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3d in the browser - is it really finally coming?

VRML was once to be said the future of the web - everyone who ever tried that out back in the good days will agree with me that it was deemed to failure right from the beginning on. It went under and was never seen again with the second generation browsers. Modern browsers had other stuff to worry about - like passing acidic tests and such so 3d was not a main concern ever. Now word from the Game Developer Conference hits the street that the Kronos group is working together with the Mozilla foundation to bring accelerated 3d graphics inside the browser window. The Kronos group is responsible for OpenGL and OpenGL ES (iPhone is all I say here) and Mozilla of course for the Firefox. They formed an "accelerated 3d on the web working group" that will create a roalty free standard for browser makers to implement and webdevelopers to use. Hallejulia - now it might take some eons for a) a standard to form b) browser to adopt the standard c) 3d program letting you export stuff in the right format but the prospects for real 3d in the browser in a 3-5 year time frame are exiting to say the least. Personally for me this is bigger then vector (as it includes vector hopefully) - the possibilities are endless and truly exiting. Be sure to hear back from me if there is the earliest inclination of any beta or even alpha warez to try this out.

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Watch the Watchers Do Their Dirty Work

3-22-09-taser-axom-system.jpgTASER International teams with EVIDENCE.com to create the AXON a secure police recording system that is fully portable and strapped on the head. Now there is multiple things going on here why this is noteworthy. For one it sends (streams?) the data directly to the servers of evidence.com in an encrypted secure way. That means nobody (also not the cops themself) can temper the footage. That means it could be an effective tool to watch the watchers and make them accountable for "mistakes" that might happen when an arrest or house search or such is being made. That of course would mean that evidence.com makes the videos available to the public at large but I think this might be even a business model for them so I actually do seem to think this is likely. Now there needs to be a law that prohibits the nice policemen from turning these things of in the heat - make it a felony punishable with a prison sentence or immediate suspension from the job to avoid the "oh I forgot to turn it back on" kind of moments that these fellow friends would likely have at times.

Now that this is covered I would like to raise a voice that this whole system needs to make it to the general market for everyone and the next best VJ to wear all day. Imagine not having to worry about how long the memory stick in your pocket has capacity but instead you can record you whole day onto a server of your choosing (probably your own home server for the more intimate moments) all wirelessly and you wear just a black blob over your ear - no fugly sunglasses or baseballcaps or fake eyes or such - yes that clearly means I WANT ONE :) but I am sure the bright people at Taser int. have figured that out already and present us a mass market version (probably sans encryption so to give back big brother what has been taken from him).

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Linux Libertine - Free the Times and make it better

linuxlibertine.pngFree fonts are such thing, most are ugly or just plain copies or incomplete or in the end have the same copyright restrictments as the for pay high quality fonts (mostly because the authors didn´t apply a alternative copyright to them) so its nice to see that there are more and more fonts coming to the table that have less restrictive copyright or are free in the whole sense. Even better it is when said fonts are of high quality - or if they are copying an already available font - make it even better quality. That happened to the Times New Roman - the most controversial font of modern time (or so some say). Blessed with an open source linux compatible license the creators made Linux Libertine even better then the original (and maybe even usable at all?). Everyone can grab a copy for free. Its in the OpenType format and spans all characters that you would ever need in a font and a regular, italic, bold, bolditalic, small caps and - hold you breath - a Organic Grotesk (non-linear sans-serif) version.


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3d Scanner with Lego

scan12.jpgThings that used to cost around a million and one buck just a very short time ago seem to be available for almost nothing these days - especially if you roll your own. Such the case with 3d scanners it seems - while only 5 years ago its was inconcievable to even dream about owning a 3d printer - things started to get interesting 2 years ago when the prices dropped into the sub $5000 range and the first efforts of DIY open source 3d scanners appeared on the ether. Now we drop into the sub $300 range with a laser 3d scanner made out of the Lego NXT system. Oh good are the times.

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Reclaim Jannowitzbrücke 08 video.

Because I am a Berliner and I love subculture especially when it is at its best. It is at its best when its illegal, wild and sets statements. I must have missed the Reclaim Jannowitzbrücke event last year but it looks like a lot of fun. Flashmob meets Berlin electronic music scene meets "we make everything shiny and expensive" conservatism. I love it - its rumored that its going to happen again this year - I keep my ears wide open.


Breakapitalism 090328

breakapitalism_090328.pngWe kick off the Prototypen event year with a breakbeat party on march the 28th in the local Affenclub with some multiple twists. First you might have noticed the name - on March 28th 2009 multiple nongovernmental organisations are calling for protest against the current financial crisis and our current financial system. The protest will be under the motto "We don´t pay for your crisis" and naturally we here at prototypen believing in a future that is sustainable in synch with nature and with a (more) even distribution of wealth support the motto and the action and will do the Breakapitalism event as a show of support.
It wouldn´t be a prototypen event if there is not another media experiment happening as well - So I am proud to announce that we will have a virtual guest playing visuals at this party over the internet. Brian T Moore will join us virtually from Toronto/Canada and play his very locally themed visuals at the Kleinmachnow/Berlin/Germany Monkeyclub. This will be the second installment test of our virtual live media series which you will be hearing about more in the short future.
On top of all that expect some massive great broken beats from a wide range of music artists. (See Flyer).
I hope you all support the motto and show the action some support by dropping by and celebrate the crisis as a possibility of a new beginning.

