomorrow is high and the worst problem we might have with this is our own state of mind. Meet the Buddhist theory with its central thought that change is un-invitable and you might find the solution to this mind boggling problem of our soon to come future - forget to look at the Bible or similar outdated print work - which only tells you things should stay the way they are - we are moving at a too fast pace to stop without derailing and crashing and burning alive.
BuFu - Buddhists meet Futurists is a new movement helping along people who see the problems of the future and try to find the answer to mental survival in Buddhism. Very valid thoughts when the rest of the world seems to go wild trying to "safe the status quo" by going back a thousand years into the dark ages with the revival of the traditional church - even questioning evolution or taking the word of "god" as "godgiven". On top of all BuFu sound good a little like foo.

Liberal American trying to explain the behaivior of their Nation

The Information Clearinghouse has an opinion from Charles Sullivan - a furniture maker, photographer, and free lance writer living in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia - about the state of the American Nation and a simple person trying to explain to the world why the american population acts as it acts and how corporate big money is ruling what the US and ultimately the world should look like. Its a very honest and interesting summary of lots of things I wrote here in the past. If more people wake up and start to think like this guy I guess we are in for a "Peoples Revolution of America" which would likely spread to the whole "Western Hemisphere".

From North Korea, Viet Nam, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, the Philippines, Cambodia, the former Soviet Union, Iran, Syria, Eastern Europe, Haiti, and Jamaica—I could go on indefinitely—America’s military might has always opposed and snuffed out fledgling democracies. Every U.S. military intervention during the past fifty years and longer acted to put down insurrections of popular movements of the people. A thoughtful examination of the evidence makes it clear that the obvious and only possible conclusion is that our military might is used not to promote liberation, democracy, and freedom. It serves as the iron fist of capitalism to smash the face of people’s movements for social justice and autonomy. U.S. militarism is the arm of corporatism that invades and plunders sovereign nations to rob them of treasure and resources. Its purpose is to open new markets to capitalism; to create pools of slave labor and a constant stream of cheap goods for American consumption. It is Wal-Mart amplified a hundred thousand times and projected across the globe.


