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Ahmadinejad toasts the Spiegel

First of all - and you ought to say that in germany if you donīt want to land in prison - I was bombarded with holocaust pictures and information in my youth so much that denying it seems impossible and irresponsible - two opposing regimes made use of the killing of jews for their own propagandistic views and it seems both fooling so many people would seem impossible - so with that out of the way I need to say that for my part I draw a clear line between the victims of nazi germany and the current Israeli government - I also draw a clear line between religious jews and political zionists - I also draw a clear line between the political powerelite in Israel and the young generation that is forced to obey orders from their supriors in their two year military enslavement that guys and girls have to get into when they just turn 18.
Now you might ask what this has to do with the interview that Ahmadinejad and the Spiegel did (and you canīt really tell who interviewed who but more on that later). Most see him as the tyrant of the modern age - comparing him to Hitler and such - and if you are exposed to the western translation of his speeches then this is mighty understandable - sadly most of what has been repeated over and over has not been said this clearly and directly as the western media wants people to believe and the interview with the Spiegel is a proof of that. Rather then an unintelligent maniac he answers the questions that he is given thoughtful he has point in half of them and he defuses lots of his earlier misrepresented statement. His ideas do make sense - I just which he would leave the Holocaust out of the game as this just draws the masses against him (and its slippery ground to argue - but read closely he says that if the holocaust happened - and he has not been exposed to the 10 years of school bombardment german kids get about it - then Europe and especially germany should do something to help the current conflict because they are responsible for it) - because his other statements are clear and that he turns around the interview and the highly acclaimed Spiegel needs to back down and defend its own propaganda is very hilarious. Yes Iran is cooperating with the IAEA - they do not seem to have an A-Bomb yet, Israel is not a member of the IAEA but has multiple atomic bombs - submarines from germany that carry those - and atomic power, the US is also not a member of the IAEA and threatening to use A-Bombs on Iran and developing "small" A-Bombs that have only a small area of influence (10 km eradication of everything and a 100km radius fallout) and yes Palistine has a democratic elected government and the west who supported the democracy is now withdrawing support because a party that is not to their liking is in power. And the cause of the highly educated intelligent first world Palestinians is after a 60 year rule of Israel in the region worse then ever - I personally have never understood why they could not rule this tiny small land where you can go by public bus from north to south in 6 hours together - just like there is consense in South Africa between the white and black and they rule succesfully together a country of diverse heritage. But when an Iranian president makes such remarks - especially when he is in the spotlight of American agression he accused of the worst crimes, he is blackmailed and put on mock trial - yet as he states Iran has NEVER attacked a country and probably never will - they are big enough they have enough resources to support their people. To see the propagandistic Spiegel crumble under their own questions that are basically just asked backward is a relieve to see.
I think a lot of european and western politicians could learn one thing from this guy: Say what you think without being afraid what the others would say about you - thats what makes a true politician and thats whats utterly missing from EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN IN GERMANY EUROPE AND THE US. They are slimeballs going where the wind seems right and where the biggest petro-dollar bill is buried - the truth of their own personal feelings and thinking is forgotten in the glove compartment of their SUVs that drive on Iranian Oil.


Chrystal Cathedral

ST_27_atomic_f.jpgChecking out how the waves that we are are working and why the neutrinos change their state three times a day the Japanese build a research laboratory dubbed the "Chrystal Cathedral". Due to an accident the facility had to shut down after 6000 of the tubes that collect the data crashed under pressure. Now its back to work and will tell us soon the inner secrets of the world unseen. The picture is so impressive that I just need to post it - just imagine standing inside this room.
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the future is total unemployment

Arthur C. Clarke co-author of the book "2001: A Space Odyssey" that came to prominence in the same named beyond cult film had an interview with the author of the aforementioned book "Expanded Cinema" and said something that reflects the feelings from people thinking of a peaceful and better future and its worth sharing I guess just to know some 30 years ago these thoughts have been very active in very prominent thinkers and people. The question is: "Why did they not manifest in todays reality?".

I said "Now it's time to play." The goal of the future is total
unemployment, so we can play. That's why we have to destroy the
present politico-economic system.

prototypen blog upgrade soon

Comments are not working on all prototypen.com blogs at the moment until I am able to buy the new movable type 3.2 hopefully early next week (they only have one single payment system for it which sucks, but its just the only maintainable (with minimum labour efford) multi author multiblog system out there. I looked at others and they all have the one or other weak point which just would make it uncomfortable to use over here - I need minimum maintainance for the blogs - easy to add new blogs and kill old as well as have no limit on authors. And yes the spammers are the source of the problem with about 45.000 spam attacks per day in the last week the unmaintained spam blocker that was in the otherwise fully functioning nice version of movable type that has powered these blogs til this day killed itself taking with it the spam database that it was checking against (with over 100.000 entries). I am still not convinced that this problem has been solved in movable types 3.2 or any other blog system - either its restricting active commenting from unknown sources or allowing the spammers to get through. I really liked the shared blacklist idea as it allowed anyone without registering or stupidly punching in capcha codes to post a comment without thinking on how to do it and still the number of spams getting through vs. the number of spam trying to get through was extremely minimal. I personally do not post on other blogs who tell me to register or go through a plethora of arcane "verifying" steps until my comment is posted and I think others are acting the same. Basically spam has defeated the free spirit of blogs and if you are a conspiracy theorist you could think that this is its intention and its why there are no stronger enforcements against spammers (especially since 90% of the spam on here came from the US) or it could be "other wing" bloggers giving out addresses in retaliation for blog posts that they donīt like or it could be the corrupt "money rules all" system that every single spammers craves for every single cent and disabling a lot of things that brought them money in the first place - whatever it is it sucks and if I ever meet a spammer on the street I put his head in pile of printed out spam until he drowns in it. So I hope it has not caused much inconvenience for people I will tell the world when all is back to normal again.

Teaching the future in addition to history

What seems like a brilliant plan that I have not heard about yet Alvin Toffler suggests in a quote inside the book "Expanded Cinema" (review to follow shortly on the live cinema blog):

"We offer children courses in history; why not also make a course in
'future' a prerequisite for every student? A course in which the
possibilities and probabilities of the future are systematically ex-
plored exactly as we now explore the social system of the Romans
or the rise of the feudal manor?"

Yes of course playing through different scenarios of actions taken now to see theoretically how they would play out in the future therefore inventing and controlling our future would really open up kids mind to the possibilities they have for transforming the future. Its an enlightening thought I would suggest people should be mulling over especially teachers in politics or philosophical classes.