(shouts go out to Captain Mulda for the great flyer design)


Using a DJ midi controller for 3d Previz

Quang from Exozet who I have written about before has finally come around and made himself a blog - grainy fx (making me aware to update my blogroll). In his third entry on the blog he talks about a current Previsulization project for a Polylux subseries trailer and how he used my trusty Faderfox DJ2 midi controller to let the cameraman of the show position his camera where he wants it. Its just 128 units is not really precise enough it seems - but it worked sufficiently as I heard and the team was happy after the meeting - I will have a look at the actual shooting on saturday because they are shooting with a RED camera (the RED one that is) on greenscreen and I would love to see how the cam performs in real life - I will report back here.

Here is the video of the controller in action Quang shared with the world.

PoD: Bloody Eyelashes.

bloodyeyelashes.jpegBrian Viveros lets pretty girls with nasty habbits appear on convases. They are eery and strange and beautiful. Its like you look at them and want to like them but then something is in the way of liking them. Who needs eyelashes right?
Be sure to check out the other strange girls on his website. Via abduzeedo.


Kutiman ThruYou Youtube CutUps - feat. our own Bastai ;D

I was just pointed by captain mulda who is our new flyer designer to these amazing cutup videos - and the original reason for the journey to ThruYou was that our own MC Bastai is featured in one of the videos. The idea of the cutup videos is to take lots of different youtube videos with soundsamples in them and cut them up and remix them into one continuous new song. Bastai features in the fitting dubby song all complete with multiple dub sirens and some other really strange music gear from another dimension.

Be sure to check out the other creations with different music styles in the above link.


Red Camera seen in the wild

DSMC.jpgQuang pointed me to a picture of a new RED Scarlet camera in the "I emulate a photo camera"(dubbed DSMC by RED) configuration as a real preproduction model - not a 3d rendering. 4k godness (15Megapixels) at 150 fps here we come.


One for the DJs

vinylclock01.jpgThe vinyl clocks from the gratefull threads must be the perfect thing when you are a DJ. Its recycled vinyl - one could also call them old records. The pun is in the inhabitat headline with more pics of more clocks.


PoD: Infrared your life

pinktrees.jpgAbduzeedo has a feature on infrared photography and like HDR and fake tilt shift it will be a short lived beautiful hype until every combination of filters has been used. I also expect a combination of HDR and infrared and tilt shift at some point. While it lasts it sure is extremely pretty to look at that is why it gets a picture of the day honor from me. The picture shown is by Andross01 - no link given in the original article.


Why TV lost.

An article starting with the following lines naturally needs to have further scrutiny:

About twenty years ago people noticed computers and TV were on a collision course and started to speculate about what they'd produce when they converged. We now know the answer: computers. It's clear now that even by using the word "convergence" we were giving TV too much credit.

The article goes on to explain in very minute detail why the computers won and TV is a dying medium with absolutely zip zero future. Listing four main reason why it did/does die.

1.) open platform and the speed benefit to get things out there vs. a controlled environment with a hierarchical structure.

2.) Moores Law - Speed of the internet goes exponentially - that allowed for content to be streamed

3.) Piracy… yes piracy is good for spreading stuff and it made it clear that the future of media is free as in beer. There is no business model and there will never be one that competes with free - that does apply to news, books and music. Advertisments are not a business model and I might explain at one point why I think that is.

4.) social application. People are social creatures (not the artificial ones like me but the real humans seem so) and spending time to watch a series of tubes is just not a very social endeavor. Even sitting with friends in the same room watching the tubes is not very social - so people opt for the easy social things - Massive Multiplayer Online games social media sites etc. And that also makes you a broadcaster instead of a consumer and that is a very empowering feeling - one that tv will never ever be capable off for those on the outside of the glass tube.

These are the reasons stated in the article and they are very compelling reasons in its own but on top there are some that made tv irrelavant even faster here are my additional reasons:

5.) Greed. Trying to get the most advertisement dollars possible quite good programs where chopped up in first 30 then 15 then 10 then even 5 minutes parts and filled with horrific bright loud interludes of first 1 then 3 then 5 minute commercial breaks. Watching TV nowadays is like watching a commercial channel with some programming in between.

6.) More Greed. Trying to get the most advertisement dollars you had to get the most viewers and to do that you had to find the lowest common denominator. Which in the mind of programming executives in the "I am important" suits was game shows, reality tv and crappy talk shows, intermingled with some violence and of course meaningless sports. That made TV as a source of information and mind building almost completely irrelevant. Meaning that people started feeling that they lost time even faster.

