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Revolution in the Digital Rights Management Age - Code v.2

One of the lone wolfs fighting for a free open digital culture - next to Linus Torwald - is Lawrence Lessig. He is one of the idea founders behind Creative commons and most free copy rights management ideas that we are seeing today are based on his book Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace from 1999. Now he is doing an update to this book as we are in the next century and he does this by - very 21st century style - opening up a wiki and let everyone interested in copyrights of the digital age take part in writing the book. The whole wiki is published under - of course - a special Creative Common Wiki License (beta) and all money he makes from selling the book will go to the Creative Commons Foundation. Sounds all good and I hope he makes again a big impact on revolutionizing the current copyright system.
I would like to point out that most artistic work comming out of the Prototypen - like the music from Klartext or all of our blogs or my code releases - are under some form of Creative Common or GPL licenses and the spirit is share alike and mention us. I ultimately think that this is the only way to a free culture with a free art and knowledge exchange. We want to move forward and not go back to the middle ages were all information and creativity was controlled by one entity. Back then it was the church today its the corporations (and to some part the corporate puppet governments).


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