Kalkin Revelation: Szenenauflösung

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Act 0 - Title and Establishing Scene


We are opening the movie with a flight from way above into the divided city of Berlin (in a map/3D style) in the year 2028. One half is very green while the other is white and only has sparse green spots here and there. All the surrounding land is absolutely green with white spots resembling corporate greenhouses here and there (that are huge).


We then see the "white" side - its huge clean structures blink up and the text "Bayeonia" comes into view.


Scenes of futuristic surveillence cameras/robots,


Clean white glassy architecture and


people in corporate dress working like robots show up (maybe intercut with robots).


We cut back to the top view of the city this time the "Berlin" (so the anarchic) side blinks.


The picture freezes gets a little noisier and zooms out to reveal that it is a video shown on a floating screen.

Act 1 - Protagonist Introduction

Ping's point of view


Going further backward with the camera moving away from the beginning poster performance we see Pings arm with the interface to control the floating screen. Camera moving more backward and slightly sideward shows Ping. Looking away from the screen to her right she gets distracted by a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower just in front of her (she is sitting in the gras). She watches it for a couple of seconds as it then flies off into the sky. Ping looks after it until dissapears.


With her thumb she is fiddling with the tattooed interface on her arm (stroking it upward downward) we see the butterfly and the flower as it would be seen from Pings point of view on the floating screen. Then she rubs her finger to the left over her arm and we see the last bit of the poster sequence of the beginning.


At the end of that "loop" she pushed her thumb down (closeup on the interface with her fingers moving over it)


and the butterfly appears.


Closeup her face: She smiles satisfied,


pushes another time on a different part of her arm - her signature appears on the floating screen "PING propaganda for a better world" (or such I have to find a better slogan or a good logo (banksy comes to mind)!!!). She then rubs her thumb (closeup) again and we see the whole sequence play from the part where the anarchic side blinks to the butterfly to her signature. Happy with her work she turns off the screen that swirls into a black tiny thing implanted on her arm (again touch her tattooed interface) takes the chip that is magnetically attached to a different part on her arm and gets up.

Az's point of view


Closeup on Azraels Feet with Azraels Shoes which are on some kind of elevation (concrete block or a railing or such) with a blurry street in the background. His Hand comes into view and he slides his finger over the side of the shoes and while he rubs his finger along in one direction the shoe"laces" are tying closer making the shoes fit better.


Then he stretches (left right loop) and


does other warm ups (decided on location like jumping up and down a little etc etc).


Then he practices a jump over a railing or some other obstacle a couple of times. Then jogs off into some alleyway.

Big Fish's point of view

Szene B1

We see a swarm of nanobots assembling themself into some kind of iris lookalike structure. The structure slowly zooms out until we see that the nanobots where visible on a floating screen and that the screen is attached to some strange structure that resembles a electron microscope thingy. The outline of Big Fish backlit by the screen comes into view.

Szene B2

His hands fiddle with his nanobot collecting pen which he places on the glowing bit of the tunnel microscope (lower part).

Szene B3

closeup The pen fills up (visible by a transparent part of the pen that starts glowing more and more).

Szene B3

He then moves over to his experimentation table where an eyball like white substance/object is in a casing.

Szene B4

He puts his pen over it and pushes the button with his thumb.

Szene B5

Instantly the same kind of iris lookalike structure that we have just seen under the microscope is forming on the eyeball. It starts glowing, closing and opening like a aperture of a photocamera, rotating and then desintegrating somehow eating into the eyball which turns black and starts smoking.

Szene B6

Face of Big Fish -> He looks worried.

Act 2

Ping's point of view


Ping grabs her spray paint belt that lies next to her and gets up.


She walks out of the park into the city.


Along a street


and another street where at one point we see AZ in the background training.


A little further down she briefly talks to someone on the way.


Further down she spots an old MoPic Shoe Poster (from a earlier version of Azraels Shoes that shows some functionality of Azraels Shoes) and


she prise off the chip that sits inside the old poster - making it defunct. (closeup hand putting her knife onto the spot cutting a square hole and prising it open and plopping out the chip.