7.) Failing to see niches and where it saw niches trying to maximize profit at all costs. Thats something the internet can do so much better - filling niches even if there are only 5 people interested. TV operation had become to expensive that filling a niche was just not profitable - something things on the internet do need to worry about too much. But even profitable bigger niches where tried to make into mainstream - which for most niches will never work - alianating the niches participants.

The TV networks already seem, grudgingly, to see where things are going, and have responded by putting their stuff, grudgingly, online. But they're still dragging their heels. They still seem to wish people would watch shows on TV instead, just as newspapers that put their stories online still seem to wish people would wait till the next morning and read them printed on paper. They should both just face the fact that the Internet is the primary medium.

Yes and the boon for humanity will be greater understanding of human on the other side of the planet. Greater information share and a lot less wasted time on things that where pushed upon humanity and made it more stupid in the process.
The thing is the underlying forces are so great, TV has such a huge place in society with about everything "big" connected to it that loosing this medium will also mean social upheaval big time as there is nothing out there anymore controlling the masses and keeping them happy with football or that sunday night talk - and normal people might start engaging with each other - even internationally - can you imagine what would happen? Mutual understanding and knowledge sharing - the horror!

Read the whole article over at paulgraham.com


E-Voting in germany was illegal

The Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) of Germany has made it clear that the use of electronic voting equipment currently in use is against the law. The last local election was also against the law. That means germans are going to cast their ballots on paper from here on out until e-voting machines comply with the law - which states that the transfer process of the votes and storage of the votes can be certified by EVERYONE not just an "expert" panel.

A big win for democracy and paper freedom fighters in germany - especially a big win for the Chaos Computer Club who has spearheaded the campaign and made sure that the court was well informed of the dangers e-voting poses. Thats the third judgment the court has cast in the last 12 month that is in favor of the people and showing the german government the boundaries of what they can do with their urge to overthrow the constitution and go straight to a police dictator state.

More at Netzpolitik.org (de).


Austrian Right Wing Party "We fiercely condemn the undemocratic approach of the Left Web-Terrorists"

LinkerHardcoreWebBombenleger_.pngAfter a defacement of their website that came on the day of the local state elections in Austria yesterday - the right wing party that was once led by neonazi and then drunk "I kill myself while under the influence" driver Jörg Haider the BZOE - said something really dangerous thought provoking and downright scary:

“[...] Wir verurteilen diese undemokratische Vorgangsweise linker Webterroristen auf das Schärfste”


translated that means roughly whats in the headline "We fiercely condemn the approach of the Left Web-Terrorists".

Now its clear that everybody using the internet in special ways will soon be criminalized by the right wing propaganda machine that just can´t stand letting loose of the media control it has enjoyed over the past century. Now this is extremely dangerous because that means there is a shift in the thought process of the ruling right elite that the foe might not be the afghanistan suicide bomber sitting in a cave anymore but "the left webterrorist" meaning everybody who tinkers with the web and has more knowledge then a politician (well that mean everybody who is on the web I guess). It seems it is time that they come after us.

Anyway Murdelta who has brought this to my attention wanted to have some webbanners and I thought I give it a shot - not pretty and totally stolen everywhere (the RAF keyboard logo is from the 18C3 Chaos Communication Conference aptly named "Hacking is not a crime") but I had some fun. And the "hardcore" reference comes from a meme last week where some right wing fashion design label that shall be unnamed trademarked the word "hardcore" - a term that has been used extensively in about any subculture scene there is and has nothing to do with right wing propaganda.

More at Murdelta.



And the Luddites are on our site too! (its a german wordplay on the word "weben" which means weaving - Webterror could theoretically in germany also mean "weavingterror" which brings us to the luddites).



Bruce Sterling Assay about the future of the web.

A fantastic powerfull transcript of a speech by futurist and SciFi writer Bruce Sterling at the Webstock09 conference. He talks about the transition of the web 1.0 to 2.0 and how that is now transforming to something completely new - his bet "ubiquity" - being networked anywhere anytime. He says thats its a rollercoaster drive we are all boarded now and that the future will look different but will be what we make it. And he couldn´t hit it home any better:

We've got a web built on top of a collapsed economy. THAT's the black hole at the center of the solar system now. There's gonna be a Transition Web. Your economic system collapses: Eastern Europe, Russia, the Transition Economy, that bracing experience is for everybody now. Except it's not Communism transitioning toward capitalism. It's the whole world into transition toward something we don't even have proper words for.

The Web has always had an awkward relationship with business. Web 2.0 was a business model. The Transition Web is a culture model. If it's gonna work, it's got to replace things that we used to pay for with things that we just plain use.

In the Transition Web, if you're monetizable, it means that you get attacked. You gotta squeeze a penny out of every pixel because the owners are broke. But if you do that to your users, they will vaporize, because they're broke too, just like you; of course they're gonna migrate to stuff that's free.

But you know, I'm not scared by any of this. I regret the suffering, I know it’s big trouble -- but it promises massive change and a massive change was inevitable. The way we ran the world was wrong. I've never seen so much panic around me, but panic is the last thing on my mind. My mood is eager impatience.

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