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The iCableCutters - its up to eight undersea cable cuts now

If you are to believe in a well researched and referenced article called Connecting the Dots there are a total of EIGHT undersea cables cut - all around the middle east. Save for an old rusty anchor in one of the cable instances near Quatar all the other cuts have occured to unknown circumstances. The whole last year had ONE cable cut now in less then four weeks we are at eight. Strategically they harm Egypt and Iran and the general middle east as well as India and Pakistan. The article goes on with speculation some quite sound. Iran is opening its Oil Bourse very soon, Egypt has upset Israel by not doing anything about the Palestinian tearing down the wall, Quatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia want to introduce their own Middle East Currency akin to the Euro - and likely want to trade Oil with it rather then with the dollar. And generally a cut fibre optics cable allows you to install an interceptor (so that is harder then it sounds because of the masses of traffic that would need to be intercepted and rerouted). All these are of course conspiracy theories and canīt be true. Its a total coincident that 8 cables in the same region are cut - not one cut has been identified why it happens and the world is flat.


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