FiG the Protofloor Crew Mix

Not so long ago the prototypen crew banded together with the #tassebier crew (which is overlapping strongly anyways) to make a small little music floor on a small little open air event called "Feldherrschafft in Grünz" (and if your are englisch speaking don´t even try to pronounce it - it means something like king of the field or such :) One of the things I never fully understood is why DJs don´t play together in large groups more often especially when they hang out in a beautiful place where there is little to loose crowd wise - just throwing favorite tunes at each other and see what comes out. Well since I am not a DJ but wanted to play some tunes I suggested a little mix together at said event and what came out of it I think is more then presentable its a very fine selection of music. It might not always be mixed to perfection but the resulting recording is showing the diversity of our dubby steppy techy jazzy breaking crew. The session went on for a good 2-3 hours - sadly the recording computer stopped recording the thing at 49 minutes - but you get a glimpse into what kind of music we all like to listen to on a bloody saturday sunny afternoon with nobody to care for other then ourself. And yes we had fun :)

So here the mix with @saetchmo @mogreens @karlakakarl @marinelli & @fALk_g (somehow I think I missed somebody but it was a hazy afternoon ;)

direkt link for download


20 years Wall of Frame - Personal Perspective

20years_preps_muldaDeli_atWork.jpgThere I was unsuspectingly checking the proto.lab yesterday - expecting to see two lonely artist trying to to save our exhebition tomorrow working their butts off. What I was greeted with was an enthusiastic crowd of 10 artists rocking the house, transforming the boring white walls of our lab into an installation many magnitudes bigger then what I was ever expecting. Not only were they creative they were on the case organizing things writing down what had to be done til the opening and generally there was a so much energy in the room - I could hardly believe it. Needless to say that that made me very happy - as the proto.lab is like most of our projects a prototype - a test balloon trying to sail in the 21st century society and trying to set a positive statement. I was expecting a long drawn out process of trying to get people involved and trying to stick to projects that are somewhat vague and on first look don´t really have a reason for existing. Yet from the start on two month ago people started to show up and started to work on multiple things. When master Deli came up with the idea of making a streetart exhibition it was immediately clear to me that it would be a good idea because that would make the boring white room a bit more creative looking. Never would I have thought at that point what great feedback we would get from the local young (street)art community and how transformative the process would be for the room and the group in whole.
Tommorrow now is the big day of the opening but I can not thank everybody involved enough already - because no matter how many people show up or how well the event will be recieved by our local politicians and residents (who tend to be not quite exactly the target group for a street art exhebition - if you have been around here you know what I am talking about) - it is already a huge success - for all of us because we have shown that we can come together and rock the boat.
I am greatly touched and inspired by the big unified artwork you have created and I look forward to celebrate that with everybody who has helped or is generally interested of what the artists of the south Berlin suburbs have been up to in the last 20 years after the wall came down. So come by tomorrow 3 p.m. at Kleinmachnow Meiereifeld 33.
Everybody is invited to extend the exhebition with their unique piece either by bringing it along - creating it on the spot or sending it to us via lab(at) for print out.


Prototypen teams with E-Gruppe & Visual Berlin for Raum E - Open Air 1st of May

We are proud to finally announce that we have teamed up with the E-Gruppe Berlin to deliver a fantastic crazy Berlin style open air event this Friday May 1st.

Raum - E originally an indoor event featuring a massive display of moving visual art and Berlin electronic music is now moving outdoors to bring you even more moving visual art under the summer sky of Berlin. The location - Die Sysiphos Hallen - is an absolutely crazy abandoned factory and has this Berlin underground flair that has been missing from the shiny sterile clubs of the city center. The party itself reflects this feeling with a lot of the people who grew up with in the scene and have since become artists supporting a lifestyle and a message that reflects that community feeling that had been predominant before the investors took over the party folks.

The E-Gruppe has been involved in making visuals and decoration and also organizing parties since 14 years and is celebrating its birthday. Prototypen has made a splash with the first massive open air at the abandoned russian military airport "Altes Lager" with its 1995 Planet Port and has since also supplied visuals, music and organization to a multitude of parties in and around Berlin and is this year celebrating its 15th birthday. Visual Berlin has grouped all the VJs and motion visual artists of Berlin and gave them a voice an a message - together with the help of friends and artist from the city we are bound to give everybody a great audiovisual feast into May.

