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Live Cinema Book - Open For Questions

I am currently writing a book on Live Cinema fusing all that I have learned by VJing over the last 11 years enhancing my three year old theory and trying to actually define a new media and art form. I am looking specifically to theories of storytelling, engaging audiences, keeping them interested all the while enhancing the general atmosphere and not loosing the spontaneity that VJing brings with it and tell a message.

At this point it is a very personal look at how I think Live Cinema would work. In an efford to make it easy to grasp and make the appeal broader I want to get a sense of what is actually needed to understand the medium. If enough questions that have not been answered in the main part of the book arrive I will add a Q&A section to specifically answer them.

Questions can range from the mundane to the specific - it can come from a musicians perspective or a vjs perspective or the audience perspective or an actors perspective - whatever your background please don´t hesitate to ask - the more questions the better.

You can either leave a comment here or send a mail to falk(at)prototypen.com

So if you have any kind of thoughts about the artform in your head that have not yet been answered please fire away - I would be very happy to incorporate and answer them.


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i am working on a digital narrative project with the bbc over the summer, just starting with "ontological approaches for modelling narrative" papers and suchlike. early days, but should have a big area of my live cinema understanding worked through in the coming months.

whats the timeframe for your book?

hey toby - I want to be done writing by beginning of May. Layout etc. end of May so its ready for AViT - äh VisualBerlin Festival ;)

I am trying to redefine it a bit so be warned ;) We can have chat about it if you like.

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