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Saturday: History in the making - playing a live VJ/DJ set in your living room while halfway across the world people dance to it

mediaJam1122_invite4.jpgThis saturday we are undergoing a big big experiment - something very very unique - something that saves a lot of CO2 - something that could change the face of parties around the world... got your attention? great :)

MoGreens and my lowly self (proto.beamaz:fALk for the search engines) will be playing a VJ/DJ (or A/V as it might be called in some cirlcles) gig in Toronto/Canada. But instead of flying over there trying to cope with jetlags and the pretty torontonian girls we are safely in the prototypen office using the intertubes to forward our signals to the crew around Brian Moore who are doing their awesome media jam in the coolest property of all Toronto.
Since we canīt stream to more then one computer because in the year 2008 there is still no universal multicast or streaming bittorrent protocol (that works on a mac (so I heard swarmplayer is shaping up nicely)) the only way to experience the awesomeness of a the first and only real global party (massmedia induced Bono concerts donīt count) is to go to it live - either to Toronto for the full bang loud social event at 9 oclock in the evening or come to the proto.office near Berlin for a relaxed chilled friends circle atmosphere at 4 oclock in the morning - your choice - but I am sure you donīt want to miss it either way.

Saturday November 22nd 2008

411 Front Street East Toronto /Canada
9:11 pm EST
proto.office Kleinmachnow(Berlin) /Germany
4:00 am CET


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i'm psyched, here's a video interview at the last media jam.


try mogulus - its free and uses the amazon cloud to steam to many... we used it for a 5way inter-city event a while ago - http://www.netlag.com.au

I am not overly psyched about mogolus. Made some tests with it have seen others using it for vj related stuff and found it not very reliable over long time, not a very good quality with either audio or video. With Quicktime broadcaster I can finetune audio and video until perfection - its standard complient MPG4 H264 containerless and it actually does look a whole lot better - and on top I am not touching flash (propriatory, closed, adobe, container inside container inside container inside browser inside operating system inside kernel - at least two layers of abstraction too much for my taste) with a 10 foot pole if I donīt have a gun against my head and a army of tanks behind me.

But jean great to hear from you :) good to see that you are still doing visual stuff. Have been lurking on your blog now and then and still like it a lot...

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