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The One Dollar Camera Stabilizer

Sometimes you come across pure geniouses and if its almost free as well its even better. In the video after the link you can see how to build an ultra portable super lightweight and totally awesome camera stabilizer for photo and partially video for less then a dollar/euro or whatever. If you are making photos or video you should have one of those in your pocket at all times.



Trailers from Hell

trailersfromhell.pngA lovely site done with a bit too much flash. It shows you trailers from famous culty horrorflicks of the past underlayed with a very informed comment from different people coming from film.


Legos 50th birthday

LEGO is something great and I would like to wish it happy birthday and digg out the Command Lego Interface I did some aons ago, enjoy.

Fingerprint Type

fingerprinttype.jpgFound on ffffound.com. For Ministers of the Interiors only!

Machine Learns to understand 3d in 2d photos

A Standford University project taught some software how to understand the 3d information in one 2d photo and reconstruct the 3d structures to be used by tributary human beings. You can interact with the picture-understanding-overloard through a website interface where you can send it your most personal photos to understand and make a not so exact replica of the bikini wonder you have seen on the beach. Or you can replicate that air castle that you would soo love to live in for your Second Life Avatar - so he might have to squeeze through some pixels and morph into a 2.5d being at times where the hyperintelligent software just thought there must be 2d elements in the real 3d world otherwise the strange arrangement of pixels can not be explained.

Multitasking makes you slower and age faster

kirn-horses.jpgThere is a lot of buzz out on the tubes the last days about how Mutlitasking is affecting you and your brain. Multitasking is everything 2 thing that you do at ones - listening to music while reading a book, beeing on the phone while eating and driving. I am about the worst multitasker in the world - I just can´t do two things at ones it drives me nuts - I need to be completely concentrated on one thing to get anything done - a reason why I seldom answer the phone and my chat messages are left unanswered for days. I thought I am wierd but modern science comes to my rescue and says its absolutely normal because task switching - so the thing to go from one activity to the next - takes a huge amount of brain resources and with it a huge amount of time. Not only hinders multitasking in every person the amount of things they can accomplish but also what can be remembered of what was done (a hugely important thing if ever programmed anything and tried to look at your code afterwards). On top of it makes you age much faster and very likely makes you sick over the long term.

Mythos Multitasking (german)
The Autumn of the Multitaskers (very funny and good written self reflection with scientific facts interwoven)

Even worse, certain studies find that multitasking boosts the level of stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline and wears down our systems through biochemical friction, prematurely aging us. In the short term, the confusion, fatigue, and chaos merely hamper our ability to focus and analyze, but in the long term, they may cause it to atrophy.


If you like Skateboarding and things blowing up

You might like the following video. Very convincing. I am quite stunned and am not quite sure how it was done.

I would say some of it is actually real (the guy jumping over the electrical box f.e.) some are clearly fake (the last big fire boom) and the rest is a mixture between Styrofoam small scale explosion, dust explosion and cgi. Its great and epic and has this "we blow up your city with vibes" message. Its great.


rP 1.2: Ab morgen gibt es Freibier

Teure Ausgehtipps für umsonst und billiger, ein tief freies Hauptthema das erst später verraten wird und dazu fast unkommentierte Forschungsclicks - alles in 50 Minuten und ganz ohne Geld. Musik mit Prodigical Sun, Triplexity und La Goutte au Nez.

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Links des podcast im Enhanced Teil des MPG4 ausserdem im Lyrics Teil und hier:

Musik:La Goutte au Nez - Ouverture facile
Triplexity - Between Light And Shadow
Fr: Weekend mit Will Soul
Fr: 40Fiyah feat. Ephraim Juda in der Kulturfabrik
Fr: Tigerlilies NuTempo in Pdm. mit resom ultraviolet lenajazzt Theaterkantine
Fr: Spartakus Pdm. Wer hören will muss fühlen
Sa: ArenaClub Krause Duo mit MC
Sa: Fate Club DJ Kontest mit Seagle
Sa: End of the Week Freestyle Finale im Cassiopeia
Sa: Affenclub AntiCops
So: Kaleidoscope im B-Flat
Austellung: Berliner Linie und Japan
Musik: The Return of the Prodigal Sun: Black Night
Wikipedia: Geld
PC Mag über das Ende von DRM
Just For The Love Of It