If you have been helping the Prototypen in the past in any kind of project we would like to take this moment to thank you - please get in touch with us we will provide you with a free ticket. If that does not apply to you - we will give out 2x2 free tickets to the first people who follow us @prototypen on twitter.

The Event is located at Berlin/Germany Hauptstrasse 15. Nearest S-Bahn Station is Ostkreuz from there you take the shuttle or walk 15 minutes south (direction of the big chimneys with the blinking lights).

So bring some good spirit and we will see you all on Friday.

Audio LineUp:
area 1 - listening / aber auch beats:
22:00 - 23:00 uhr: Mex Schlüpfer - live
23:00 - 00:30 uhr: MoGreens
00:30 - 02:00 uhr: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - live
02:00 - 03:30 uhr: Paskal
03:30 - 05:00 uhr: The Marx Trukker - live
05:00 - 07:00 uhr: ED 2000 + Vela
07:00 - 09:00 uhr: Gaya Kloud + MoGreens

area 2 - dancefloor:
22:00 - 00:00 uhr: Georg Wedel
00:00 - 01:00 uhr: Der Monotone Rauschzustand - live
01:00 - 02:00 uhr: Jaxson
02:00 - 03:00 uhr: Shackelton + Sin C.T. - live
03:00 - 04:00 uhr: Deph
04:00 - 05:00 uhr: Der Arzt
05:00 - 06:00 uhr: Sebastian Wolff
06:00 - 07:00 uhr: Morte
07:00 - 08:00 uhr: Johannes Palissa
08:00 - 09:00 uhr: Conocybe

Visual Artists (on THREE floors):
(visualberlin selection)
fALk (proto.beamaz)
pixel-royal aka leinwandler
dr. mo
vj pixelschubser
vj king of chaos aka steffen baermann
lucas b.
christian sonntag
devon miles
illuminated art
c.a.f. + hollie & flockey



Breakapitalism 090328

breakapitalism_090328.pngWe kick off the Prototypen event year with a breakbeat party on march the 28th in the local Affenclub with some multiple twists. First you might have noticed the name - on March 28th 2009 multiple nongovernmental organisations are calling for protest against the current financial crisis and our current financial system. The protest will be under the motto "We don´t pay for your crisis" and naturally we here at prototypen believing in a future that is sustainable in synch with nature and with a (more) even distribution of wealth support the motto and the action and will do the Breakapitalism event as a show of support.
It wouldn´t be a prototypen event if there is not another media experiment happening as well - So I am proud to announce that we will have a virtual guest playing visuals at this party over the internet. Brian T Moore will join us virtually from Toronto/Canada and play his very locally themed visuals at the Kleinmachnow/Berlin/Germany Monkeyclub. This will be the second installment test of our virtual live media series which you will be hearing about more in the short future.
On top of all that expect some massive great broken beats from a wide range of music artists. (See Flyer).
I hope you all support the motto and show the action some support by dropping by and celebrate the crisis as a possibility of a new beginning.

(shouts go out to Captain Mulda for the great flyer design)


Webdesign - a designers perspective: Introduction

This is going to be a multipart series on my view on the webdesign process in this day and age with nitty gritty details - to much for most casual readers but not enough for the more professional webbers but just about right to those making websites coming from a more design perspective touching each and every part that touches webdesign as a whole - from the artwork to the programming to the content management to the hosting problems to the philosophies, existing standards nobody cares about nonexisting standards everyone seems to care about. Guaranteed not flash bashing free and guaranteed full of sarcasm. Here is the intro to this never ending saga.

About ten to twelve years ago I got into developing my first website - back then I was neither designer nor programmer but had experience in the latter and was about to study the former. I made this website with a lot of javascript and made the mistake of using images as text as I wanted one font throughout the site. The site looked alright (to me ;) and functioned fine but was unmaintainable for a person who wants to do something else with their time then hacking pure HTML. It had one nice feature so - that was swappable images - something you see nowadays a lot in those fancy iFrame galleries - back then I did not encounter another site that had it. Oh javascript that was something I could identify with as it came so close to BASIC programming which I learned while the east was still the east and the west the bad. "You can´t use javascript, its bad practice - nobody should use javascript ever" was all I got for my month long effort of making a webpage. The site was sitting there for a long long time without any updates and got very stale - at one point - right after the only update it ever recieved -the browsers started to break the site and I decided to pull it.
Since then I have been pondering on making a new site - one with a cool content management system that would enable me to easely update the site, one that is very cutting edge and puts technology to a good use. The longer I pondered the more it became clear that I did not want a website for myself - but rather a framework that could be an umbrella for the myriads of my interests and those around me wanting to produce something cool together with me. On the design end I was still learning and trying to find my style my design mojo. The years went by and the website did not really progress other then in my head. There was a quick attempt at it about 3 years ago that had already an interface designed but that never off the ground because I actually had to finish my diploma and all. Then last years pushed by a lot of different things I actually started to take the plunge - and man if I would have known back then what a journey it would become I would have thought twice about going along, but now 35.000 lines of code and about a year later I am extremely happy with the outcome so far.

