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De:Bug at Nite in Hamburg Click808

I have been booked to VJ at a de:bug party on Saturday February 26th 2005 at one of the best known electronic music clubs of Hamburg - the click808.
Music comes from:
Jay Haze - live (Contextterrior, Tuning Spork, Textone/Berlin)
Sven VT (De:Bug, Contentismissing/Berlin)
Unique (Click)

see you there.

MEL Script Release

The intro of the music video I mentioned yesterday was created with Alias Maya. I had to write two MelScripts that got rather big and are almost full blown plugins. Watch the first 30 seconds of the movie to see them in effect. The first is a "random neon light flicker on". If you ever watched multiple neon tubes switched on you might have noticed that they randomly blink and flicker until they are fully turned on. I figured a little algorithm that quit naturally mimics this effect. This algorithm is then applied to new textures for geometry objects and light brightness for light objects.
The other plug in I call "spatial movie" as it spreads out sequence pictures over some planes (or other geometry) when you move by with your camera it makes the movie sequence come to life. Almost like film works. You see this in the very end of the movie when the 3d part blends over to the real life footage.
All MEL scripts are released under the GNU General Public License and is copyrighted by me 2005. Feel free to use the scripts if you ever need them. Send me the results if you like - that would make me happy. If you enhance the code please follow the spirit of free software and make it available to the public. The release also includes manuals and tutorial projects. The scripts should run in Maya 5 and up. Now enjoy:

fALks MEL script release No.1 (40kb)


Klartext Video Release

Shortly before my vacation I finally finished a very personal nice project. Klartext the band that I VJ with and that prototypen promotes has taped all the concerts and rehearses of last year so I thought to put them together and cut em to de beat. This project got a little bigger then first thought and finally it has become a real "live video" to the life recording at Berlins Columbia Hall of their song "Feedback" complete with a nice little introduction. It portrays us 10 as we are in real life and on stage. It connect with the audience through the text of the song and the very strong pictures but all is real not a single shot in the video was taken for a music video in mind. The video recordings have been made by various people with different experiences at the camera. I had to fight with bad low light and blown out situations. The color version that exists on my harddrive somewhere looks really messy with even some "night shot" picture in between. In the end I decided to go the black and white route and I think it has payed off and looks a lot better this way. The integration with the introduction that has a little story in its own comes also through the use of only black and white with red - the corporate identity color of the band. I am very satisfied with the result. We digitized over 25 DV tapes for the movie and I put my attention to the little details of a full band year. I hope you find as much joy in it as everybody over here does.

KlartextFeedback2004_high.mp4 (30 MB / save as)


As a Rasta, Ethiopia is my destiny.

For all the Reaggy dreadlocks out there - for those who care for the true one rastafari. Rita Marley wife of Bob and mother of three of Bobs children wants to move the remains of the mighty reaggy god to where he always wanted to be - the homeland of all Rastaz - Ethiopia. Depriving the Jamaicans of the vibe of the great grandfather of their music religion they donīt want to let him go to his own choosen destiny. They want to throw Rita out of the country for even proposing this.

"leggo he to whey he feel him destiny".

from the Guardian