Then she pulls out a chip of her belt and


puts it into the poster in place of the older chip. (closeup again)


Instantly her butterfly sighting appears on the posterscreen.


Continuing walking down the street and around the corner


she finally arrives at a spot where she decides it would be a good place to put up the full installation.


She wipes off dust and dirt with her hand.


Then she pulls out a a roll and a spray can.


She puts the roll on the ground and it unfolds itself into a flowery ornamental mask.


She shakes the spray can and


starts painting the wall with some white/blueish glittery stuff in a horizontal rectangular longish shape.(couple of closeup and other camera POVs showing her painting the wall)


When the nearly perfect rectangle is done she picks up the mask and


spray-paints the right edge with the mask.


She would need to wait shortly for the paint to dry. A good time to pre-roll a cigarette. (closeup rolling the cigarette)


Once her mural dried she pulls out a chip from her belt


pulls off the protection paper and


then places it into the round whole of the mask shape on the wall. (one closeup popping the chip in place)


Slowly a picture is (half naturally half electronically looking) assembling, showing Pings signature. Then her whole clip that we have seen in the intro sequence is shown on the spray painted motion picture canvas. Just when we are entering the part that shows the anarchic site blinking the signal drops and some strange binary numbers flash onto the screen ('LIFE' in binary code).


Looking puzzled


she turns on the interface on her arm (CloseUp)


"rewinds" the installation with her thumbs. Looking at it again there seems nothing wrong with it. She scratches her head shortly


Happy that she has done her job so well and being in peace with her artistic self she leaves the scene


she stumbles back through the city which gets into sunset mood.


somewhere she enters an abondened looking building (opening door and getting in).


and climbs up the stairs


to the roof (opens door to the roof and steps out).


up there she sits down


smokes the prerolled cigarette


and chills with a nice view over the city.

Az's point of view


We see AZ jogging down a street. we see Ping in the Background (P2.10).


We see AZ jogging down another street.


He then arrives at the parkour start point where the other three parkour runners are already stand on the registration point talking to the registration man. Azrael goes to them and


tells the registrar who he is.


The man puts down a checkmark next to his name on the electronic paper he is holding. (closeup)


Azrael gives the registrar his small rucksack.


The registrar is then calling the bunch of runners to attention and


they get ready on their position marks on the street.


A list of rules rolls through the screen (no physical harm to the other runners, points for best route, best jumps and first to get to the goal).


A group of people cheers from the sidewalk.


The laser line in front of the runners starts flashing faster and faster until it goes out. The race starts and the runners run off down the street.


They hop over obstacles (benches, trashcans whatever there is) and push and shove each other, two (not AZ) even have a little fight where one falls down. ( it is supposed to be a rough race)


In the distance they start running down different alleyways and streets and split up going into different entrances.

Big Fish's point of view


The put down man who just had a failed experiment is going to his communication desk


where he makes some handmovement on the table interface that closely resembles the interface Ping has on her arm.


On one of his floating screens a list of "emails" or better "avatar mails" is showing up.


With his thumb on his finger he scrolls through them (closeup)


and the topics are all a bunch of "help me! Need cure for my limb leg! my plants are loosing leaves" etc etc Some of the other screens show a "network error" and general flickering. A connection attempt with one of the avatar mails also fails (connection attempt failed due to unknown network error) - Big Fish shakes his head in disapointment.

Act 3

Ping's point of view


Dreamy looking around she also looks down from the roof.


she sees AZ running by on on edge.


She follows him with her eyes (closeup on her turning her head) around the corner of the building she sits on and


sees him running towards an old slide open door. The door opens way before AZ reaches it but just when he actually arrives and wants to enter the building it slams close resulting in Azrael running into it. (camera perspective would ideally include pings shadowy figure in the forground and the sliding door with AZ down the street (maybe needs a ladder for camera position or such))


Ping laughs a bit, (closeup face)


Azrael moves back it reopens just to close again when Azrael is trying to run through it again. One two more tries


Ping who is laughing loud,


Az looks up at


she instantly hides (falling rolling backward) on the roof so she can´t see her. Feeling caught redhanded - even though she is innocent of manipulating the door


she grabs her stuff and runs off.


through the door she came through


Still laughing she is running down the stairs and


enters the street checking over her shoulder that Azrael is not following her.


