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Vote for - ähmmm MY VISUALS?!!! :)

homepage_vjvote.jpgI have been shortlisted on the DJMag Top20 annual VJ Poll . I have never been on any official list or anything and I had a rough year vjing wise. I only want people to vote for me who really honestly like my visuals - not me myself as a person not because I played for big named DJs or in high quality clubs and settings - I only want to be in this official list if my visuals in themself are liked by people - so if you have seen stuff I did or were impressed by an articel or interview by what I said about my visuals then please write a mail to vjscan@djmag.com and tell them that you liked my visuals. You can include up to 5 VJs in that list to be counted.
See this website for more details:


PS: The page says that you have to have 5 names in your email to be a valid contribution. So while you are at it vote for some 4 others.... if you don´t know any more then drop me a line I can help you with that.... ;)


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