Nanobot collecting pen

From Live Cinema Research

A simple pen-like device. It's a hollow tube, like a syringe, which can draw nanobots inside, perhaps using magnetism. A transparent window in the side, or simple metering system on the side shows contents.

As nanobots are so small, it would not 'fill up' the pen, as such. Maybe the nanobots are in a liquid - but this would not be drawn up by the magnetic pen. Perhaps nanobots aren't magnetic at all and the only way of drawing them into the pen is by dropping them into a liquid and then drawing them into a normal syringe (this could be part of the pen).

The pen also contains apparatus for analysing the nanobots within it. Big Fish can perhaps clip it to any screen to see the information about the contents. This would include (rough) number of nanobots, sample aquisition time, purpose of nanobots.

Perhaps it has a number of internal chambers (not visible from outside, but accessible by twisting the pen or accessing settings with a few simple buttons on the pen) so it can hold nanobots to perform a number of jobs. The contents information could be in ten sections, for example, with some of the sections empty, some containing things he may need access to at all times (his nano-drugs, perhaps?), and a few containing his work in progress. The chambers would be self-sterilising (if this means anything on a nano-scale) and so fully re-usable, etc. Perhaps each one contains one 'dose' of any particular cure.