Next Part in the next days: Choosing the right Content Management System


Saturday: History in the making - playing a live VJ/DJ set in your living room while halfway across the world people dance to it

mediaJam1122_invite4.jpgThis saturday we are undergoing a big big experiment - something very very unique - something that saves a lot of CO2 - something that could change the face of parties around the world... got your attention? great :)

MoGreens and my lowly self (proto.beamaz:fALk for the search engines) will be playing a VJ/DJ (or A/V as it might be called in some cirlcles) gig in Toronto/Canada. But instead of flying over there trying to cope with jetlags and the pretty torontonian girls we are safely in the prototypen office using the intertubes to forward our signals to the crew around Brian Moore who are doing their awesome media jam in the coolest property of all Toronto.
Since we can´t stream to more then one computer because in the year 2008 there is still no universal multicast or streaming bittorrent protocol (that works on a mac (so I heard swarmplayer is shaping up nicely)) the only way to experience the awesomeness of a the first and only real global party (massmedia induced Bono concerts don´t count) is to go to it live - either to Toronto for the full bang loud social event at 9 oclock in the evening or come to the near Berlin for a relaxed chilled friends circle atmosphere at 4 oclock in the morning - your choice - but I am sure you don´t want to miss it either way.

Saturday November 22nd 2008

411 Front Street East Toronto /Canada
9:11 pm EST
& Kleinmachnow(Berlin) /Germany
4:00 am CET


Fuck it we`ll do it live...

I have had enough of doing secretly behind closed door dirty little things with code and such so since the state of affair is at the point where I wanted it originally over a year ago but also much further and somehow not as far I decided to make the future progress on the live site. Now this is all cryptic and such because there is no content - no meat so to say and I will not make more eyes look on it then needed. Generally its maybe a 0.1b then anything else but as right wing newstalker Bill O'Reilly so lovely proclaimed - when technology fails: fuck it we will do it live... So if you know what I am talking about have a look - if not - forget about it there will be a proper announcement when we reached 1.0...


Prototypen Betriebstreffen am Donnerstag

Die prototypen treffen sich am Donnerstag im Quartier fefi. Mehr info auf der offiziellen Webseite:


ProtoBlogs upgraded to MovableType 4.2

After getting some frustrations with the old movable type installation and lots of broken links and an outdated spam system I have taken steps to upgrade the private ProtoBlogs to MovableType 4.2.
The installation went smoother then I thought with the exeption that I actually had to restructure the site a bit and that means a devastating loss of links from external sites. If you are an external site deep linking to an article on this link will very likely not work anymore, maybe you have the time to find it again and update your link (one can dream right? ;).
The new structure is much better but I would have loved to avoid this problem and it will cost us probably a lot of traffic. In return all articles are now under their category and google is most likely able to rank our content better in the future. Furthermore Categories have their own rss feeds and all the other niceties that I have not dug into that can make it to our blogs now.

Update: old deeplinks working again..... its double content now (old and new links) - I know that google aint liking that much but better then loosing the links I guess...


Test Test - we are broadcasting again

Note to myself - never say a switch of servers is going to be easy. Note to the world - we are back up and running.

2.09.08 dns switch tomorrow morning

I just want to send a message to the prototypen out there that starting tomorrow around 1 pm we are moving away from the developing server at bytecamp that we have been on since the beginning and onto the server farm in anticipation of some other stuff that has been happening behind the scenes here. E-mail to will not be affected but the blogs (edit and view) might be unavailable until the DNS update has been propagated through the tubes. We have set DNS propagation time to 1 hour so if all goes well it should be over in less then an hour. I am expecting everything working as normal after the move if you still see strange things happening afterwards please report here in the comments.


