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pattern01.jpgyou design is fake... (yes I know the many arguments that redicule that statement (like helvitica is like an unwritten book - the reader writes it with its own emotions (the only argument that made me accept helvetica as a design choice - all other I would throw the YourDesignIsFake statement in the face)))

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You know you are in the future when …

you read headlines like Transgender man is pregnant or Man regrows his cut off fingertip with pigs bladder powder (so this one could also come from the dark ages witches ;) or Engineers Test Highly Accurate Face Recognition or that google thinks it has a turing test capable AI to be used for natural language search. Now if it would all just translate to now for everyone instead of in the lab sometimes in the future the future would have arrived - yet no proof, concept art, concept essays, blog posts is all we get while our pals drive our CO2 emissions to levels where the world might have a heart attack before any of these things pan out - I for one could live with some real news that are not political that are not sci-fi wishes futuretelling that are actually bringing mankind ahead instead of make them dream - then again I see most of the westworldpopulation living in an alternate universe where global warming gives some tension, there is no banking crisis, war is only in a different world and all problems have only one side to look at - the look at them self is forbidden by death.


rP 1.9: dont waste free water

Wenn wir ein Sendung kreieren, um ein Themenbereich abgehakt zu haben, wird das eher nichso toll (wieder was gelernt), aber zum einen hatten wir die Themen schon angesprochen und zum anderen werden wir künftig auch weitere News zu guten Wasser- und Müllkonzepten liefern. Die Musik heute kam von Jammin Inc., den Rotosonixxx, dub.com und Hypnotic Jazz aus Frankreich.

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surfrock rotosonic
Hypnotic Project



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Tesla Roadster
Nikola Tesla
Französisches MicroJoule Konzept Auto


Lots of Robots
Boston Dynamics Big Dog
Boston Dynamics Big Dog YouTubeVideo

Thema Heute: Müll und Wasser

Post holt Elektro Müll umsonst ab
Terra Preta
Energie aus Küchenabfällen und Ausscheidungen in klein in Indien und für günstig ($450)
Jenbacher Energine: Cow Powered

How to green your water

Links für 3

Skateboarding in Uganda
Awesome Chair Flip - CollegeHumor video
Suicide Bomber Barbie


Mi 26.3.: Surfpoeten feat. Mo


Econonmy 101

"Well to be honest, when I was at a meeting of the IMF (international monetary funds - the world wide banking consortium) last week where all international banks where present. It was notable that there was a lot of uncertainty and yes ... that´s .... I have to admit that nobody really had a clue and thats quite frightening because normally the banks know these things"

Cees Mass Head of ING Bank in an interview for the "Dollars collapse"

And I read more articles yesterday about how clueless the banks are at the moment when it comes to the current crisis and the collapse of the dollar and the collapse of the North American Market.
It is going to become very very very ugly in the not so distant future - there is not much buffer for the financial markets any more and the domino effect has already started - watch it accelerate and see long lines of people in front of western world banks trying to get what is left of their money. Its all too clear there is no way out its inevitable and I recon in the end its good for the planet (less over-consumption, back to the roots approach to live, value of the limited resources we have, no oil).

A whole book full of vintage logos on Flickr

vintagelogobookolypics70s.jpgSomeone called Mr. Carl has scanned in an vintage book with vintage Logos of the past. All in full b/w glory. Really worth a look.

See the full book here.

Tibet an update

TibetFrauenamHang.jpgAs it looked it worked out exactly as I have predicted - the sleeping dragon awoke and without mercy broke down the violence and peacefull protests inside Lhasa. I saw a picture of the Johkang temple in Lhasa with lots of rubble and thrown over cars - I know that every day there are hundreds of people crowded at the place in front of the Johkang praying and if the pictures where any indication this was likely bloody. The people praying in front of the Johkang are mostly people from rural areas making their spiritual journals - and likely also those that are easy to manipulate into violence - I don´t know but what happened was not good from either side.
BUT it seems there might be a happy ending after all - which does surprise me and it shows that China might not be the evil country everyone believes anymore - because the Chinese government agreed to talk with the Dalai Lama - who offered to resign if his plea for NON violence aren´t heard inside Tibet - about a resolution to the current past and future problems. Apparently the chinese government has understood that the Dalai Lama is ready for a "instate" solution and if there is any rationale in a government they should agree to his proposal (that he has been making the last 15 years at least). Tibet as part of China with cultural spiritual and religious independence - just not political. I would love to see nothing more in my lifetime and it would show that China can learn out of mistakes - something that can not be said about other powers on this planet (USA, Israel, Columbia to just name a few that on some level seem interlinked somewhere).
If it works out like proposed expect to see the Dalai Lama return to Tibet - what a triumph for peace on earth that would be I can´t exaggerate enough - its like the wall falling all over again.