Blogs are a Two way Medium

Sorry_Babe.jpgI once had a friend who advocated a free society, a bottom up approach to living and pushing digital technology so that these ideas could strive and feed a free society. A discussion on one of his articles on one of his blogs did garner a lot of attention and spawned lots of unregulated discussion, a fruitful discussion among what one would think are part time intellectuals or generally people who have a belief - something that is not found very often in this society of blind followers. Sadly the aforementioned person did not fully understand that he was using a two way medium that does spawn those discussions and only if it does it has a chance to live up to its full potential as a new medium that breaks free with traditional push only media. I am sad to see this blindness taking hold instead of trying to find a technical solution he switched back to the push-publishing dark-ages killing the quite violent but also fruitful discussion in its tracks, since his is no blog anymore by definition but rather a static internet dark age website it also disappears from my blog roll - I am deeply disappointed not only at his standpoint in the discussion (again this is is debatable and everyone is entitled to his standpoint as long as it is his own and everyone has supporting arguments which in this discussion every side had more or less good ones) but much much more to his control approach toward his blog readers. Yes a discussion like this is scary and sure I would have understood if this was getting into a huge flame war - but it wasn´t. Every side - emotionally charged - presented their case with lots of good questions to the other side and most of the time things stayed pretty much on topic (so the topic was wider then the blog entry imposed). There was simply no need to cut off the discussion nor was there a need to cut of all comments on the blog.

Will the Web Replace TV? - /. asks

A recent entry on slashdot has grabbed my attention - its asking if the Web will replace TV in the very near future. Providing some links to articles in mainstream media about "TV on the Net". I briefly been flying over the articles and the mainstream media still seems to think that "TV on the Net" has to be like "TV on TV" - which I wholeheartly disagree with. Joost, Hulubulu are not going to garner enough attention to make them the new internet "killer app" - youTube is because its unregulated commercial free (the videos are) user submitted content - nobody needs filters in the days of the internet - any kind of filter you put in between the audience and the publisher will cost you viewers, market share and cause your media publishing company an early death or a life on the net fringes.
Generally it can be observed that the theme is grabbing a lot of attention.

Give the net more bandwidth (for individual users too) and a proper streaming protocol (and multicast) and TV begone.


Wiimote, SciFiGloves = Minority-Report-Style (without Scientology) interface?

The WiiMote has struck again. This time with a Minority Report Style "no touch" touchscreen interface. This technology will not stop to amaze us this year. My prediction: WiFit is next.

InternetExploder 8 -> We have THREE non standard complient modes now

Microsoft seems to be on the path to figuring out how to scare away the last two content developers they still have left. Instead of going the IE7 route of a standard compliant and a quirks mode they add a standard compliant quirks mode that has to be enabled on all websites and only then it renders the ACID test as reported earlier (or any standard compliant site as it should). Not only was it already not so pleasant to learn and understand how to make IE7 render pages that IE6 would not but not use IE6 hacks to do so in a way that didn´t really work in the first place -
no - Microsoft "invents" another totally new metatag and expects everyone to go over their pages and include it. Really what the freak are they smoking? Break the fucking backwards compatibility and finally make everyone just abandon IE6 - its a freaking dead horse that was born in the internet dark ages - and don´t pull along the stupid non working code - I am totally utterly sick of it. I hope this will further alienate developers from IE to the point where IE has MUCH less market share then the other browsers that are actually standard compliant from the get go and don´t need no freaking quirks mode to operate properly. The metatag is designed to be able to destinct .0x releases of all browser so that designers can create pages for every .0x release of every fucking browser out there or what?

Read more about the "new" metatag at A List Apart


OpenID the ultimative Intro Video (Google TechTalk)

If you do not know what OpenID - its the new Internet Identity system. The possibilities are endless but there are also pitfalls (phishing, spam etc) Simon Willison (the guy in the video) explains them all with possible solutions.

Google Video: The Implications of OpenID

Tradtional Media is still clueless

I just read a german study about media use in the "future" (PDF! warning). Its done by the "Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung" (Society for Innovate Marketing Research) and boy are they a clueless bunch of wannabees.

take the following statement:

Vor allem das Internet wird hier eine entscheidende Rolle spielen und die etablierten (Massen- )Medien vor große Herausforderungen stellen. Die Nutzungsdichte innerhalb der nachwachsenden Generationen zeigt, dass sich das Internet zukünftig als ein neuer „Big Player“ im Konzert der wichtigsten Medien einreihen wird.

