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Using a DJ midi controller for 3d Previz

Quang from Exozet who I have written about before has finally come around and made himself a blog - grainy fx (making me aware to update my blogroll). In his third entry on the blog he talks about a current Previsulization project for a Polylux subseries trailer and how he used my trusty Faderfox DJ2 midi controller to let the cameraman of the show position his camera where he wants it. Its just 128 units is not really precise enough it seems - but it worked sufficiently as I heard and the team was happy after the meeting - I will have a look at the actual shooting on saturday because they are shooting with a RED camera (the RED one that is) on greenscreen and I would love to see how the cam performs in real life - I will report back here.

Here is the video of the controller in action Quang shared with the world.


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Falk, it's actually not the RED anymore. After discussions yesterday, we ended up using Super 35mm and Kodak Vision III 200ASA film on a bluescreen. Bluescreen was our first choice anyway (cause at the end we will comp her on a BLUE sky), but we were warned of using the RED One with bluescreen. The guys from the Geyer labs in Berlin even made small visitcard sized steel plates with the info on it ("How we like the RED: Greenscreen, Tungsten, etc.). I'll post it on my blog if I got a second. So but lighting green this way would be more expensive than going on a solid proof 35mm workflow (even with the lab costs). So I hope you'll still be there. Norman is coming too and Michael Bouterweck will provide the fans, so it'll gonna be a hell of a show :D

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