China ready to hold talks with Dalai Lama: British PM


Wonders of Magnetic Ink

magInk_00.jpgThis guy from flight 404 is playing around making animation with magnetic ink. The images look stunning to say the least they have incredible detail in them and apparently there will be videos forthcoming where the ink intereacts with music.

More on the project here:


Tibet, the holiest of holy lands

RedMonk.JPGI was waiting and hoping and hoping that what I saw and heard would not be true that it was an exageration by the media. I believed firmly that this could not happen - not now anymore. As some of you know I was in that holiest of holy lands in the year 2000. Its one of the places on earth where you go and come back as a changed person if you look beyond the golden roofs, into the spirituality into the people into the high treeless land. Yet what changed me most was a multiple days talk with a young tibetan monk about buddhism, about tibet, about politics about Tibets past and its future - and for me in the end one thing was clear - there is no Tibet without China anymore, the occupation has been made permanent and the Tibetans slowly started to realise this and tried to adjust their lives accordingly tried to save their culture nonetheless. But it was also clear that there are still warriors among the Tibetans - those who would want to fight - those who wait for a chance to blow up the next bridge - but these people have been by far far the minority. Back then even the Dalai Lama admitted that the goal for Tibetans should be cultural sovereignty - politically they stand no chance at the sleeping giant dragon.
Now I don´t know exactly what happened but I do actually believe the Chinese media account because that is exactly what I saw when I was there 8 years ago.

Peaceful march in India joined by prayer ceremonies in Lhasa - organised by the Dalai Lama. Extreme World Wide Media attention - those who still want to fight stir up trouble, poor Tibetans living in Lhasa take opertunity to go against some Han-Chinese controlled shops - sleeping dragon awakes, sees no difference between the friendly protestors, monks and the raving mob - especially since the main monestaries involved are right inside Lhasas Tibetan district - kills them all (and I truly believe the 300 dead number floated around is understimating the real toll of what happened). More restrictions in Lhasa (which have always been there but where not enforced heavily btw) complete news blackout, closing of monestaries (making them pure tourist attractions in return) and the only dream left for the Tibetans - to save their culture, religion and spirituality - might be lost forever.

Who to blame? Western media arrogance in thinking they are helping by giving the protests such a huge feedback without talking about the dangers of a Tibetan uprising that stands no chance and therefore giving the violent groups of both sides a good reason to exploit the peacefull presentation of their original goals. And yes I do not only blame mainstream media but also some mainstream blogs like boingboing who should have known better then just spread a meme.


rP 1.8: Freeden

iChat Image(Ldr).jpegLandläufig wird von angrillen gesprochen, wir machen ein Podcast unter freiem Himmel, weil die liebe Sonne uns den Support für die nötige Hippiattitüde liefert, um das unsäglich wichtige Thema FRIEDEN aus unserer Ecke zu beleuchten. Dabei versuchen wir verständlich zu sein. Was soll man mit Lösungsvorschlägen die man nicht Versteht? Ja, wir driften etwas ab und nein wir haben keine Angst vor künstlicher Intelligenz. Musikalischer Weise gibt es ein Bastai Feature und Podcast 09 von DUB.COM.
Friede sei mit euch!
fALk & mogreens

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OTEC News - News about Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)
Are OTEC energy islands the answer to our energy needs?
Electronrun Blog
EUROSOLAR - Start europäische vereinigung für erneuerbare energi e.V
worldcouncil for renewable energy
Amaranth to feed the world?

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world greenbuilding council
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Tell TV Manufacturers: Take Back My TV

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Thema: Freeden, Frieden, Peace

Imagine Peace Yoko Ono
Weltfrieden - Wikipedia
Democratic peace theory
Political realism
"Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman
AI fertig zum Turing Test


Musik: Kraftfuttermischwerk feat. Bastai am Wolkenberg


Flash Gamez: Pianolina Ambiente Pianoklimpermaschine
Guitar Hero auf C64


So: 15.3. MissHecker Akkustikkonzert


rP 1.7: Selbstfabrikation und free Products

Karl Marx stand vor einem unlösbarem Problem, aber schon ca. 70 Jahre später sieht es so aus als ginge das. Dem Stephan seine links waren durcheinander was dazu führte das mittelschlechte Recherche mit Konfusion zusammenkam, dennoch profimässig durchs Programm gehangelt mit Replikatoren Schnaps getrunken und ein Kreativspendeausweis für Motorradfahrer entdeckt. Jede Menge free Zeug und wieder ein Eimer Beton in unser Freeculturefundament gekippt, welcher exakt einer Woche Zeit hat auszuhärten. Mucke Funk, Dub und ein verstecktes HiHopSoulOsterei.