WTC Conspiracy, Iraq and Iran

After the american media has admitted that its only portraying the view of the american government I said that you have to question everything that happened in the last 5 years under the Bush administration. Well the "mother of all fog screens" started with an event that most people would like to call 9/11 and it has started Americas "War on Terrorism". As with every war in world history the starting point was an event that outraged the masses against an enemy. Here in 2001 the enemy was some militant muslims from the middle east in earlier wars it was the polish, the serbian the north vietnamese. Well to reiterate the last "big wars" in history and there starting point there is a pattern that is not to be overlooked - most of the times the aggressors staged an apperently devestating attack to justify their motives to wage and aggressional war. World War One it was the "Black Hand" that killed the Hungarian - Austrian prince Franz Ferdinand - the figure that was supposed to rule the Hungarian Austrian empire. That event was possibly not staged and a real act of the "Black Hand" sponsored by the Entente - the Allied alliance. Then came World War Two and things changed - with the look back that a good reason to start a war and win over the population of your Empire you would have to have an aggression event from the outside that would initiate rage and fear. So on August 31st 1939 a group from the german intelligence SS is capturing the - back then german - radio transmitter station in Gleiwitz - today Poland and playing the "civilians for a free Poland" they broadcast a message that "poland will be free" followed by a "war declaration" of Poland against Germany. There were more events that lead to the declaration of war from Germany against Poland, Russia, France etc. but this seems to be the main event to win the "hearts and minds" of the german population for a war that cost 55 million people their life. Then there was a long period of cold war and "only" small wars here and there until in August 1964 the US Government openly calls an attack from Nord Vietnamese Boats on their Marines an act of aggression and declares war. Now today we know that this "act of aggression" was - just like the Gleiwitz Radio Station incident - a fake - a staged attack to make the population fear a new enemy and support sending their own sons into a combat that would in the following years cost more then 1.5 Million dead Vietnamese and about 60.000 dead Americans. The population of America was even 2 years after the war broke out supportive of that war and only when the dead Americans reached about 100 a week they started to wake up.
Now fast forward and jump over a couple of millions of dead people we reach the year 2000 when a president comes to office that seems only to be in office because he comes from one of the most powerful family backgrounds in world history and his dad had the position before him. In the first month he seems to do everything wrong that you can do wrong and the public opinion is everything else then favorable. Looking back now there had been plans from even before he came to be the "judical elect" president to finish invading Iraq - something his father started eight years ago - and while they are at it - controlling all oil reserves and pathways for that oil to reach America within two terms. Now out of nowhere come two passenger planes and crash into the world trade center and bringing both towers to collaps - on top there are two more planes - one crashing into the pentagon and one crashing somewhere outside washington. The whole world stood by the American when they - on the same day - accused the muslim militant Osama Bin Laden of staging the attacks. I might add that besides two wars and the biggest public intelligence operation in Americas history a person that looks like Mr. Bin Laden has not surfaced yet.
Now long article and all what is my implication - noone in the massmedia has asked the obvious question - was the world population misled to believe in Islam Militants attacking the world trade center? Was there ever an outsider investigation into that event? Why was it cleaned up so fast and now its so hard to rebuild something? What happened with all the photos and videos shot of the collapse? Steven E. Jones is coming from a different side. He observed the collapse of the two towers on video and is sure thats the idea that both towers collapse 100% vertical and not tipping over and molten steel are highly suspicious that there have been bombs planted inside the building that brought them to collapse. He has multiple ideas that all lead to that observation which all seems very credible. He is not saying the US government did the job - but he implies that this clean fall of the buildings must have been planned and perfectly executed - who could have done such a thing? Your speculation. As I already stated before I do not believe in any official explanations for things like that especially when they are extremely amplified through media power that says of itself "we have been misled by that administration" - only this was the second staging and this time the event got public while the war is even going on - the second war with Iraq. The "smoking" gun" was the forged document suggesting Saddam was buying Yellow Cake material in Niger - already defused by the guy who went to Niger looking for it. The "smoking gun yellow cake theory" did hold long enough to rally around the massmedia consumption masses of america, italy, poland, uk, australia, ukrainian and japan to believe in the evilness of Saddam and give the new American Empire enough backing to invade - 100.000 Iraqis at least have fallen and 2100 american soldiers and lots of contractors foreign aid workers, journalist and whatnot.
Now I make the bow to Iran. Apperently it has come to the netizens attention that the Iran "smoking gun" was delivered to Americas traditional allies last year - in form of a "found" notebook from some "unnamed source" inside the Iranian government. On the notebook the american intelligence (we remember those are the once who called the Yellow Cake Report truthful) found the complete blueprints of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Project - everything they had researched from 2001 until 2004. In fact that report is still classified - maybe they are fearful the "public" might find it forged again before they could make the case for their new war. They have convinced enough governments to put through a resolution that would make it "legal" for the US for a nuclear attack on Iran - because under a 1995 resolution nuclear powers are not allowed to attack non nuclear powers with nuclear weapons - but if the non nuclear power is in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty this resolution is not in effect - and exactly this is the wording of the nonbinding resolution against Iran from two weeks ago - so basically everything the US needed. Now I just wait for the "public smoking gun" that we get presented to rally the united tv watchers of the world behind the American Empire starting a nuclear war.
History repeats itself in an endless loop generation after generation forgets about their past and forgets to map the past to the present, critical voices of few are feared - loved is the mass collaboration of brainwashed people who live in fear of death - provoking death in its most massive form thats called war trying to protect them self from every days death in form of nature and uncertainty.


What the Web 2.0 really is....

Ah the buzzwords are swinging into gear again with the emergence of the "Web 2.0" metaphor or otherwise known as the .org bubble. The highly cheeky Register has asked its readers what they think of the Web 2.0 and the answers are extremly fitting:

Web 2.0 is made of ... 600 million unwanted opinions in realtime
Web 2.0 is made entirely of pretentious self serving morons.
Web 2.0 is the air for the next bubble
Web 2.0 is made of ... marketing and collaborative self-deception
Web 2.0 is made of ... Segway spare parts
Web 2.0 is made of ...ideas without Foundation

well you get the idea and there are many more there. I highly agree with most of them - says the 1 of the 600 million unwanted opinions contributor. Untag.

Entropia Spacestation goes over for $100.000 real money

30.jpgThe space station that will house the first virtual club that I reported about earlier this week is going over the virtual counter - and now I hope everyone is seated - for $100.000 in real world money. Yes those pixels and bits are expensive these days. This is even more expensive then the $20.000 island in the same virtual world. I am actually speechless.

