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The Flin Flon Adventures: Day 15-20 Silverton/NewDenver/Sandon

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Bit of city life got into the way and fatigue of selecting and post processing photos and I want to have fun doing it so I hope you still there looking cause there are is some crazy stuff coming up :) Three more entries to go hopefully in less then a week it should finish it all up.

So just to recap we just left Revelstoke and went on the ferry to that island towards New Denver/Silverton where we arrived at our final destination - a house from a guy called bryce that I havenīt meet yet but the house is totally beautiful inside out here is one view of it :)


Brian introduced me to Jeremy a phenomenal artist - audio and paintings - we had a jam session with him and went on some walks and stuff. On the first walk on the shore of the lake on an old railroad track we tried to find the old mines that are scattered everywhere around this region. Didnīt quite make it to the mines but lots of stuff in the forest telling stories of the past when this area was alive and buzzing with people digging up silver. Like this steelpress thing - no way to move that from where it is ever ;)




Not so pleasant but realtiy - clear cuts. Why canīt humans leave the bit of untouched nature alone.


Jeremy and his daughter on the lake. Truly amazing alive nice people.


The forest up.


Green getting greener by the day :) Lush dreamy forest.


Forest. Yes lots of trees everywhere.


Panoramic lake. This lake is just stunning meditative clear nice relaxing - you gonna see more of it here sorry.



Then we went to a place called Sandon. Sandon is a ghost town. Formerly housing 15.000 people now there are maybe 30 people living there. Look at this video to see Sandon in its former glory. The silver mine that made that place big is back up and working. The town used to have a walkway on top of the creek. One day a flood came and destroyed half the town who depended on that walkway the rest burned down in two successive fires. Not much left now but you can see a bit of its former glory. Still spooky place - we didnīt see any people while we were there.


Trying to finally see a mine we made a small walk but the amount of snow made us turn back soon. It did snow the night before you can see the snowfall line in the trees.


Back in Sandon there was a steam locomotive - there is no traintrack going into this town and that adds to the mystery why that vehicle is there.



The few houses (10 maybe max) that are there are great looking.


Oh and I didnīt see a sidewalk but donīt spit on it alright!


No this is not a mistake. Explaination further down.


The only shop in town - but there were two museums (closed for the season).


You seen the detail above. There are about 25 electric busses in town coming from winnipeg. Like with the steam locomotive its a bit of a mystery why they are there (nice too look at but strange in that place). The story goes that there is a guy in town who has two woman and acts like he is the mayor of the town (but not official) and he brings in these old vehicles. Why and what he is going to do with them and stuff nobody knows.


The reopened Silver mine - run by one guy. It produces silver and goes almost 40km into the mountain :O


Going back to New Denver you come across these lodge houses - adorable.


New Denver mainstreet - buzzing with life.


The lake again - no ripples totally smooth.


And back to the house.



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realy nice pictures my friend. take care no grizzly can haz hunger for you.

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