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My Computer Class 1987 Kleinmachnow East Germany

my_computerclass_1987.jpgI know this might be amusing to some so as a sunday laugh I post a photo I just found while cleaning up. It shows part of the Mr. Aschbrenners Computer class anno 1987 in deep red socialistic Kleinmachnow / East Germany. Its me sitting in the middle on a kick ass KC85/II sporting 8 KiloByte RAM, a NO SMALL CAPS rubber round keyboard, a whopping "HD ready" 320x256 pixel screen, a "save me 10 times and you have one functioning copy" cassette recorder and an operating system called CAOS (Cassette Aided Operating System) with lovely BASIC. When I remember correctly this photo appeared in some kind of newspaper at the time. I actually programmed an animation on this thing back then even so there was no direct graphic access - I hacked around it by creating a custom font set and then cycling through the typefaces... ah the old times...


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Mr. Aschbrenners computer class. The good old days...

And for all those who don't know it anymore: the KC 85/II is under the table and needed kind of cartriges to run BASIC or RAM. But the cassette recorder was a real cassette recorder and the monitor was a russian (?) tv box called Junost.

A few months ago I saw one KC 85 in a second hand shop in Potsdam and had a flashback too ;)

Hihi. Süß schaust Du da aus. Aber erkennen tut man Dich sofort.

Boom. Mit dem etwas kleineren Jungen hinter dir habe ich jahrelang Handball zusammen gespielt, nur der Name fällt mir nicht mehr ein. Das ist ja krass!

Dear Mr. Aschbrenner's pupil,
I am an English teacher living and working in Japan. I am currently writing a textbook about the eighties for my students. I want to have ten units in the book with each unit having one photo for a fluency exercise. If possible, I would like to use the photo above for my 1987 unit.
Please allow me to use your photo.
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin
Shimosakunobe 1998-7

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