VJ fundamental discussion continued.

I would like to continue the discussion started yesterday with adding some more thoughts about the whole state of affair with vjing. Its a later post from the thread on VJforum which has drawn now a lot of oldschoolers on that board and is shaping up to steer a debate on the fundamentals of vjing. My take on it:

To everyone pushing the "AV" thing - I do not believe in it - visuals are bad enough already diverting even more attention away from them toward the audio side will make them only worse - except when you speak of pre-made visuals that are played without interaction on a predefined musical set - but then its hard to speak of "vjing" anymore nor of "live audio".

To the "silent" VJs - of which practically I am one since 6 years - we suck. Have you actually really asked the crowed after the gig how they liked the visuals? Not your friends not people involved with vjing - normal guests? Its a nonevent and most of the time I guess it would have the same effect on them as just playing a prerecorded dvd.
Being narcissistic and saying "oh I play with the big audio guys on the big stages in front of lots of people" is just taking out the audience - which ultimately is your client - completely out of the equation. They donīt care (even if they subconsciously might be a little stimulated by the flicker flacker on the screen). Most would like the venues darker anyways and video does brighten up any club. Why is that? They want to escape and we are not catering to their escape as its too complex to undefined what happens on the screen to actually move people.

Now there are a some groups of VJs. One group makes most money with concepts, service and technic. These are the most "professional" vjs and those that get the most money. They in my opinion make the worst art as their time is spend with lumen, cabling and MHz.

Then there is the AV crowd - second ranking in money making as they can get gigs mostly for their audio material - the video is just an addon - and mostly it looks like just an addon - making an atmosphere more then a message.

Then there are those that can market themself very good - they spend more time making contacts and traveling around the world then actually producing content and thinking about what they are doing.

Then there are those who follow with all their heart - they are the ones truly believing in their pictures and mostly they have the best visuals to present - they make an average amount of money - not nearly enough to live off it but enough to follow it through long enough to get a reputation in a small field - some break out - not many, its the field which I give most support to but it has also suffered a lot and has not shown any breakthroughs in the last years I would say mostly because of lack of funds and therefore the same lack of time the first three groups suffer....

Then there are the computer geeks or people who generally want to do something in the club and see the vjing as an opertunity - most of the vj newcomers that I have seen fall in this category - I think they have to learn a lot.

and then some are a litte mix of all these which doesnīt make it any better for them - most problem beeing time (and money which is then converted back into time)

What they all have in common is that they are missing the point of what they are having in their hand - its a medium and a medium has to speak a message to stay relevant as a medium because a medium without content is a dead medium. And that is shown in the reaction of the punters - please take of the pink glasses and look from a neutral standpoint at the status quo. It has not changed since 5 years - only more vjs thingies are happening and the public knows about what a vj is but generally they think the same about the actual visuals in club - it has not changed a tiny bit and with the overall mentality that all is good and we need to celebrate ourself in selfmade polls and selfmade "battles" this will only get worse. What is needed is a true research on how to reach out to the guests how to touch them - we have utterly failed in that regard and not because "audio is stronger" - that this is not the case can be seen in any larger cinema - try to turn off the visuals there and the experience is mostly gone.

And to all those who try to tell me that "vjing" needs to get out of the club - go to hell.
VJing is a child of the club scene and if you want to do "live" cinema I have to tell you that I - as a vj - question any reason for this - there is no crowd to vow with your visuals beeing live - when they sit neatly in their theater seats - there is no public feedback from them that would make the performance better then a precut cinema - and that is the medium stand up to in that space. So no feedback from audience to react to no need to make anything live - simple as that - and old school cinema does still work extremely good in that regard making it live does not add much value on top of that other then you constantly remind the audience that they are not part of the film - as happens in normal cinema because some stylo is standing on stage clicking on his computer.

There are some niches in theater which I do not count out but there again where does the vj stop being a technician and start being an artist and isnīt it there the actual guy triggering the right video at the right moment is just like the light guy pushing the right button as formerly tried in rehearsals and that the preproduction for a theater is just normal video postproduction that has been going on for years and years and years? No need to re:term that being "vjing".

