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Austrian Right Wing Party "We fiercely condemn the undemocratic approach of the Left Web-Terrorists"

LinkerHardcoreWebBombenleger_.pngAfter a defacement of their website that came on the day of the local state elections in Austria yesterday - the right wing party that was once led by neonazi and then drunk "I kill myself while under the influence" driver Jörg Haider the BZOE - said something really dangerous thought provoking and downright scary:

“[...] Wir verurteilen diese undemokratische Vorgangsweise linker Webterroristen auf das Schärfste”


translated that means roughly whats in the headline "We fiercely condemn the approach of the Left Web-Terrorists".

Now its clear that everybody using the internet in special ways will soon be criminalized by the right wing propaganda machine that just can´t stand letting loose of the media control it has enjoyed over the past century. Now this is extremely dangerous because that means there is a shift in the thought process of the ruling right elite that the foe might not be the afghanistan suicide bomber sitting in a cave anymore but "the left webterrorist" meaning everybody who tinkers with the web and has more knowledge then a politician (well that mean everybody who is on the web I guess). It seems it is time that they come after us.

Anyway Murdelta who has brought this to my attention wanted to have some webbanners and I thought I give it a shot - not pretty and totally stolen everywhere (the RAF keyboard logo is from the 18C3 Chaos Communication Conference aptly named "Hacking is not a crime") but I had some fun. And the "hardcore" reference comes from a meme last week where some right wing fashion design label that shall be unnamed trademarked the word "hardcore" - a term that has been used extensively in about any subculture scene there is and has nothing to do with right wing propaganda.

More at Murdelta.



And the Luddites are on our site too! (its a german wordplay on the word "weben" which means weaving - Webterror could theoretically in germany also mean "weavingterror" which brings us to the luddites).



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