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Guestblogging @kraftfuttermischwerk

From tomorrow until sunday I have the honor to do a guestblogging session at the great german language blog Das Kraftfuttermischwerk. There will be something very cool happening which I am not very inclined to disclose just yet - only that it will be visual so even the english speaking crowd can head over. I will update this post with links to the articles. Thanks ronny for the opertunity.

The fellow guest bloggers crew on Twitter:

and yours truly

the twitter hashtag for whole guestblogging session will be: #kfmwnv

Here are the links - its on ongoing list so check here until sunday:

Die DDR Keller-Sammel-Serie: Intro
Die DDR Keller-Sammel-Serie: Möbel Informationsblätter
Die DDR Keller-Sammel-Serie: Heimat – Das GRW
Die DDR Keller-Sammel-Serie: Die Fernsehturm Brochure
Die DDR Keller-Sammel-Serie: Final Destination MOW


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