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HELLO !.. Vwb Evymrjvqibdunb

unknown.gifSpam these days - my filters work very good and it seems to get less in general judging my junkbox filled with only 15 mails over the last week - an all time low. At times so some spam filters through that is absolutely bizarre and I can not understand why someone is wasting time sending it in the first place. The best one since ages (right next to the one without content, subject or sender) is the one with the subject you see in the title. Apparently it comes from "dqjfwjzikgjffiaz@singapore.net". Now the only content it contained is the picture you see on the left. I did not alter it to any degree it came as you see it. Now someone tell me please what purpose this serves - that the sender is expecting me to go into photoshop and un-skew a unsolicited email? All I can read is that its "new!" and only $3.00. Anyway cryptologists of the future will have fun de-scrambling this nonsense in 50 years trying to see the deeper message within.


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