Now if you all do not believe me make a test: Try playing the best set in your life for an hour rock da shit out of your loops and your gear - best in an environment that you always thought is appreachiating the visuals. Now after that our plonk in dvd that is prerecorded even really shitty something that contrasts your highly valuable work or maybe just put on an iTunes screensaver. Then lean back and relax and wait for anyone complaining or anyone - outside of your friends circle actually talking to you that you are shit and that the visuals before were much better or go into the crowd and start conversations about how shitty you think the visuals are right now. less then 1% will have noticed that there was actually a change and about half of these 1% will be offended the rest of 99.5% of the crowd will neither have noticed anything or will just outrightly declare that they do not care and that they think visuals should be turned off because they brighten up the room too much.

As said I have not given up but seeing the lack of progress in the scene and the reluctancy to even admit that we are having the same problems that we have talked about in 2001 - even though we are having a public perception as persons now - we need to refocus that perception on the visuals themself but I guess a lot of vjs are afraid of this because that would mean to reflect and put it in contrast - maybe even with traditional media and that outlook is mostly bleak and is hardly to overcome with the small budgets and time constrains we are all having.

and as a small answer to mondos:
>>my original point was that the dj mag forum is shite! and it is they who are pretty clueless about vjs and themselves for that matter

They are the guests they are the ones looking from an outside standpoint towards our visuals and what they say is much more unfiltered then anything on here where any and everyone is biased toward their "art" and their approach to that "art". I highly value outside commentary like this as this reflects what the outside world is thinking about our product. And from my experience as guest in clubs I can only say their comments speaking more then the truth about the feeling the crowd is having down their on the floor. I also know that when you wear the vj hat in the same club you try to believe that it is not the case to make your underpaid nightlong gig not a nightmare.

More info on Siemens E-Paper - Printable Batteries and Funkstrom!

siemensepaper3.jpgsiemensepaper2.jpgThe news blurb about Siemens e-paper lasted for the day and about everyone writing about it put out a "lets see a product" mentality - including me. Now I did get some interesting background information about this technology and how Siemens wants to implement it from my China Connection. Here is an excerpt from the information sheet:

The flexible miniature displays operate using electrochromic substances, materials that change their color when an electrical voltage shifts charges in their molecules. As a result, the molecules absorb different wavelengths than in their original state. The display consists of a electrochromic material holding a pattern of electrodes. A conductive plastic foil serves as the other electrode and the transparent window. To date, the engineers have been using silicon switching elements to control the device. The objective now is to use a printing process to manufacture the entire display, including the appropriate control electronics, from conductive and semiconducting plastics.

Scientists from Siemens Corporate Technology and Automation and Drives are currently optimizing materials that react so quickly that the displays can also show moving pictures. A partner company is already working on integrating the displays into the packaging and production process.

The displays can obtain their energy from printable batteries, which are already available. Because they last only a few months, this solution is only feasible for merchandise with high throughput rates or short-use durations. It may also prove feasible to use printed antennas as a local energy source. They would receive pulses from a transmitter in the shelf and convert the pulses into electricity. The packaging, with the displays, can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner as a composite material.

So besides what we all knew how this would work they specifically want moving images on them AND they even want to print the battery on them AND they are environment friendly (we will see that I guess) AND on top they invent FUNKSTROM! :). So again I would like to state that this is the most promising of all e-papers I have seen out there and they think a 2007 release is a possibility but I highly doubt the FUNKSTROM (for the english readers: Funkstrom is what would likely be translated to wireless power transmission in english) becoming a reality in the first gen products.


Will the VJ replace the DJ?

Is the question ask in this DJ Mag board discussion thread. As I wrote in the VJ Forums thread I can state over and over that I highly agree with the naysayer punters that write things like

Doubt it, I think VJ'ing is pointless, I'd far rather be looking at the people I am dancing with, or in fact have my eyes shut rather than staring at the screen. ...

or from a similar thread

ore pertinant to me is why have a vj poll? it's hardly talent to click a mouse, even if your dexterity allows you to do it in time.
i think vj's are glorified lighting technitions who believe they are adding more to club culture than they actually are.
bring on the top twenty doorkeepers - some of them can tell jokes.
the top twenty djbox hangers - they know the dj ya know.

The number one reason why I am in "research mode" as of now making not many public appearances anymore - I am sick and tired of the VJ medium - it does not satisfy myself nor does it satisfy more then one out of 100 in the audience (subconsciously it might but its not very satisfactory for me nor most of the guests). Its not moving forward it has no meaning its random its flickery its artybarty and it doesnīt make any impact to society at large nor small. No - other then theories I have not many solutions - other then moving the whole party concept forward I do agree more and more with the people who say the VJs are the better lighting technicians - I have not given up yet and seeing a one layer trend coming through again with actual content on the screen is making me believe in a better future - but its still distant, far and bleak.