(It translates along the lines of "The internet will be playing an important part in the future and will pose a threat to established media.)

Well let me break it to you the internet IS a major player in the content market. Traditional media has been delagated to place 2, 3 and 4 in the target group of 14-19 year olds already and traditional media is already a dying species. We are in 2008 not in 2005 anymore. I can go on with more quotes out of this redicioulus paper that go along the same line - basically the people who wrote it (one studied politics the other socio-economy) should look for a different job because they are writing about a media as if it where at a standstill the last three years, but the media itself is living in the future constantly. The study reads like someone has not got that the whole "web2.0" thing is already a bursting bubble that was so much hype and from the beginning a mere marketing scheme for things already in place since internet 1.0.

one more quote:
Medien müssen sich daher zum einen als Plattformen verstehen, die den Nutzern bei Bedarf die Möglichkeit einer aktiven Mitgestaltung in der Auswahl der Inhalte bzw. des Programmflows bietet.

(Media must see itself as a platform that gives their users - if required - the possibility of an active co-designing of the content selection or the programm flow)

LOL... People ARE CREATING THEIR OWN MEDIA. If TV stations rush to the net now and give the user the possibility - if required - of co-designing their content selection or program flow - all TV stations will die an even faster death then they will eventually do anyway. People grab stuff from everywhere there is no brand loyalty anymore - its only the content that counts and that will be more and more created by the people who watch it them self. No wonder with these kind of studies that the traditional media is so far behind in their thinking. And just creating a "community" will backfire shorter or later because everyone is building "artificial" communities - at one point there are so many online communities as there are websites and then NONE of these communities will provide any value to anyone because people will just spend their time on their own community - which is rooted in real life.

The fragmentation of media is already taking its toll - the only ones who take a toll is the traditional media. Just ask your kid from next block how much tv he/she/it watches, how much its is on the interweb and how much of the time it watches tv its also on the intertube at the same time (having the tv as an ambient noise generator) and how much of this tv watching is really about 1 or 2 shows that would also easely be watched on the iTubes as soon as this is a viable option and how much less tv its gonna watch then and that it won´t care where the content is coming from in the first place and the trillions of places it could come from and the nonexisting filter and the paradise and the user generated content that draws them away from one place. ANALYST DUDES: The future is much more complex then just extrapolating media habits of yesterday to tommorrow - look around you stop reading the net and interview your "target" group. The future for big media is bleak, its scattered already all across the floor - we are aiming at a free media culture and you aint be able to do shit about it just speeding it up with "predictions" like this. (they are even getting paid -by big media - to do this - hilarious). Oh and read "settop boxes" in there somewhere - now let see if anyone ever makes a settop box that actually sells (appleTV I am looking at you) - because if not then its clear that the TV as the central hub of media is also loosing its status symbol and maybe even "the big screen" as well. It will only be there for immersive games and the rest is done on the portable screen (or the contact lenses). "onDemand" - is two words that already lost there meaning - on the interwebs ALL content is on demand or it does not exist.

The paper ends with the following statement:

Angesichts des hohen Stellenwerts von Fernsehen und Radio werden diese beiden Medien mit Sicherheit auch in der kommenden Dekaden eine herausragende Bedeutung besitzen. Daneben wird sich in Zukunft immer stärker das Internet etablieren.

(In the light of the high significance of TV and radio those two medias will with certainty have an outstanding importance in the coming decades . In the future the internet will establish itself alongside.

bold predictions guys n gals... now isn´t the internet already an established media - or did I miss something the last 10 years? and how much importance is certainty in the coming freaking DECADES?

I could go on and dissect every single sentence in this "buzzword complient" "ANALysis" but I leave the exercise for the dear reader if they dare....

Contact Lenses as Screens - a first step in the lab

6552_web.jpg6553_web.jpg Again one of those "wow yeah" moments by just seeing the picture. After all these ultra ugly "screens inside sunglasses" product coming out in the last week its refreshing that technology still holds the potential of actually making itself hidden in the long run. The University of Washington has developed a process to print small circuitry on an flexible eye safe material. The mother-eye-board can also emit light.
Good great god - imagine having a ultra small spy cam that can see in the dark (or two for stereo vision) and you just wearing these contact lenses. The only give away would be that your eyes would glow eery blueish from the OLEDs - you might need to wear sunglasses after all for not being accidently shot by people who think you are alien.
The press release forgets to mention how the things are powered (inductive power right on your head can´t be that healthy) or how a filmfeed could be fed to them but I am sure we see this down the road - the potential (also for - military - so big funding I guess) are overwhelmingly cool.
Have a small scale spy fly hovering over you and provide you with a fly view of your surrounding area, quickly search for a missing item while sitting on your desk... ah endless possibilities...

read more here: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-01/uow-clw011708.php


rP 1.1(the real 1.0): setting the parameter for experimetal future administration to get the bad spirit out of the impossible objekt

.... Wegen Krankheit einen Tag zu spät ....