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Musik Heute: Jambasa
Musik Heute: Saregama

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Solio in Afrika
Windlit: Solar Kleine Solarlampen die aussehen wie glühwürmche
Solar and Wind ‘Blätter’
LEDs werden noch effizienter und endlich auch tagessweiss
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Mod Snakes

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California Institute of Earth and Ceramic Architecture
free living so ein wenig wie earthship nur noch mehr diy
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..http://www.zeit.de/2006/38/C-Personal-Fabricator?page=all">Zeit Über Replikatoren

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Sa: 15.3. Boogie 3000 im Washhaus mit e-gruppe video
Fr: 14.3. Watergate CYNOSURE label night
Sa: 15.3. Centrum Club Berlin mit Harry Axt
Harry Axt
Sa: 15.3. Club 103 Fuck Hugos mit MHM ONE aus Kopenhagen



The End of the (traditional) Cellphone

Oh god another "the end of" article from fALk you might think... Well here is the deal and I have not seen this elsewhere yet but I think I stand on good ground. Apples iPhone SDK yesterday allows the development of applications that do Voice over IP - just not over the cellular network. You know what this means? Apple is slowly transitioning people away from the cellphone bussiness into the (free) wifi world by giving allowing Voice over IP wherever possible - also to other iPhone users. Now imagine the iPhone has about the success that the iPod has and all of the sudden you have every second person in the non third world running around with a device that - when within reach of a wifi spot - can call each other (with all the great things that chat programs do - like see peoples statuses etc) - for free. Now we all know free wifi is spotty at the moment and I am not saying this will change this right on the spot - but imagine now instead of wifi - wimax with a much bigger reach and say FON hotspots with wimax and you get the picture that in the not so distant future there might be no need for a cellphone network anymore - at least in rural areas this is already happening (wifi at home, wifi at work, wifi in the coffee shop). Heck I even bet that apple will see a HUGE demand for the iPod touch with the 2.0 firmware because people can now CALL on the freaking thing (if it would have a microphone).
This is an industry moving change that will cost the carriers a lot of customers in the near future (I predict a similar move that happened from landline to cellphone to happen from cellphone to wiPhone(tm) or with all the gaming capibilities maybe even the wiiPhone ;).

Apple says "Flash Video is Performance Killer"

OMG. Its so relieving that I am not the only person on the planet who thinks that flash video is the most stupid invention since - well - proprietary internet plug ins in general. Apples Steve Jobs said in its press conference yesterday:

" the technology doesn't meet his company's performance standards for video."

That is great to hear and I can fully agree with that. I can not see why a codec(1) in a container format(2) in an interactive container(3) in a plug in(4) in a browser(5) on an operating system(6) is any good idea (thats 6 levels of abstraction! six levels of security problems, six levels of performance problems and that with something that is already the second most performance hungry technology for consumers). And it seems that Apple agrees on the point - now the only thing Apple needs to do is to bring Quicktime into the 21st century - because after all - quicktime still sucks (so not as bad anymore as it used to) when it comes to creating inbrowser motion webpages that have custom controls. But at least apple is going the javascript route with their integration and therefore the open standards route - as they do with open MPG4 containers (that can be played by anything not just quicktime). It feels very good that I am in good company with my thoughts on flash video and that I have made right choices in the past for the future :)


Enter the Holographic century

There have been hundreds of devices out in the last 100 years that all attempt to bring true 3d visuals to the masses. Now I tripped over the Cheoptics360 and I think this could be the real deal. While the website and the net in general is spare on details on how it actually works it surely looks like a R2D2 style hologramic projection is what this machine does - but watch the videos (and remember the videos you see are 2d so the 3d effect is not sooo visible - yet you can make out the floating object in front of the all the backgrounds which is a good indicator that this is actually working and quietly enough (read: no rotating mirrors) to be installed in an airport lounge. And large enough to eventually give us almost immersive environments... I still suspect this to be the old mirror trick but since its visible from 360 degrees this can´t be. Expect to see you live size game characters appear holographic in your living room in the next 15 years until then enjoy the video... or visit the developers vizoo website.

