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Former Treasury Secretar O`Neill has spoken and the world listens with awe - red pill ahead!

What all of us conspiracy theorist knew forever: The bush administration planned the war on Iraq even before the 9/11 happened. Its hardly news, it was natural for the son to go after the fathers failure and the rivals score a big point against him (again, someone should do a points against bush tracker).
What indeed is newsworthy is that the info and comes a former high ranking intern of the administration. Of course former Treasury Secretar O`Neill will be discredited by the bush media in all ways possible and his comment style does much to discredit him on its own, the new thing is that it was picked up throughout the world as absolutely noteworthy the google links are overflowing and most of the stories I skimmed through leave a very sour taste for Mr. Bush. I have to put down some quotes by O`Neill from his CBS-TV appearance presenting his book "The Price of Loyalty."

As a conspiracy theorist, still thinking the current US administration had a lot of reasons for 9/11 to happen (I did not say they ordered it to happen, I would say they didn´t want to prevent it) the following quote is a dream:

O`Neill commenting on a discussion in the white house about a possible Iraq war before 9/11: "It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it.The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this."'

I repeat: The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this."

or he refers to the president in a cabinet meeting as: a blind man in a roomful of deaf people

The good thing is that Mr. a little to eccentric O`Neill has a well know publisher Mr. Suskind who saw it forthecoming that the administration will backfire right away and has put tons of amunition into the book. It seems the claims of O`Neill are well founded with memos, briefing materials and plans, good ol journalism getting back? Lovely. One of the memos has the title ‘Plan for post-Saddam Iraq’ dated well before 9/11. Ah yes you still no conspiracy theorist yet?


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This is but what so many Americans have thought all along. Before the second tower in nyc fell, I was telling my partner that Bush would find someway to link this to Iraq. It was supposed to have been a joke then. The lives of near 500 Americans show that it was a poor joke indeed and that Bush has played a cruel joke on us all. For an administration that claims such high moral standards, the lies and decpetions are proof of a morally bankrupt leader and republican party.
What kind of morality allows over 40 million people to go without health care, that robs children of education, that is willing to close schools, close fire stations and police stations, that takes mooney out of the pockets of the vast majority of people to appease the ultra rich. The answer is clear. Tha same that has lead the US into a phoney war for a still mysterious, and likely nefarious, reasons.

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