Sechs Leute in digitalem Audio limbo 1.0 geben gute Ausgehtips die fast zu spät sind und besser als gedachte Links für Super 700 diesmal alles am Anfang. Ab 30 gibts viel zum Thema AVIT - der nichtvorhandenen unmöglichen VJ Konferenz die dann zum dritten Mal in Paris unter dem Label visionR stattfindet und so gar nicht klassisch ist. Dazu im Interview spark* der bereits die letzen Paris AVITs besucht hat. Das Telefonschwein aka fRED erzählt uns noch etwas über experimentale zukünfige Visual Berlin Parameter die zusammen mit Pure Data !S.A.D! aus Italien am 31. Januar über Berlin hereinfallen. Alles mit den bösen Geister vertreibenden Beats von Kraftfuttermischwerk vs. Das Internet und Einspielnoten von Mahazz, Wevie Stonder und dem Stephan am Bass.

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Links des podcast im Enhanced Teil des MPG4 ausserdem im Lyrics Teil und hier:

Basti aka Seagle
toby spark*
Hintergrundmusik: Netaudio Mixtape von Kraftfuttermischwerk
Sissy Haberland in der FabriketagenWG
Arena Club: Dapayk LIVE
Eva Padberg
Watergate: samim: live! [get physical]
Sternburg Rot
Ruth Fischer
mahaz anna in da dub
Mouse Party
Autobomben Spielzeug
Just For the Love of It . ORG
VisionR and AVIT Paris
AVIT in Rom
Visual Berlin: Wir haben Gäste: C::ntr::l Nature !S.A.D.!
Rauchen Verboten
wevie stonder


MW08: The UltraConservative SteveNote

Keynote over and I think I was pretty spot on with the MBNano - äh Air. 1,6 Ghz, No Tablet, 5 hours battery life, no FunkStrom - sadly - otherwise "thinnest" notebook on the market - great - pricey - not great. Its geared toward executives, those that actually show off with their macs, those who need a mac to work on will choose one of the other two options.
Only "surprise" was that the trackpad is now "multitouch" which it of course already is - its just a software hack as the trackpad on all MacBooks already recognize a second finger. So I see this coming - at least via a hack - also to the other Books in the line - and I think its sweet but ultraconservative of Apple to go down that route - but this is how they are nowadays. I still hope that the developers catch on and put multitouch gestures in their apps.

AppleTV I was right - no mouse, no new iApp.
What I found great about todays keynote:

A company admitting they made a mistake (Apple TV 1.0) and saying exactly how they combat that mistake - it was very well presented and made sense.

Movie Rentals - ja we want to rent movies and ja you are in the ballpark pricewise - in the upper ballpark but you know you wouldn´t be apple if you wouldn´t. Signing all Major Hollywood studios must have cost some sweat. I say its a success on their hand - finally no forgetting of bringing back a DVD (poor DVD rental places). Of course there needs to be IndyMovies somewhere for a bit cheaper as SOON as possible because your early adopters are more the people renting Indy Movies then the Hollycrap.

what i didn´t like:

A overpriced basestation with a harddrive inside - not even a freaking raid 1.

Conservative Apple goes the save route - don´t want another cube do we?
I am not sure if the MacBookNano will sell its one of those products in between that noone really cares for - only Higherups with lots of dough would love this - but seriously 1.6Ghz in 2008? I don´t like it and I also don´t like the form somehow...

Generally -> Yawn.. but lots of dough coming towards Apple in 2008 anyways.

Corrupt Politicians 2.0 - we are openly admitting that we bribe the democratic party

When I read the following passage on BoingBoing I was about to puke all over the lappy. How much more open do you need the bad guys to be to see that what they are doing is not in the interest of the people anymore and what people in political parties are doing is also not in the interest of the people anymore - no matter what "color" they paint their party logo with.