They did not get it because there is nothing to get....

Eat, Sleep, Work, Consume, Die

Is the headline for a story by Tony Long copy chief of wired magazine. Its scratches the surfaces of what some advanced people in the society have been preaching all along - technology will just fasten the cycle but we will never be able to escape. Mr. Long states that he is a hopeless romantic but I think his whole article scrapes the surface of something far larger and more problematic underneath. A society where the only hope is to get into the headline cycle is a society that is faulty - we loose our connection to the inner self to our surrounding to nature in all its glory and try to find appeasement with more and more toys that you need to work for more and more and in the end you have less time for yourself then the short aged people of the last centuries - and its all not very understandable that people work more since there is less and less work overall in society as computers replace bank counters, ticket counters factory workers etc etc. And it will get worse with robots replacing all low income jobs in the next 15 years the whole society needs a rethinking needs a restructuring - you could even say that the riots in France are the beginning of an inner struggle with mankind itself to restart a life where you do not need to hunt for the fox to survive the winter - we are entering a complete new territory and it seems not many people are thinking about the future with all these new technologies - a changing society needs to find a new path or it will all be violent and ugly and a survival of the fittest we are back to the dark ages future that will great us. There are so many jobless hungry people in the world and so many lost in work souls who work until they die - mostly a work-stress related death - the rich want to get richer the poor want to get rich to just get richer when they are rich the hungry want food when they have food they want the same toys as the rich and all that just to have plastic stuff that you throw away electronics that keep you happy on your 2 hour commute to work - just to throw them away when they are broken a year later - something you worked for at least 10 days in you life and its a cycle that will spin until you have forced break until it canīt sustain itself - either because of a lack of resources on our planet or a lack of resources in our soul - but the break will occur. The starting points are visible today still there is no concept other "more consume more consume the market needs to exponentially grow grow grow people need to work harder and longer to consume consume consume so the market can grow grow grow...." Until the end and beyond...

Eco Cities in China from the UK

image6584.jpgThe new empire China asks the old one - England - to build them environment friendly cities. The english Arup corporation is in charge of the building and in 2040 China wants the first city - Dongtan - to be as big as Manhatten - by 2010 its supposed to house 50.000 people. All green affordable options are on the table to make it a smogtrafficjampollutionfree selfefficentgreengoodsmelling city. They even want to grow all the food that will be available inside the citywalls - a highly interesting concept. Now the question is - what happens to the old cities if everyone moves over to the high standard new lovely oases will they be the housing for the poor the ones outside the official system? China wants to model three more after construction for the first one has started.


