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New IBM PowerPCs to be dual core!

Through an interview with the Power5 chip designer Pratap Pattnaik by arstechnica it becomes clear that IBMs next PowerPC for the AppleDesktops will be dual core.

Nonetheless, he was very explicit about on one thing: a single-core POWER5 derivative for the workstation market will not happen, because single-core for any market but laptops is pointless from here on out. The entire industry is going dual-core across all market segments, so there is no possibility that POWER5 will be stripped of one core in order to be sold as workstation chip. Any workstation-oriented derivative of POWER5 would be dual-core from the get-go.

That is the closest you will get to get insight on whats going on at IBM right now. So we can expect to see prototypes of dual core G6s this time next year.


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