Weinstein says that if Democrats maintain control of Congress and gain the White House, he'll flex whatever political muscle he has acquired by being a major donor to achieve one thing: "Tougher, more stringent piracy laws." Does he see any use for P2P systems? "No."

Read it slowly again and again because what the head of an organization that is funded by Hollywood studios is saying is that they have bribed the democratic party enough at this point that they will likely push for harder "anti piracy meassures" once they have full control over the Washington powerstructures. Its full on transparent bribery and nobody is saying anything about it? Don´t think the same company hasn´t given tons of money to the republicans as well - just in case they win the election you know - better save then sorry.

MW08: SteveNote Predictions

Well I can not help myself but to give out my predictions for the Steve Keynote this year. Its a very difficult matter to judge whats behind the black cloth covering the ads in the expo buildings in San Francisco today. What is almost certain is that there will be a new line of portables coming out of Cupertino. The question is just how portable it will be. The wild predictions on the net make it this über slim multitouch capable tablet book with flash harddrive, BlueRay, Wireless USB and Wireless Power and an antigravitation device (hence the name AirBook or MacBookAir), I think judging from apples past 3 keynote that everyone might be hugely dissapointed when the ultra slim MacBook with 1,6Ghz Wireless Power and no DVD drive, no multitouch and non tablet with alumnium foam casing (hence air?) will be released. It will probably be ultra sexy, ultra expensive (for its speed), have xxx amount of battery hours and can play HD film on its "backlit on demand" screen - but no multitouch no tablet. Wireless Power via an induction pad might come but I highly doubt it (yet I could see this coming as a marketing gimmik "look this comp doesn´t need any cables" - kinda thing - you know you gonna read in all those nontech newspapers "Apple has done it again and released a cable less computer as a worlds first" along those lines). But why the f*$k don´t I think multitouch is coming? Its developers stupid. To make the multitouch truly usefull and therefore a computer with it truly usefull the whole User Interface Experience must be though over. Coverflow in the Finder is something that is definitely going in this direction but not much else. If Apple brings out just one computer in its offerings with multitouch there is almost no incentive for software developers to make use of such a novel idea - hence Apple would have to supply all apps that take advantage of this themself for the time beeing - that would not incite people to buy the machine (the anti theory to this is that this computer is for developers to make such apps but I doubt it) - multitouch comes across the line or not at all. That would mean if the MacBookAir or whatever it will be called has multitouch then we also see an iMac with Multitouch and an Apple Cinema Display with multitouch, because the pros would love multitouch more then anyone else (see my earlier posting about the autodesk lab). I highly doubt that the technology is at that point yet - but hey would I love it :)

So if the new Book is a tablet then across the line updates (iMac with Mutlitouch and CinemaDisplays with multitouch).

Will the Book be Dockable? Its a very Apple like intriguing idea, BUT with the docking concept that was floating around you "through away" 13 inch of viewable display area and you would have to pay for much thicker screen that does nothing without the book - while nice idea I don´t see that coming, except if the screen in itself is an imac and the adding of the book gives the iMac more power and you can somehow flip open and use the screen of the Book in addition to the one in iMac - even then its a small small market and would be hugely costly in R&D - seeing the ultra conservative road apple takes after the cube massacre I don´t see it coming.

What else will we eventualysee? Maybe a sneak peek at the New OS 10.6? That would be lovely but I think Apples OS developers are on a break after the horrendous busy 2007 - I think we will see that at WWDC in Juli. AppleTV update? Very likely or they will forget about this idea and slowly phase it out - I vote for an update here with specs similar to the current offering but a build in blueray player (or maybe even recorder) and some extension capabilities (like playing other video codecs (unlikely) and generic browsing (with a innovative interface). Generally I think Apple is seeing the TV as the centerpiece of entertainment as NOT the strategy to move forward (but what do I know).

A new mouse similar dissapointing to all Apple mouse over the past 9 years but with wireless power.

A new iApp that manages all your media needs and adds automatic metadata in an iFriendly manner.
A 3G iPhone - given Apples traditional product update cycle one is in the cards - but who knows. Maybe with wireless power but its unlikely as this would piss off people in Europe and with the piss off lecture they already had with the iPhone price drop they rather not go down that route again and just delay the announcement until spring time.

iPhone Nano (Air or whatever they call small scale devices these days) is a likely possibility if they manage to cram the interface on half the screen and make it still usable - half the price half the storage - but I think the keyboard functionality would go out the window and that might be the show stopper for such a device.

