MoPic Shoe Poster

From Live Cinema Research

This poster is from several years ago, so may have had conventional graffiti (normal spray paint) painted on top of a bit of it. Perhaps the chip is not still in full working order, or the original design did not include a chip, and just displayed the (moving?) advertisement from a built-in memory device. In this case, Ping could break off a small section of a frame around the screen and 'hotwire' it with her chip. Maybe there is some sparking and the MoPic advert is replaced with her graphics.

MoPic I's features (maybe Az wears MoPic VIII's or something) -

  • count footsteps
  • speed
  • energy burned (as a fitness shoe)
  • heart rate
  • adjust to the ground
  • adjust to the foot
  • pressure adjust
  • virtually indestructible Keflar construction
  • a device that can be lightly strapped around ones arm gives the runner all the information from the shoe