Good Bye USofA

Its been a long time since I have been doing poitical blogging because - well - I reached a point where I think it all ain´t matter and time is against politics in general. The whole world political arena is so virtual and artificial that at one point it will not be regarded as real anymore and not have any impact on humans. Only a real movement a real change that grabs the world at large could turn this around. I thought that Mr. Obama - so I do not like his policies at all - could have brought in that breeze of change into world politics that could have changed the way we look at the system and adjust it to a world that is living in a complete different century then most politicians. But that is no more because - once again the tide has turned and the fear card has been played, the race card, the last minute accusation card and that gave Hillary Clinton the strategic advantage as the candidate of the past and McCain as the candidate of the past past. Now its clear how this will play out as it has been done before. The rising star will fall (the big media loves this more then any policy assessment) - that is Mr Obama - the comeback "kid" of the past will rise and win the nomination for the democrats but then has nothing to run on in the general election against McCain and what does america get? Another four to eight years of the same Bush policies across the board - military presence in Iraq for 1000 years (to quote Mr. McCain) and further dependence on fossil fuels (because that would need a change candidate to overcome) further plummeting economy - you know just more of the same - until the USofA are out of the picture globally - and that will only take four years. And while we are at it - with a McCain presidency comes war with Iran - guaranteed. Isn´t it lovely prospects? And you know what? This time I blame the WHOLE of the american nation with all its citizens for it - because they had the chance to make change happen twice now and failed miserably to get against their last century totalitarian establishment. They will share the faith with the other totalitarian states of the past.


Kraftwerks 15 minute Autobahn Trip

I didn´t know that Kraftwerk commissioned a 15 minute psychadelic trip video for their Autobahn song made by Roger Mainwood. Sporting a green artificial lifeform and a lot of the techniques of Fischinger & Co... lovely monday watch.


R.I.P. Old Media...

Call me obsessive but I believed all along that the internet has the chance to not only dethrone old media across the line but also kill it into a status of "fan ware" - like 8mm films or Betamax tapes. That is ALL old media as we used to know it merely 10 years ago in its full health - TV, dead tree publications, linear over the air radio. Well we have officially started to reach stage one - the dethroning. With 48% of americans - a study says - say there primary source for news is the web trailed by TVs 38%. Satisfaction with journalism has increased with the use of the net (who would have thought) and 67% say traditional journalism is out of touch. Feel that slight breeze of cold air coming through the room? Its Mr. Deaths breath to come after big old media.
I am surprised how fast its all happening. Fasten your seatbelt as society will brace for some turbulence adjusting to a new world order.


rP 1.6: Sonne Umsonst

Vielleicht DER Baustein für unser FreeCulture Fundament ist die Energie. Da wir von einer gebildeten free-Themenbejaenden Hörerschaft ausgehen, kann unser Tiefflug über gute und böse Energiequellen keine neuen weltbewegenden (Energiequellen) Erkenntnisse generieren. ABER wir haben nun mal ein Batzen Links die voll Fetzen mit unseren Ohrenumschmeichelnden Sprachorganen betrachtet, lockerflockig wird palavert ohne dabei auf scheene Musik zu verzichten, diesmal von den ParisDj´s Podcast und Selecta Deli. Ausgehtipps im viervierteltakt aus dem hohen Norden für CentralGermany und doppelhiphop in und auf Deutsch.

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Musik Heute:

Musik Heute: Paris DJs
Ivan Tchjevesky
Musik Heute: Paris DJs
Deli Reggae Mixtape

Free Culture News

Freecycle.org: Ich hab was was ich nicht mehr brauche wenn dus abholst bekommst dus für umsonst
Wired: Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business
Cool Tool: AeroGarden
Reinvented Objects. 1994 - 2006
bamboo bike project
Solar Flashlight: Kaufe 1ne gebe 1ne
Madagaskar Rind: Microcredit meets sustainability meets
Solar Laptop Tasche nun aus komplett recycletem Material

Hauptthema: Freie Energie

Danish wind turbine eats itself
Bicycle Generator
Solar Energy auf Wikipedia
World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Coming to Arizona in 2011
Solarzellen drucken
Commercializing Solar Power with Molten Salt
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Akrobatik - 2007 Sports Rap-Up
How We Became Posthuman - Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics
Bow Street Runner
Love - Quelsolaar


Sa. 8.3.: Club 103 Mos Ferry Night
Sa. 8.3.: Maria Am Ufer Wires and Elektrodes
Sa. 8.3.: Klartext und FDW im Lindenpark
6.3.: Pulp Mansion HipHop Open Mic