After running down the street and then feeling save from being followed


she enters another old fucked up building.


Going up some other stairs


She opens a crack the door to Big Fishs laboratory to say "Hi" (waves hand childishly) to Big Fish who is still trying to figure out whats wrong with his communication devices and looking grumpy as he had a bad day and nothing works as expected.


Then we see her entering an amazing bright room (door opens illuminous).


inside of a green house full of plants and flowers.


Breaking off some old leaves an a plant,


talking and stroking another flower that bears fruit and


picking a tomato


that she eats instantly


Big Fish is entering the Green House


and Ping gives him a warm hug - his face brightens up.


Ping activates her implanted interface and her floating screen swirls up before her.


She then presses another button (closeup her arm interface) and


the loop of Azrael slamming into the door shows up (showing AZ only from Pings Point of View without ever showing his face). Both crack up laughing loud for a while.


She turns off her screen which swirls back into her arm and Big Fish then gives her another hug with then leaving the green house.


Ping quite happy sits down on something in the greenhouse reactivates the screen.


Pulling out another stored typography loop (closeup arm)


that reads something like "Technology You Trust" she puts it over the loop and adds her signature to it smiles turns off screen then gets up and out of the greenhouse. (all fixed camera position)


Leaving building


On the streets again she reuses another old poster to plop in her new made loop of Azreal running into the door. (optional spraypainting another one depending on location that would subdivide that loop into three more!!!)


A last time she cracks up about it and moves on down the street,


enters another old building


goes up some stairs


enters her apartment/bedroom.


There she turns on her walls by way of an old lightswitch which makes very white bright glowing light and


through her activated interface (by this time we don´t explain in detail how she turns it on anymore just hold up left arm in front of her) she chooses a calm nighly loop. We see her fall into bed and


close her eyes.

Az's point of view


Everyone splits off in different directions (camera runs with Az).


There are shots of him jumping over railings and walls (and the camera).


Then approaches the sliding door (below Ping P7.50).


Runs into the door a number of times.


Hits and kicks the door - (hammers on it various closeups feet kicking the door hands hammering on it etc).


(closeup of face turning upward - Noticing Ping laughing


tiefe camera az im vordergrund ping auf dach - he pauses, giving her a furious look. then concentrated look onto his arm.


halbnahe - Checks his tracker (him looking at his arm)


nahe - (which suggests new preprogrammed route)


totale/halbtotale - runs off into the direction he come from


He runs really fast, (steadycam camera running behind him through a longer street) pushing himself really hard.


Sweaty head,


Running feet, Wall, Jumping,


sweating, frowning and looking concerned.


We see on the tracker that he overtakes two other runners (graphical overlay over the normal picture) but


when he reaches the finish line he just looses barely to the first runner coming in in front of him.


People on the sidewalk are cheering and


the other runners come through as well. #


The winner is celebrating with the cheering people and


Azrael just gets a certificate from the registrar who shakes his hand and gives him his bag


with his head hanging down he slowly moves away from the after race celebration.


We see him walking through a street he just through unhappily stumbling over an obstacle he was raving over through the race


arriving at a spot on the river - perhaps an old long abandoned port facility.


He then lights a fire in barrel or such with a futuristic looking lighter and


closeup - pulls some corn out of his bag


closeup - which he puts on sticks


totale - which he holds over the fire


gesicht im feuerschein nahe - Looking defeated, wistful and deflated.


nahe - eats some corn


totale - gets up and leaves the area


Then he goes in the direction of home through a street, walking past the loop Ping made of him (P15.82) running into the door.


closeup face - looked dazzledbazzled


closeup arm - He types "Ping" into the tracker search function and the tracker immediately blinks up with Ping's location.


halbnahe und close he furiously rips chip off wall.


close face - He looks pissed off, and


halbtotale - sets off at a run out of the street.


His tracker guiding him to her house.


