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Attack on Iran in the next days?

Its seldom that I link to a blog called "The American Conservative" but the headline and the text made me worry and if a large conservative blog is writing the following you would think this is something not of a "conspiracy theory" right? If the person writing the blog post - Phil Giraldi - is a former CIA man you get more worried:

There is considerable speculation and buzz in Washington today suggesting that the National Security Council has agreed in principle to proceed with plans to attack an Iranian al-Qods-run camp that is believed to be training Iraqi militants.

The US demanded that Iran admit that it has been interfering in Iraq and also commit itself to taking steps to end the support of various militant groups.

The perceived Iranian intransigence coupled with the Lebanese situation convinced the White House that some sort of unambiguous signal has to be sent to the Iranian leadership, presumably in the form of cruise missiles.

The President will still have to give the order to launch after all preparations are made.

I leave it standing as it is. There are no other sources that I could find that write about this and I remain skeptical that the US would do such a foolish thing at this point in time but you never know with that insane government over there which has its back against the wall (financial crisis, oil at all time high, president has worst rating then ever, all local elections recently have gone squarely to the democrats). Hillary Clinton and John McCain both fully support a war in Iran with their vote for the Kyl-Lieberman bill that makes the al-Qod forces a "terrorist organization" and authorizes the president to go into combat against Iran.


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