Tattooed interface

From Live Cinema Research

An interface on Pings arm that she can activate by pushing the palm on her left thumb. The interface enables her to interact with the floating screen in front of her that connects to her internal memory that she has implanted. She can browse the database and do moving image manipulation work on it. It has a "Trackpad" style area and a couple of buttons that change function depending on context. One long horizontal button below the trackpad area to scroll through video quickly enframed by two square buttons (heights of the long button) that function as play, pause and skip thingy and two vertical rows of buttons to the right side of the Trackpad to jump to different presets. The interface can be turned off again by pressing the same spot on her left hand thumb.

Would this be visible on her arm when it's inactive? Maybe, like her thigh tattoo, there is a tattoo of an image on her arm at all times, and activating the interface makes the design re-form into that of the interface.

The floating screen could be a touchscreen so that any needs to locate or draw could be done with a finger directly on the screen (or do we need to limit interaction between actors and effects?). Maybe text input is done through five buttons - one for each finger (or maybe these would be on her finger-tips, to be used on any surface) - with different combinations of buttons assigned to different characters. I have seen this system in use on a blind person's laptop (though his used both hands, all ten fingers).