Party 1.1

For a long long time - actually just after I organized an open-air festival on an old russian airport with thousands of people back in 1995 - I am thinking of a party concept that I call "party 2.0". I always had the vision that for a party culture to survive the capitalistic tendencies of mass consumerism and top down media it had to reinvent itself. In some circumstances I see a cross breading of party culture with art and technology "underground" (excuse the 80s wording in here). Namely the hacker conferences around the world and especially the Chaos Communication Camp (happening next year near Berlin again if I am right) the Burning Man "Experience" and the Fusion festival - to an extend.
These are mostly "participatory" events or came from the participatory event background (fusion) where the people attending are more then "punters" staring at their hero dj. They learn, they share and most important they are part of the event making the event more then anything a single party organizer could ever do. So learning is not everyones bussiness and so its also not participation in form of long organized art projects or whatever - a good party 2.0 should let people just flow in and on top what is going on already interact with their environment play around fool around try things explore things - a party as a playground for grown ups - maybe. There are more and more techie things coming out and beeing tested in the wild that make me believe there are numerous people out there looking for the participatory party project that is not only confined to multimillion dollar projects like the burning man or the bigger events that are always hard to organize have to beg for sunshine and are generally maybe to big for a large scale deployment. Making it feasible to use such concepts (that could be largely divergent) in normal small to tiny scale clubs. Interestingly I have always believed the electronic music scene has come from that background. In the early 90s places like e-werk - so still very 80s club oriented - put in computer networks to connect to other clubs or people sitting at home, it was easy if you had a project to approach the club and test it out - the best exhibition of all times for me was still the one time only Chromapark that showed off where clubculture and participation could lead to in the future. Sadly enough things worked out differently and what clubs look like now is exactly what they looked like in the 80s - consume temples trying to make people drunk fast. I personally get very very bored - oh its fine you meet people and can talk and can get drunk fast or whatever but still its always the same you can predict the evening and there is not much to discover personally anymore - things that are unexpected happen less and less often and the after hours are not filled with experience talk - rather with silence. That is one reason why I became a VJ in the first place - because I was bored and wanted to do something at the party.
As a side development we have China who is going through what we have been through in East germany just in high gear - what took East germany at least 10 years China is getting in less then four. Now there not beeing the big electronic scene - another culture that might seem very foreign to Europeans has endured and is prospering - go out with new Chinese friends and they likely take you to a Karaoke bar. You might think about karaoke whatever you like (and my thoughts are about as low as they can go in this regard) but what this really is is participatory event - people are creating the environment they party in and its a mass hit - so yes its masscompatible but only by inspiration from the west (they are so many people there - it doesnīt make any difference if you make a foul out of yourself I guess ;) People donīt try to be the big stars or anything they are just helping everyone to have some fun and in return others are too - they choose the songs the theme of the night - they can make it musically sad or happy or funny and act out. So Karaoke is something that will never be the big hit in good old tight ass germany but other participation is possible and has been proofed possible. Now why is noone integrating that into a party? Why are people afraid to try new concepts - why is even the VJ screen greeted hostile in todays high income club environments? The number one reason is control. People seem to like to be in controlled environments or at least love to create controlled environments with controlled income - everything that would create an individual experience for clubgoers would deter from the "simple" stream of profit for the promoter. Now the ideal thing would be to still generate a profit that would ensure the clubowners/promoters survival and still have an environment full of surprises and individuality. Some Projects crave for such an approach and I do think that technology can help us create that Party 2.0 - immersive individual fun participatory - but the most problematic approach is to get the hurdles in the heads of the promoters cut down nothing that technology can change and a task that even with nonprofit small events seems insurmountable. Its like an indoctruated barrier that says "big PA, stage, Room, disco lighting and maybe VJ screen, big bar - maybe two and maybe maybe a chillout room with some dekoration". This is the party concept that in Berlin at least is enduring since at least 10 years now and that noone is parting with - ok there are cool locations - old factories, forts, swimming pools hotel lobbies and and and but they are fenced of maybe lit up a bit but completely controlled - even strolling around mostly confronts you with a doorkeeper that is 3 times the size of yourself. Creative Rooms (painting on screens, writing a text together - however nonesense it may be, play a light organ with five people) are nonexistent and even something that I would think fits with todays "total control" mentality - creating an immersive space for people to be disconnected from the outside world - is happening only on the most fundamental level (to just not make the room look like a room). At the same time interparty communication has come to almost a standstill - groups stay in groups and interrelated talk - so it still happens - is seldom - and its no surprise as there are not much happenings that relate people together happening in the club. "How much did you drink already?" (substitute any druggy substance in here) is a question often ask and it just shows that you ought to have a combined experience to actually start an enduring conversation. That experience is utterly missing and can only be created through an individual controlled environment that leaves room for surprises and lots of fun.


mechanical turk - the artificial artificial intelligence

turk.jpgI read this first on golem.de and thought its a bad joke but no no - apparently Amazon wants artificial intelligence for their services really really really badly but the AI available is not good enough for them so they resort to a trick that has been used before - put a human in a machine and call it AI. The back then invention was the Chess - Turk. A machine dressed as a Turk that could play chess better then any other human on earth - later it became clear that there must have been a real human - small in size - been sitting in there. Amazon is basically doing the same thing with their MechTurk but on a grander scale - they want to make hords of jobless people their slaves by letting them solve simple puzzles - that are too complex for the machines to solve - like writing down the contents of a picture (tagging the web in effect?) or movies or - well if you are a developer and have an idea of what millions of jobless untrained real flesh drones could do for you then you can tap in with their API. In the end amazon wants to use that data to train an AI database and make all the jobless people jobless again - and many more…

Update: The Thesis behind it.