So quite generally I see not much coming other then an ultra thin but otherwise pretty conservative MacBookNano (and if they called it Air I will still call it nano because its unlikely as light as air ;) everything else is a complete wildcard today - but be prepared to be underwhelmed with the new conservative Apple.


Interview with Rick Falkvinge Head of the Swedish Pirate Party

Just read a very great interview by the head of the Pirate Party in Sweden. Its a must read for the copyleft fighters out there. It highlights the current status quo of the copy battle.

In summary, secrecy, fear and deception is the administration's friend in introducing the Big Brother state. What we can do about it is counteract that - which is as simple, and hard, as talking about it. Being vigilant about finding out new bills, new proposals, and talking about them with our friends, our colleagues, and in forums. Break the secrecy and tear down the veil. After all, politicians desire to get re-elected.

One of my predictions for 2008 is that this epic battle will head into a very violent final.


Radio Prototypen 1.0g: Our topic was kidnapped by a rock'n'roll band

Wenn die Rockband die Themen kidnapped und auch noch live das Microphone dann kommen Gammastrahlen ins Halbwissen und alles geht schief. Immerhin haben wir Fragmente gefunden von Vorwahlen, Rauchverbot, Jugendkriminalität und Gruppendynamic auf Parties aber das ist alles so durcheinander das alle sicher auf die guten Links für 80-120 und die wochenendverfeinernden Ausgehtipps für 250 warten und diese dann auch bekommen. Damits spannend bleibt gibts ein Novum am Ende - Interview vom Mars - ähm nein Affenclubphotoausstellung - alles mit Untermusikbemalung von Peeni-Walli, 8bit Musik von Jahtari und feinste Belize Country Musik von Jerry Jeff Walker. Auf die ... Rockband mit unseren gekidnappten Themen gibts einen Kopfgeld - wer sie findet meldet sich.

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Links des podcast im Enhanced Teil des MPG4 ausserdem im Lyrics Teil und hier:

Hintergrundmusik: Peeni Walli
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Rauchfreies MFE: D&B
Goa im Fate Club mit Faufi und dem Würfler
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Affenclub: Big Eddie und der Hühnerdieb
Big Eddie und der Hühnerdieb
Affenclub Photoausstellung von Herzig Riesen

Autodesk Applications to integrate WiiMote and Multitouch?

I just had a very inspiring email exchange with Scott Sheppard from the deep underground laboratories of Autodesk Inc. - makers of two major 3D applications (Maya - Max), all major CAD Applications (AutoCad, Studio) and some much more professional application in the design and visual fx market. I stumbled across a post on the Autodesk Labs_ Blog concerning the use of the WiiMote to be used as an input device for their applications. I asked him about the possibility of making the headtracking I posted yesterday available inside Maya (and on OSX). Never expected a reply but I eventually got one. Basically he is saying that they see the WiiMote as a big step forward for a cheap revolution of interfaces and that he actively discussed this with the person responsible for MultiTouch in the lab. They come to conclusion to integrate something like this it would need an interface inside Maya that is not there yet. I kind of disagree as it probably possible to integrate this with Python - but sadly my Python skills lack "a bit" to make a proof of concept.

Anyway what was important is that a major software developer (I would say they rank in the top 10 if not even the top 5 software developing companies in the world) is understanding that the current method of interface input devices need a big overhaul, that they embrace going the "cheap" route instead of developing stupid proprietary stuff and that its not only the WiiMote that is of interest but also multitouch (they even had a mutlitouch summit). Now if the headtracking I posted yesterday together with multitouch input doesn´t make for a great input future of computing devices I don´t know what would. Just imagine how "clay like sculpturing" would work here. You move around and closer just by moving your head and use your ten fingers to sculpt the model...

I am greatly exited.

Video of WiiMote controlling Autocad
corresponding blog article
Multitouch and AutoCad Video on Youtube(A must see if you are a designer and can´t envision what wultitouch brings)
We Have the Touch introduction of Multitouch at the Autodesk Lab


Make a true 3D window out of every screen with a WiiMote

Holy Crap. If you thought that your flat screen TV is just flat and that to get into the 3rd dimension you need a new screen that is about 10 years off this video will prove you wrong.
Made with the unbelievable useful WiiMote and the sensor bar or sensor bar "like" safety goggle which have their white "headlight" LEDs replaced by Infrared ones you can make a headtracker. Then you can make your normal screen look like its an actual 3d window by analysis the motion of the head and translate it to you "virtual camera".

