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Bermuda Visualisten

BermudaVisualisten.pngOn Saturday the first of October there is a small little event that was initiated by a couple of Berlin VJs (fRED kritian flux and more) as a counter to the highly capitalistic counterproductive for the vj scene "VJ Battle" in the babylon cinema in Berlin on the same day. The counter event called "Bermuda Visualisten" will project in guerilla style on some surfaces across the street from the Babylon building from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. and then the gurillia beamaz will move to the "Zentrale Randlage" which is a small nice club close to the location. Its open mixer all night and you are welcome to bring beamer and gear to make this a nice statement. I will surely be there and be very happy to play with close vj friends again that share my view on a free uncommercial vj art scene ...

I am back home

I am back from Istanbul and after I finished sorting things out over here I will put a lengthy description on our amazing trip back from Istanbul to Berlin through European Turkey, Greece, Italy and Austria.


Vote for - ähmmm MY VISUALS?!!! :)

homepage_vjvote.jpgI have been shortlisted on the DJMag Top20 annual VJ Poll . I have never been on any official list or anything and I had a rough year vjing wise. I only want people to vote for me who really honestly like my visuals - not me myself as a person not because I played for big named DJs or in high quality clubs and settings - I only want to be in this official list if my visuals in themself are liked by people - so if you have seen stuff I did or were impressed by an articel or interview by what I said about my visuals then please write a mail to vjscan@djmag.com and tell them that you liked my visuals. You can include up to 5 VJs in that list to be counted.
See this website for more details:


PS: The page says that you have to have 5 names in your email to be a valid contribution. So while you are at it vote for some 4 others.... if you don´t know any more then drop me a line I can help you with that.... ;)


Going home

20050904_rainbow_01.jpgDue to various problems inside the project Istanbul - personal, financial and project related - we have decided to leave Istanbul for good and head slowly back home. I expect to be back home in about two weeks.
Our route back will lead us from the Black Sea Coast in Turkey back to Greece on a ship to Italy and then all the way north to Berlin. Hope to see friends and family in good health when we are back...