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Ice Cream or Chicken Nugget?

chicken-mcnug.jpegThis is what a chicken (mc or king) nugget looks like before its put into pure gluten and deep fried in trans fat.


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hey fALK, do you have some resources on that? Can't believe they make ice cream out of chicken! Knowing the probably best soft ice maker in potsdam, I'm a big fan of (milky) soft ice.

No you got that wrong sorry for my confusing headline - it only looks like icecream - it is actually chicken (or better yet its the stuff from chicken that they canīt sell at the supermarket and hence whirl up until all the bones are crushed and the strings and bone marrow are forming this paste). This "paste" is then made into ChickenMcNuggets. This photo is from a McDonald factory. There is a technical name for this kind of extremely low quality meat - they do the same thing with hamburgers and sausages - I lost the wikipedia link.

So you've used Wikipedia as a "reliable" source!? Yikes!

wikipedia is a reliable source believe it or not because if you look at the bottom there is a works cited page

so if you don't believe the information on the wiki page just scroll down to where they cited the information and go from there

encyclopedia dramatica is best :D

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