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Angelique Houtkamp - Betty Boo meets a Tattoo artist

tattooedboo.jpgmexicanboyskullart.jpgI stumbled across the Art of Angelique Houtkamp. Her website says:

Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world

I would say she has a twisted whicked sense of style and borrows from betty boo in her main character. Very haunting stuff. A side project of hers are the painted children skulls (the mexican boy is pictured here).


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I thought you might be interested to here that Angelique Houtkamp will be having a show of original works at the nelly Duff Gallery on the 5th June. Columbia road, London.

Angelique Houtkamp is a highly respected Dutch tattoo artist and painter. Her work conjures the graphic romance of tattoos from yesteryear, portraits f half women half animal, freakshow and carnival ladies who are strange, sexy and beautiful......

It would be great if you could include our eflyer and website on your website. if you would like any more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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