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Free Press In Iraq? Yeah right....

The guardian is reporting on a story that was just briefly coming up during the incident. One of last helicopter shut downs in Falluja, Iraq was also the scene of some wild shooting of a camera team that fled with their car from the bulltets. Even a day after that incident some conservative media in the US claimed insurgents (partisans) have opened fire to the investigating soldiers. Reuters said it was a camera team of them and that was made clear today when Reuters filed a complain to the Pentagon and the US Armee for harrassing their reporters and treating them shamefull. They put a shoe in the mouth of one after he had to strip down naked. His crime? Trying a balanced coverage of the incident for one of the largest independent press centers: Reuters. The Armee is defending this by saying "the soldiers are mostly always right in their judgement". Great to feel that we have a free press in a free world that can cover whatever they want.


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