Up and Coming: The Internet Generation

Reading the web today I stumbled over two paragraphs in two different articles that basically say the same thing: The youngster are coming and they are endorsing the net. One article in wired is talking about the myspace.com phenomena of supporting unknown bands through a "friendster&orkut" type of service. The goal of this service is to encourage creativity in a global friend network. The websites generates more traffic then google at the moment and its indy bands are highly popular - some are selling up to half a million platters to its strong fanbase. Back on topic - inside the article there is the following paragraph:

And in the entertainment universe that MySpace is helping to create, friends count. "This generation is growing up without having ever watched programmed media," says Courtney Holt, head of new media and strategic marketing at Interscope, one of the first labels to embrace MySpace. "They don't think in terms of the album, and they don't think in terms of a TV schedule. They think in terms of TiVo, P2P, AOL, and of course MySpace. We're just going to have to adapt."

TV is out - who would have thought :P so is traditional channel music distribution and coming are the days of creative commons remixing free sharing and personal embracing your favorite band and really making an impact beyond feeding the ultra rich more money.

Now after reading this I stumbled across a "study" that more then half of all teens in the US (that is kids between 10 and 20 I guess) are considered content creaters. Now who is saying the net is NOT about participation - not only do the kids not sit in front of TV anymore they are also creatively engaged in human interaction and communication and all. Now a side slab to all the copyright supporters the study say the following (after shortly telling the world that the blog revolution is led by older teenage girls):

Teens continue to actively download music and video from the internet and have used multiple sources to get their files. Those who get music files online believe it is unrealistic to expect people to self-regulate and avoid free downloading and file-sharing altogether.

Yes and as we learned from the first paragraph - they doing cool things with their free as in beer downloaded unrestricted sound files and movies and the corpos should wake up and support them rather then sue them - otherwise they all will just stop buying chart music shit all together and rather go with the myspace.com bands.

So to put together the facts - 87% of all children (in the US) between 12 and 17 are using the internet - 57% are content creators and all that are using the net think its their main media consumption format - if that is not huge I do not know what is - that basically means the main target group for TV ads the late teens early twenties will just stop using the medium in less then three years. Combining this with the fact that print media has seen a 13% decline in the last 20 years while online print ad revenues are surging 25% in just one year everyone will start to acknowledge that we are surely at the tipping point of a societal transformation far greater then anything we had before. Accessible news, personal stories, pictures and videos from anyplace and anytime all with feedback re:feedback intermixed intervened no mass media opinion forming a global one mind - its the global individual that counts and popularity comes from expertise or artist qualification more then from media push hype - true opinions from all side come in unfiltered and highly opinionated.
Only sad thing that all this counts for the developed world with internet access. The most important thing is that ALL people alike should take part in this interpersonal communication.
One can dream.

He says and is greated with a german article on FAZ that basically says the same things - from a "professional" journalist point of view.


Virtual Clubbing in Entropia

entropica.jpgThe MUDs (multi user dungeons they where called back in the early time when all was text based) of modern times try to recreate a reality in the virtual space. Modern games seem all be a form of MUDs - be it "The Sims" with online addition pack or World of Warcraft with its millions of followers. The most strange one is Entropia - set in a world on a distant planet that still resembles our lovely earth with its pine trees and lush valleys. The connection with the real world is more deep then in any other roleplaying game of today as all things bought inside the fantasy world are bought with PEDs a currency that is exchanged with real money in the real world. So someone bought an virtual Island in Entropia for something of about 27.000 real US Dollars - he is now the proud owner of shared 0s and 1s. The frenzy goes further now - Someone wants to build (and buy) the first Music Club in the virtual world and hopes he can make people dance in front of their computers - freakowen on VJcentral has hypothetical asked if someone wants to VJ in the virtuals entertaining the pixels and bytes and physic rules of some artificial program intervened by fibreoptics connections in the real oceans to form a virtual existence in the mind of social inapt people dancing on their pillows in the bedrooms. So tomorrow you have not only bedroom journalists but also bedroom DJs and bedroom VJs and bedroom GoGos? All interact with text based language in a world made up of 1s and 0s with virtual characters that do not mimic you real world feelings even in the tiniest bit. What kind of maniacs are taking part in that? I mean a game like World of Warcraft I can partially understand and adding the Multiuser options to overcome the stupidity of computer algorithms and shortcomings in even the best AI in un-networked gameplay is totally acceptable but just having a virtual identity that spends real money on virtual things (that could cease to exist with a mouse button or a keystroke) in a virtual world with basically no connection to the real world and a community based on money exchange I just fail to see any joy in that - but maybe someone wants to enlighten me and how such a virtual club "Neverdie" would feel....