How much its only perception that makes you "think" 3d is demonstrated enormously well. Besides using it for games I SO WANT THIS to work in Maya. Moving around an object or getting a closer view by moving your head has to be the second coolest interface since äh - since - multitouch of course ;)


Internet Graffiti: W3C.org spamhacked?

W3Corgspamhack.pngThis starts to become an ongoing series I guess since the space.com hack two weeks ago I come across another major hacked site - this time its much more subtle BUT its also a MUCH bigger fish.
I am talking about the CSS3 specification blog entry on the official W3C.org - that is one of the most important sites on the net that hosts all interweb standard document.
The thing that makes this hack so scary is that it is NOT a standard "defacement" as the space.com hack where everyone just knows what is going on but a subtle "I paste two lines of text and a link inside the normal document". If the guy would have done this in english instead of spanish I would maybe have not noticed it. Its mostly a harmless "poker spam" BUT there is someone out there who can change text on the official W3C.org site - means this person can also change specifications. Every webdesigner, browser programmer and anybody else who wants to make something standard conform on the web visits W3C.org and just a small error on one of the pages can replicate and threaten to kill a lot of man hours of work around the world. I find it pretty serious - lets see how long it takes this story to float to the top.

the link to the affected article is here:


Update: I just got the following reply:

Thanks for the heads up. It appears W3C wasn't hacked, but CSS3.info
was. I've forwarded your message to the CSS3.info guys; if they don't
fix it soon, I'll temporarily suspend them from the Planet feed.



With this kind of attitude Firefox is on the path to failure

I stumbled upon one of the most annoying bugs ever in Firefox and had to wade through a list of comments just to find out that there is no bugfix for Firefox1 and Firefox2 but there might be one coming for FF3 whenever that is released. This is a serious interface bug that makes the use of forms almost unusable as the cursor (caret) just does never appear when you have a certain kind of relative/absolute positioned layout with divs overlapping. For my scenario none of the suggested workarounds work. As said in an earlier post I am not recoding things just to work in certain browsers if the code is valid and verified. What really pisses me off is the arrogance in the Firefox team toward this specific bug - which I see as deep red serious - a bug that has been first reported almost two years ago and has consequently been neglected. Read this comment from a FF developer to see what I mean. If you have people posting over and over that a bug is a BIG problem for A LOT OF PEOPLE the last thing you want to do is piss them off more - especially if your browser has stiff competition and this is a obvious bug that has not been fixed for more then two years and you are not even planning to backport the fix to an earlier version of your browser.

Ryan VanderMeulen 2007-11-06 08:32:43 PST
What about comment #100 is unclear? The fix is on the trunk and relies heavily
on other changes which were made on the trunk as well in order to work.
Backporting it to Fx2 isn't going to happen because it would require way too
much developer energy and be extremely regression prone. Plain and simple, it's
not worth the resources when Fx3 is already nearing its first beta release.

I know you guys aren't happy with the situation, but that's the way it is. The
fix is in what will eventually become Fx3.

In the future, please follow the etiquette guidelines before deciding to spam
bugs with yet another "me too" comment and forcing everybody who's CCed to it
to read your thoughts on the matter. I assure you that most of us on the CC
list really don't want to hear them.

Its is freaking worth the resources as this keeps webdevelopers happy and recommend your browser - this is no small bug and the error is clearly as not seeing it as a serious bug while it is and has been seen by the countless of comment saying how important this is. Pointing me to an etiquette is more insult to the wound. I leave the site as it is and don´t care if it shows up correctly - meanwhile I am not recommending Firefox anymore - use Safari on Windows and Mac or Konquerer on Linux to see a webpage like it is supposed to look like.


Radio Prototypen 0.9b: 2d stereo code

Willkommen im neuen Jahr und einer neuen Ausgabe des Radio Prototypen.

Diesmal mit Geburtstagskind, gefährlichem Islamophobie Halbwissen, HipHop in Deutschland und tiefgründigen Erkenntnissen, Links und schwerwiegend Wissenswertes über das "next big thing" in Sachen Streetart - QRcodes. Ebenfalls wieder nette Links für 60 und ein paar groovige Berlin Ausgehtips fürs Wochenende.

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