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Israel you are behaving like Hitler

André Nouschi - himself a jew and combatant of the Free French Forces in WWII and a historian wrote the following letter to Israel Ambassador to France. Since my own words would be too cynical in face of the human suffering that is happening in Palestine I post his letter instead as it reflects the what I have been thinking pretty perfectly.

Tuesday the 13th, January 2009

Mr Ambassador,

For you it's shabat, it should be a day of peace but it's one of war. For me, and for a few years already, colonisation and the theft of Palestinian land by Israel is exasperating. I'm therefore writing to you as a French citizen, as a Jew and as someone who worked for the agreement between the Univerity of Nice and that of Haiffa ...

It is not possible anymore to remain silent with respect to the Israeli policy of assassination and imperialist expansionism. You are behaving exactly like Hitler behaved in Europe with Austria and Czechoslovakia.

You are in contempt of UN resolutions like he of those the SDN and you are assassinating women and children; do not invoke terrorism, the Intifada. This is a direct result of ILLEGAL and ILLEGITIMATE colonisation. IT IS THEFT. You are behaving like land thieves and you are turning your back to the rules of jewish morality.

Shame on you! Shame on Israel! You are digging your grave without realizing it. Because you are condamned to live with Palestinians and the Arab states. If you're lacking this political ingenuity, then you are unfit to be in politics and your leaders should retire. A country that assassinates Rabin and glorifies his assassin is a country without moral and without honor.

May the heavens and your God kill Sharon the assassin. You were defeated in Lebanon in 2006. You will be defeated again, I hope, and you will send to their death many young Israelis because you did not have the courage for peace.

How can jews, who have suffered so much, imitate their hitlerian tormentor? As far as I'm concerned, since 1975, colonisation brings back old memories, those of hitlerism. I cannot tell the difference between your leaders and those of Nazi Germany!

Personally, I will fight you with all I can just like I did between 1938 and 1945, until the justice of man destroys hitlerism which is at the heart of your country. Shame on Israel. I hope your God will launch against its leaders the vengeance they deserve. I am ashamed as a jew, as a WW2 veteran, for you. May your God curse you until the end of times! I hope you will be punished.


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i agree with mr. nouschi's prediction that this megalomanic war will lead to more hate against israel in the future but comparing israel to the nazi regime is the biggest bullshit a "self-hating-jew" can babble. it's already enough that the so-called wordlwide "peace-movement" keeps doing this revisionist and blind comparison. i can't take it anymore.

Well he is referring to the putting people in a Ghetto and then shooting them - championed by Hitler in the Ghettos of Poland. I tend to agree that what is going on in the biggest prison on earth that is Gaza is pretty similar. I refrained from posting the video of the interview with a human rights, peace activist and doctor from Ghaza who works in Israel on Israeli Television in which two of his children are killed in the background - he completely breaks down. The Israeli answer "They shot at us" - so no gunfire can be heard prior to the big blast that killed his children brother and brothers children right there when he was on the phone trying to mediate as a peace activist. The Israeli News commentator breaks out in tears and leaves the studio (all live on Israeli television so no propaganda bullshit can be claimed). That is just one of hundreds of other incidents that clearly show one thing: Israel is intimidating and shooting civilians at random because they are of different race - pretty much what Hitler did in Poland - I canīt see much difference in that respect - sure there are no concentration camps with gas chambers yet and not millions of people being forced to work for Israel (so one could argue that this is also already happening by keeping the population so poor that they do everything for some money - basically providing a very cheap labour force to Israel). There are more evil aspects to Hitler then just the Jew Ghettos of Poland but its the one Mr. Nouschi is refering to and in my opinion there is not much difference. I mean on a lot of videos you see Israel is spraying phosphor over a highly populated areas - there are people who have burn wounds that go right through the flesh. Donīt know it does surely bring memories from german history classes to mind. And I fully understand Mr. Noushi who - at 84 - has seen these first hand comparing the two.

there is no question that israel has gone too far in their defense strategy against the hamas terror. it is important to investigate on the human rights violations of the israeli army. but it can never be compared to the nazi terror at all. mr. nouschi - being a jew himself - probably wanted to provoke with his statement, but i find it very difficult that you agree with his comparison. but hey, this form of subliminal antisemitism is quite popular in germany at the moment - you're not the only one. comparisons of others to the nazis relieve our own feeling of guilt about the shoah...

i agree particulary with the opinion of mr. nouschi. i think israel should accept the souvereignity of palastine at all and the arab countries should do it in the same way. but both of them they never done it since the enforcement of the british politics in the early 20th century establishing a jewish country. so it isnīt only in the hands of one of the participants. overriding there will be a problem of religious acceptance. it isnīt a secret that the arabian countries donīt accept the existence of any israelite state or gouvernment and so the jewish take the right of self defence cause israel is a souvereign country but what the hell those conflicts must effect thousands of death civilians and innocent people?! i donīt mind that israel excactly acting like the third reich. nevermind. thatīs polemically cause there is no historic comparison to the nazi imperialism cos israel NEVER want to strike down the whole world or any human being because of their roots. i will understand the impulse of mr. nouschis statement but on the other hand i think itīs needless and serving only for polarization.

my two cents... Amen

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