Heute: Prototypen Betriebsausflug

Betriebsfeier08Poster_md.jpg 31°C und Sonnenschein machen uns glücklich und deshalb gibt es heute wie angekündigt die codierte Community Party im Wald. Alles mitbringen was man verzehren will, optophonisches und anderweitig künstlerisches mitgestalten ausdrücklich erwünscht. Wir freuen uns auf Freunde und Freundesfreunde. Mehr Infos und Anfahrt, Decodierungwerkzeuge und so hier.


radio Prototypen 0.6b: Wir Jungpioniere singen und tanzen, spielen und basteln gern.

Und deswegen gibts nen neuen podcast mit viel lässigem und manchmal zu lautem dub, viel zu gefährlichem klima halbwissen, den ultimativen OpenSource Webapplikationen und Browser Rant juten Ausgehtips für heute und morgen und Weihnachten und so und natürlich auch ein paar interessanten Links für mehr als 10.

oh und alle links auch im lyrics teil des podcasts ab heute! speziell für die mobilen iPod Users :)

Wie immer am besten den podcast subscriben (iTunes -> Erweitert -> Podcast abbonieren -> link reinkopieren)

oder durch den iTunes Music Store abbonieren (muss man nur auf Link drücken und dann im Musik Store auf abbonieren gehen)
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Ja irgendwann auch mal direkt im browser ;)

LittleCountry.Net Hintergrund Musik
Musik Heute: King Dubby
KingTubby in wikipedia
King Tubby im roots archive (dieser link ist nicht im podcast sorry)
Gefährliches Halbwissen II: Englands CO2 Schwindel
Der persönliche CO2 Rechner
Movable Type ist Open Source
Reaggy Clash im Affenclub
rocketeer sound
Orden der Perpetuellen Indulgenz KOMMEN NICHT!!!
Wicket Weihnachtsmarkt Vol. II
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
Wabe Berlin
Hit and Run Kino (achtung eine email adresse zum einschreiben in eine mailingliste!) bookmarking und tagging für Bilder
Hear Voices? It May Be an Ad
Boost Car Remote With Skull
Chaos Communication Congress 23 Doku


Movable Type is free

As noted before Movable Type has been put under the GPL (Gnu General Public License) which means its open source and free as in speech and the bare bone version also free as in beer. We have used Movable Type from the beginning and just couldn´t - wouldn´t want to to migrate to a different platform as it always seemed to much hassle. Also we coughed up the small fee for a multisite blog (that was a point where we almost switched). This is all past us now and it seems we have bet on a long distance horse with our blogging software. Now I think a company developing the software and having their business model not to sell the software but to sell distributions and support will be the business model for all software rather sooner then later (quote me in 10 years). Because with a truly open source approach you have tons of helping hands in your code to make it better more stable faster secure and saturate it with plugged in feature at no cost. You as a company are still the ones who know the software best (you coded it from the start) so you are probably the best to help big corporations to install it - meanwhile the free nature of your software allows anyone to get used to and train them self to use it, generating a legion of enthusiast who in return will advocate your software over closed source alternatives giving you company a sustainable income - everyone is happy. This approach is also in my opinion much better then the all non leader community approach of free software (for example wordpress) with no real direction and to many side roads leading to stagnation or confusion among users (drupal is also one of those beasts, buts thats about to change to).
As said I think sooner or later most of the software industry comes around this business model. I am very happy that I don´t need to think about migrating the two active blogs.


Radio Prototypen: 0.5b revolutionary invisible event

Diesmal mit dabei: fALk, Mogreens, fRED, flux

Themen: gefährlich wissende flowerpower Landmienenopfer, wahnsinnig teure Links diesmal wirklich gute Ausgehtips und viel VJ Insiderwissen von und dem chaoscommunicaton congress - und wieder ein Brummen vom Mars. Musik von Revolutionary Void.

man kann sich den super enhanced podcast hier bestellen (iTunes>Erweitert>Podcast abbonieren)

oder direkt als speichern unter:

Die Links im diesmaligen Podcast:
HintergrundMusik: Little Country Dot Net
Musik heute: Revolution Void
Landminen: Miss Landmine
Landminen: Dangerous Ground : Parkour Against Landmines
Angolanische Landminen Fussballmanschafft
Flowerpower gegen Landminen
Arabidopsis Thaliana ;)
Aids Gala in Potsdam
Chaos Congress : Volldampf voraus
VJs & DJs in den Maschinenraum
the great MoGreens
ƒƒ Nerdset
LiveCinema: Kalkin Revelation homebase
=ff= Wrozlaw Parano
Samstag 8. Dezember Affenclub : Vespa
Freitag 7. Dezember : Fabriketage Mainzer Strasse 39
Samstag/Sonntag 15. Dezember Möbelfarbik FREAK_MODE 4 | 24 Stundenparty viel VJ
The Idea Generator
Ikea Hacker I
Ikea Hacker II
Retro Future
Papercut Video
Papercut Video auf Drawn!
Olympic Pukes Font
Doktor Seltsam Mr. Schäuble
Bush gibt falsche Telefonnummer


Kalkin:Revelation on slow defrost

My Diploma project, Live Cinema theory proof is beeing slowly revived to become a proper normal project. Please read more over at the Live Cinema Research Blog.

Update: Link korregiert...


Radio Prototypen: 0.4b Feuilletonistisches Symposium für angewandte Nerdkultur (german)

Soooo. da isses wieder. Nachdem wir fast 90 Zuhörer hatten letztes Mal sind wir jetzt noch nervöser, zumal diesmal wirklich nicht so viel Inhalt zur Verfügung stand - aber wir sind ja immer noch beta und werden das auch noch ein weilchen bleiben versuchen uns schrittweise zu verbessern...

Themen heute: viel gefährliches Halbwissen und teure Kultur. Anti Aggro Anti Flash Anti GreenCardSoldier - Pro Mummifizierte Mönche und Coole Dubselectoren.

und ein neuer Untertitel:

Feuilletonistisches Symposium für angewandte Nerdkultur

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irgendwann auch mal als embedded media mit eigener seite.....

Viel Spass....
Anregungen und wünsche und Kritik bitte per mail an:

radio (at)


Radio Prototypen: Version 0.3b (german)

So hier ist es. Zwar nen tag spät weil ich gestern bei nem schlechtne 3d event war aber da es eh kaum aktuelle ausgehtips gibt ist dies nicht ganz so schlimm. Viel schlimmer ist unser Brummen was wir auf einmal haben obwohl sich am setup zum letzten mal nix geändert hat. Der whitenoiseteufel hat sich da wohl irgendwo eingeschlichen. Ausserdem hats geregnet und unsere allgemeine Stimmung betrübt - auch waren die beiden Raucher ein wenig nervös weil kein Tabak aufzutreiben war im Studio.

Mit dabei diesmal der Bastai (dessen myspace seite ich nicht verlinke) der uns was übers Jamaikanische Copyright system erklärt. Und noch ne ganze menge Laberei - glücklicherweise noch beta wa ;)

Kurze Übersicht:

Politik Kommentar Bangladesh, Kongo, Daten Weg und Sicherheit statt Freiheit ansonsten noch interessantes über Musik und VJing, 2,5 Ausgehtips für 200 und cool Gadgets of the week.

Tolle Musik von und viel hintergrund noise....

Kritik Anregungen etc weiterhin extrem willkommen einfach hier in den comments oder bei stephan oder per mail.

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Update: Browsercode doesn´t work.


Radio Prototypen: Version 0.2b (german)

DSC00062.JPGWe did it. It took us weeks and weeks on end (not really but it took us a while). Its our first podcast so bear with us. Es ist in deutsch - sorry englisch speaking audience.
Es heisst nicht umsonst 0.2beta - sprich das ganze Konzept muss noch reifen und generell ist noch einiges im Argen, trotzdem wollen wir Feedback von Euch da draussen. Was sollen wir machen, welche Richtung soll Radio Prototypen einschlagen? Welche Gäste wünscht ihr Euch, wollt ihr auch mal Gast sein? Musik, Politik, Lokal-Stuff?
Auf jeden Fall wird es wachsen und immer Freitags zu hören sein. Erstmal auf Stephans und diesem Blog so bis Version 1.0 oder 2.0 wo es dann endlich auch ein eigenes Heim bekommt.

Now enjoy!
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Radio Prototypen NullPunktZweiBeta


Comments work again

After playing around with the .htaccess file on (secret project) I accidently set a flag that made the comment function in movable tyoe not work (a redirect that was wrong). Everything is back to normal now. Sorry.