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FiG the Protofloor Crew Mix

Not so long ago the prototypen crew banded together with the #tassebier crew (which is overlapping strongly anyways) to make a small little music floor on a small little open air event called "Feldherrschafft in Grünz" (and if your are englisch speaking don´t even try to pronounce it - it means something like king of the field or such :) One of the things I never fully understood is why DJs don´t play together in large groups more often especially when they hang out in a beautiful place where there is little to loose crowd wise - just throwing favorite tunes at each other and see what comes out. Well since I am not a DJ but wanted to play some tunes I suggested a little mix together at said event and what came out of it I think is more then presentable its a very fine selection of music. It might not always be mixed to perfection but the resulting recording is showing the diversity of our dubby steppy techy jazzy breaking crew. The session went on for a good 2-3 hours - sadly the recording computer stopped recording the thing at 49 minutes - but you get a glimpse into what kind of music we all like to listen to on a bloody saturday sunny afternoon with nobody to care for other then ourself. And yes we had fun :)

So here the mix with @saetchmo @mogreens @karlakakarl @marinelli & @fALk_g (somehow I think I missed somebody but it was a hazy afternoon ;)

direkt link for download


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wow, such a superb mix! thanks for sharing :))

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