He rips open door to house and enters


goes up the stairs and


finally knocks on the her door.

Big Fish's point of view

He shuts off his screen and moves over to a different desk where he puts in seeds into some seed growing containers. He also looks at some just sprouted seeds and pours some drops of liquid over them (they would glitter in the artificial lights.

Then Ping comes in, saying Hi, and closes the door again. Big Fish finishes to put some more drops of liquid on some more sprouted seeds and then goes out the door holding a baby plant in his hands. Entering the Green House he gives Ping the baby plant that he carried along - she smiles and puts into "her corner". Ping then shows Big fish the loop of Azrael running into the door. They laugh. He then says goodbye to Ping and goes back to his laboratory. Pleased of seeing Ping he goes Picks up a Bottle of Wine and places it on a table near a very comfortable chair. Then he goes over to a jar and puts his nanobot pen in it which fills up then he goes to the bookshelf and picks out a Book from Christopher G. Langton "Computation at the Edge of Chaos" sits down in the chair pours some wine into a glass then lets the nanobots into the wine takes a zip opens the book - we see his faces reading and then he closes his eyes falling asleep from the long night.

He then has a lucid dream where the Game of Life appears and slowly morphs into a pixalated face. Cut black out.

Act 4

Pings and Azraels point of view


closeup - Pings gets woken up by a knock on the door and


kind of sleepwalks over to the door, and dreamingly opens it.


Halbtotale -The enraged Azrael pushes in and


Totale mit zweite Kamera Näher dran - they have a quite violent fight.


Somehow her eyes get covered (by t-shirt being pulled) and she freaks out and


closeuop - pulls out a small spraycan with sleeping potion from her pocket and


closeup - sprays it into his face.


halbnahe He falters and immediately falls asleep.


Totale - Feeling a bit sorry she drags him over to her bed and


halbnahe - puts some liquid on his mouth that comes out of the same bottle that she is still holding in her hand (other end perhaps).


closeup - Shortly later he wakes up (open eyes) and she is looking at him.

He opens his eyes blinking and with a knocked out feeling. They both sit there and look at each other for a brief moment.


totale - then he gets up and she invited him with a gesture over to a table thats in front of a wall.


Totale. zweite/dritte Camera capture facial expressions in close up- They sit down and converse. Converstation sequence with scripted words on the wall...

  • Az: "I lost the race because of you!"
  • Ping: "Why me?"
  • Az: "You were fucking around with those doors!"

Az pulls out of his pants pocket the chip he grabbed from her installation and gives it to Ping. She plugs it into a prepared spot on her wall in the middle of the table and it shows Az running into the door.

  • Az: "Who if not you?"

The moment she shrugs somethings happens - A binary code rifts through the loop - "IT WAS ME!!!!" (un-readable as in binary)

They both look really puzzled.

She has a brainwave then


closeup on pings arm - turns on her implanted interface .


wieder totale - She looks through her recording database (bits of loops played fast backward) are played on the wall. Finally she finds the point where she recorded the installation from the beginning of the film (butterfly loop) with the code appearing shortly.


Camera über schulter von Ping - Ping turns on her floating nano-screen. She puts in the binary code over her arm interface (that just morphed) pushes enter and that is then translated into ASCII characters that spell out "LIFE" and "IT WAS ME!!!!". We see Az look puzzled behind the screen.


Wieder Totale mit Tisch und Wand -

  • Azrael: "Lets Go see Professor Big Fish and ask him whats going on!"
  • Ping: "Big Fish? You know him?"

Azrael nods.

Both looking puzzled again.

  • Ping : "OK, good idea!"

nodding, they get up and leave.

Big Fish's point of view

Sweaty and tired Big Fish wakes up from his lucid dream. Dazed he walkes to a water boiling machine that probably has been boiling water for him the last 40 years. He turns it on (steam blubber steam) he takes a cup that he is using every day without washing up and put some loose tea in a tea egg. He then pours the water over the tea. He dazes around while the tea is brewing. Morning sunlight shining through some slits in the otherwise darkened lab. After while he has a couple of zips.

