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The 911 Pentagon conspiracy.

A those conspiracy theories donīt stop and the voices questioning the official version of what happened on the day the freedom fries died. Yet a nicely put flashy "documenacy" has been published and shows in short for the last couch potato that something just isnīt right in the official version on the Pentagon attack. The plane is missing and punched an almost perfect round hole through 10 walls. Videos have been put under lock that could show the plane on its flight path towards the pentagon and all eyewitnesses said they heard a rocket and smelled explosives. Well well.... watch it to disbelieve (flash warning!).

The Film-Camera Revolution

Crosspost from LiveCinemaResearchBlog
RedOneCamera.pngRedOneCameraBack.pngLong has it been that indy filmmakers have craved for professional shots just to get DV compression and even more HDV compression over the years while Hobby photographers were outshooting the pros with under 1.000 Euro cameras. Last year panasonic announced the AG-HVX200 to the masses and set out to take over the indy filmmaker market that isnīt falling for the HDV compression hoax Sony and its followers wants to to hype the world with. While competitively priced to the Sony and JVC HDV offerings it sported 4 times the datarate at 4:2:2 (like DigiBetacam the profession broadcast standard) instead of the lousy 4:2:0 of the HDV that shows compression artifacts from ten kilometers away and that virtually kills all post production color correction and keying. On top of declaring war on compression Panasonic also declared war on the tape by including two P2 card slots and an uncompressed firewire out stream - for easy recording to a special firestore (not a normal firewire drive!) harddrive or a computer. It included a MiniDV drive too for recording stand resolution DV video.
Now all this seemed great - expcept for the horribly small and expensive P2 cards and the nondetachable lens (easily circumvented with special filmlens adapters) - the camera has been a huge success throughout the last year.
Now this years NAB was setting out to get boring with no real announcements at all. Yet there comes this company around and trumps a camera that is short of absolutely astonishing - yet a bit more pricey. The RED from the RED Digitial Cinema Camera Company is still in prototype phase but has already a price attached so a market product will follow very soon. First of all it has a CMOS sensor with full 35mm size - think of film depth of field. The sensor is apparently self produced and has no other casing then this camera. Secondly the sensor sports a resolution of 4520X2540. Thats OVER 4K resolution more then traditional 35 mm chemical film can hold. Thirdly it records in RAW format - yes not only is it uncompressed but also sport a higher bit depth for that color correction without limits. It can record up to 120fps in 2k with specific storage option on 60 fps in 4k! On top the camera is completely modular with individual parts to be upgraded individually - like switching out the CMOS censor when a better one comes available. Giving it a new casing that fits your need more (should mount, tripod, underwater skateboard unbreakable) it specifically encourages the community to make mods. Oh and of course it has no tape and sport a HD Raid

Needless to say that THIS is the camera of the future - nothing else can be desired. The price $17.500 for just the body (about a $25k package for a ready to shoot solution). Available for pre-order - no delivery date given yet.

More info at red.com.



Not much to say other then there is a site now that exclusively sells those crash boom bang comic book fonts in high quality. They come in different categories and such so if you ever want to write a comic book this is the place to get the font from - as most free comic book fonts suck badly and quality is mostly below anything usable.


A Title sequence to die for - Thank you for smoking

Rarely do you see nicely executed title sequences these days. Via the eyebeam I stumbled across the Thank you for smoking title - apperently a new hollywood film. The title sequence is so nice that I didnīt even bother to check out the film or the trailer yet. The title sequence is luckily available on its own. It sport an impressive display of about 28 cigarettes packs where the names of the cigarettes are switched out with actor names, director names, etc. Very nice idea and extremely well executed - also the blendovers from one to the next are extremely nice. The typorgraphi blog has taken apart all the titles and lists the font names to each and every one. (except five that seem to be custom made or handwritten).


When Robots become girly again

After Fritz Langs Metropolis there has been a shortage of girly robots it seems. Now that Robots are actually in production all over the world and especially in Japan where all things girly are in fact en vouge it was just a matter of time when the robots get put into a sexy form of some sort and if you are a shiny perfect plastic fetishist you might start to love it even....