Barcode Art - photoshop plugin tomorrow

jesus.gifSometimes there is a form of electronic art appearing on the net and you instantly know "there will be a photoshopp plugin for the masses soon". First time I watched this was with the "make a photo out of a million photos" then prominently featured in that Jim Carey "The Trueman Show" poster. It took developers less then a month to come out with a plugin that could mimic that effect out of a photolibrary of your choice (to lazy to look it up but its out there somewhere). Now another one of those cheesy fx hits the market and as the first one looked cool and existing in the first pictures the new one does to - until a photoshop plugin is out that lets everyone make its own barcode photos. Take a look before its boring. Via boringly enough again boingboing.

Razzle Dazzle Camouflage

type25-600.jpgVia Boingboing comes a link to a website explaining Camouflage in World War I Ships as they tried to foul the judgement of the german enemy u-boat captains by painting them with cubistic camouflage patterns. More art then military.

Iraqi War - the real reasons

What reads like Hitlers "Mein Kampf" is a kind of manifesto written by the "Project for a New America" and before anyone holds up the "conspiracy theory flag" - this group of people officially exists and they openly call for an American Pax - or an "american peace" where America has troops stationed on every part and country of the world and basically does what is necessary to make peace under their terms. This strategy is laid the groundwork for the Iraq invasion (in the year 2000) and Iran and Syria - even Russia and China are on the map - through military or economic means - it seems to work in Russia already - with China I am not so sure - it rather looks like China has the US on the economic hook and a military option for China is absolutely out of the question. So just by reading the quotes from that document reminds anyone who has browsed through "Mein Kampf" of a failing ideology that tries to persue the majority of the world of a "true vision". Sadly the masses are following in hordes as they always do and seem to turn of their brain in the wake of the colorful plastic toys in the local superstore at which they arrived in their "I am bigger then you are" SUV.

Website of the "Project for the New American Century" just read the list of names to run shudders down your spine.
The Sunday Herald from 2002 about the PNAC and the imminent Iraqi war as a nice retroperspective on how many people had been right at the time.
Indepth look at the Information clearinghouse about the PNAC and the strategies ahead
Desection of the PNAC manifesto by the information clearinghouse for more in depth and lots of links.


Dynamic Subscriber Line - the horror of 128k up

I can not describe the mood I am in right now (says he who almost wants to wreck his room to ever skipping iTunes radio). At the present I wait for an 6 MB mail to go through my line - since 25 minutes - while disrupting a 128k radio downstream as it doesnīt even let return packets get through - oversaturated. We live in the year 2005 crossing over to 2006 soon and I still upload speeds has stayed the same for the last 6 years for me (and no Arcor Alice or whatever A service to be seen near me). Now why can I download at up to 6 MBits and only download in max 256k? Its the same line and there is not a single technical plausible reason why I can not have upload and download speeds in the same category. I am a content producer and I can not use my content - send it out or anything at acceptable speeds - and all this because big companies DO NOT WANT US TO BROADCAST - governments DO NOT WANT US TO BROADCAST. Now I see this as a restriction of freedom of speech (in the limited german form) - heck I would even think that a lawsuit against the german Telekom and maybe even the government who actively supports the "no broadcast" idea would have a chance on winning. Its not about trading illegal music files - its about sending a stupid mail with a short video snippet and some screenshots. Now they are talking about saving all communication I do every day so the government can come back to me when I do something wrong a herculean effort by the ISPs - NOONE is even considering the DSL problem - and I do think its a political one - imagine everyone could broadcast out of his bedroom - society at large would be at danger as they might get exposed to real live stories and ugly pictures of their neighbors. So I pledge to get 6Mbits UP AND DOWN before I call the internet more then a replacement of TV (or even 2.0 as some start to call it). Its a freaking joke and its not funny anymore - did you know that in some places in South Korea they are actively rolling out 10Mbits UP AND DOWN and talking about 100Mbits services soon... Ethernet out of the wall with static IP adress and all. Why canīt it be done in such a "hightech" german culture? But then again they DO NOT WANT US TO BROADCAST and I can only say it more and more often as this seems to be the only reason why I do not get upload speeds at any acceptable rate - any other suggestion is just pure nonesense...