Act 5

Ping, Azrael and Big Fish


Ping and Azrael get out of Pings Appartmenthouse and


walk along a street then


enter the house of Big Fish Laboratory


inside up the stairs and


knock on the door.


He open the door from inside and looks shocked and surprised - then even happy to see them together visiting him. Ping just waves her hand as to say "its a long story don´t even ask". Then Big Fish asks them in.


They sit down around the Laboratory table where the black eye experiment is still present.


closeup,Ping turns on her interfaces


halbtotale tisch - she shows Big Fish the loops she recorded with the binary code in them.


halbnahe tisch Ping und Big Fish - She gives him the chips.

Big Fish takes chips swivels around his old creaky office chair that has seen better times and rolls over to his workbench.


Azrael and Ping wonder around in the laboratory (in the background) while Big Fish takes the Chips and puts them on a plate that has wires coming out in all directions.


Some circuitry visuals etc cutting in. 


the plate starts to glow a little.


Then all of the sudden the power cuts out. Picture black for some time then we see some strange-looking floating nano-lights brightning up the room a tid and floating off Big Fishs hands. (He pulled them out his pant pocket in the darkness and activated them).


facial closeups - The all look a little terrorized and puzzled.


Big Fish crouches under a table and fiddles with something looking like an old school generator or such. The power comes back on visible by the screens all in reset mode and the light flickering on.


Big Fish looks terrrorized at the plate where


we see black plastic drops smoldering - the chips are fried because of the power cut.


All three look disappointed.


closeup Pings face - Ping has another Brainwave blink blink


halbtotale - she shows with her hands sliding doors movement (in the background we see the Azrael runs into door clip as a second layer overlay).

The other two nod.

They all leave the room.


Go out of the building


along a street where there is the butterfly installation of ping (the very first one) when they walk by it it changes shortly (what and how to be figured out in postproduction) showing Kalkins presence.


The turn into the familiar alleyway and come to the sliding door.


They get closer to the door and


halbnahe - Big Fish places a sensor by it.


When they move away from the door it strangely opens and closes on its own.


They all look amazed and puzzled. Big Fish goes and picks up the sensor. They all leave the scene with the door together.



They all enter a commons room (bar, meeting place or such maybe open air) and go over to a big bowl of self made cider


closeup of one of them pouring the liquid into a glass out of the big barrel that in the middle of the place


observation am tisch aus verschiedenen perspektiven - and have some laugh and talk and play stupid little table games until the sun sets.


They then get up and say farewell to each other and leave the place in different directions.

Ping's point of view


Ping goes through two familiar streets


back to the park from the beginning which shimmers in the moonshine.


halbnahe ping sitzens - She sits down and looks at the stars. (Maybe she smokes again). We see her sitting there in amazement looking at the star (open mouth really amazed and happy). After a while she scratches her head.


closeup - She turns on her interface and


halbnahe - floating screen for a last time rewinds what she has just seen and there the stars are forming into a butterfly which flies off into the black universe. Her eyes widen....................

Az's point of view


On his way home (walks along one two streets that are familar)


Azrael checks his tracker to see the way home (he is still not accustomed to his surrounding) and when he looks he sees a different part where the park is located strangely glowing then the map picture disintegrated and there is just a message on his screen that says "Network Busy"..........................

Big Fish's point of view

Big Fish back in his laboratory puts the analysing sensor from the door on the chip analysing plate. One of his floating screens shows a vast network of connections pulsating rythmicly and organic like a brainscan. He then turns to his other floating screen and calls a hacker guy tim on the webcam. He sends him the data. Tim looks at it, shrugs, shakes his head and sends him two other files. Firstly a connection from one computer to the door - when a normal person would remotely control that door(typo overlay: normal remote control connection), then secondly a disguised connection (typo: disguised connection) showing multiple connections ending at the doorpoint but still just a fraction of what has been going on. Then Big Fishs nods shaken and in thoughts and raises hands to say thanks, switches off connection to hacker and switches back to the screen with the connection analyses. Cut back to Big Fish Face close up frowning and thinking - Big Fishs End.