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Good Bye United States of America

I have waited for writing this article until now. I wanted to give the american population a chance to tell the world how smart they are. How good their democratic system works and show the world a new path to the future.
Since yesterday one thing is clear: The american public has utterly failed to provide me with any reason to think that they have a clue about life. A clue about democracy is even further away. I was over in South Dakota in 1994 for a year going to highschool. Myself coming from east germany it was there that I got tought to be conspicious even of democratic goverments. It was there where I was forced to read 1984, The Crucible, and Huxley Brave New World. Those three books have changed my life. They are given a great insight of what happened in the past and an even greater insight of what could happen in the future if we do put attention to the people in power. It totally escapes me that the American Puplic who is likely forced to read the same books in school totally ignores their message (which is neither hidden nor hard to understand) and yet goes the way of all three books together. A brave new world with a one true religion (the soma drug) that is called christianity. A world of 1984 with a patriot act and a patriot act II in the pipe. And a world where people get taken away their freedom because of race and believe. Things that remind me of the witch hunts and seems even worse then the other witch hunt of america that took place during the cold war. 100.000 Iraqies dead. Thousands of muslims in American prison without a charge and thousands of "djhad fighters" in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and dozens of unknown dark wholes outside of the reach of media the public and "what once was a democratic system".
And yet the american public at large goes the same way. They do not question anything. There is noone asking why the exit polls in Florida and other electronic voting countries where over 5% in favor of Kerry and then turned almost 2% in favor of Bush. They do not care that there is no "paper" trail and that the companies making the voting machines are supporting the Republican Party with large money funds. They do not care that in the whole world there is not a single computer system that is not in some way hackable. They do not ask why the manufacturing makers do not open up their software for the world to look at it and confirm that its as safest as you could and that there are no ways to alter the data. No they all unify behind their true president for the next four years and what happens is out of interest.
What they all do not understand is that for the rest of the world it matters more then for themself. Not because anyone wants america and its population wiped of the map, but we want to govern ourself. We do not like if other come in unasked and mash up a whole country like overcooked potatoes. The Iraqi people mostly did not welcome the american, why that if they suffered so much under Mr. Hussein? Maybe if time would have allowed they would have gotten rid of him themself as most succesfull transformation in local societies have proofed. Or do you think that if the americans would have invaded east germany to "liberate" us from the east things would look the same today? (not that all is perfekt, but it could have gone worse).
The next four years will get worse. There is no vanilla sky to look forward. The world will see how the once great democracy of the US will turn into a corporate led bastion of religous freaks with total control over them self and less and less control on any happenings in the world. We will see travel restriction of american people that rival those that we had in east germany (only an elite will be able to visit certain countries, it will be controlled through money likely). And we will see a total closure of American boarders (for fear of terrorism). Only those who go conform with the American view on things will be let in. Anyone who ever said something against the US will be barred from entering or will be under 24 hour supervision when inside the US. Internet and free media will get under "patriotic" censorship. If you say something unpatriotic you will get lynched. The seeds for all this have been planted in the last four years and now Mr. Bush and his hawks will bring home the fruits.
The american public had a last chance to show the world that they are different. They had a chance to correct their path and the direction the world takes. The american people had a chance to give peace and love a chance. They have utterly failed. There is now growing sentiment inside me to dislike not only bush but the stupid white anglo christian american population at large. The consumerism has taken over any feelings that a human could have. No american seems to care that there are hundert thousand of iraqies dead AFTER they are "liberated by the americans". Thats 50 times as many humans as americans died in the World Trade Center. Is their life worth less then that of a fat white american lawyer inside the World Trade Center? What does the stupid american population think their soldiers are still doing in this country? Secure their oil because their über halliburtian corporations do not want to give new forms of energy a chance?
Maybe I would fully understand the choice of the American Population if their personal life would have benefited at all from the last four years. Please someone correct me if it has (for the large population not for the rich minority) but from my perspective it looks like the americans had to give up lots of rights and are criminalized if they do not follow the capitalistic ideas of corporations. Free thinkers are tinted red. Free software is called dead to democracy (when they mean democracy they mean corporate sponsored kapitalism) and if you want to listen to your favorite music and do not have the dough to pay for it they put you into prison. They are allowed to tap anyones phone and put you into jail without trial for years under the charge of the mighty blurry term "terrorism". Health care is worse then ever with some elders going to canada to get their (soma) pills. Some people work more then black slaves and earn barely enough to survive and to lots of americans their whole life is controlled by their job. Private life is no more.
So in the end it seems no wonder that the population of this big country is turning to a God or a believe, which is totally ok to me. Spirituality is an important factor in live. The problem is that the same people do not see that their believe is used against other humans, against other cultures. They do not seem to comprehend that other also need spirituality and a "god" or higher power to turn to and that it actually does not matter which god or believe will strengthen their mind in this world that has us dispatched from our genetic past. Do you think a president with lots of power who has a divine spirituality would give the order to kill 100.000 Iraqies to free them from a "tyrannic ruler" who has killed less then that? Do you think that the Bible is talking about killing a whole nation or culture? Do you think it helps your own spirit when someone is out there in YOUR name to kill others?
We will see how the future develops. The American Population at large has spoken – against a free world where love and peace rule – for a world of fear and hate. Everything that comes now is a direct result of the action of the american people two days ago and I will hold them accountable for everything that happens to human kind in the next four years. It is your nation that you are so proud of your president that you have chosen. Four more years of death and devastation, bombs and state controlled terrorism. Hate will always generate more hate. The people who fight for their freedom – labeled as terrorsists from your president – will fight even harder and will get more. They will take their fight around the world. American people try not to look to stupid when terrorism is getting a boast from this. Its the hate generates more hate thing that keeps the downward spiral moving infinitely. If hate is what you want you will get this hate back tenfold and then then dear population of the United States of America do not believe that a lot of people will be on your side anymore, they will laugh at your "democratic values" and look for a different way of running ones live. I laugh at you already and I truly think the majority of the american population is as stupid as all clichés say. Nonthinking, tv junky couch potatoes with their soul eaten by plastik kapitalistik values.
America has shown its true face. Its time that the rest of the world shows their.


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