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Next Saturday, October 2nd the Kleinmachnow Prototypen collective will open the local Curie Club for the second time. The formerly well known Jazz Club in Kleinmachnow comes to live after 10 year of closure as a place for experimentation, party and fun. There are whicked never again to be seen art and media specials and a good jazzy/groovy/breaky dj lineup. Experimental live visuals by proto.beamaz:fRED&fALk and a drum n`bass wallpaper by Grysue.This is a place of local subculture living and blooming without much constrains and a good place to check out of the anonymity at the big clubs in Berlin.

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How the music biz can live forever, get even richer, and be loved

The title says it all. The register has a great speech from one of its staff members how the record industry is beeing to stupid to see around the next corner. It was presented to a crowd of record industry executives at the "In the City" convention in the UK. It starts:

You're very lucky people. Like the sex industry, you're in a business where demand is guaranteed. A lot of other people wish they had your problems. What a stroke of good fortune!

Its a nice balanced overview of possibilities the record labels could take to move out of the deadlock they have created between the ever ongoing race of technology and the circumvention of – for them helpful – technology. I do not agree with the all points but its a good suggestion overall. The thing missing is how the upcoming unknown unsigned artists might be supported through a tax like system. Generally pay 2 bugs a month and never care about the whole music thing again is something to look into. How those 2 Bugs are then distributed is - for me at least - kinda important. In general MUSIC SHOULD BE FREE. Free to copy listen and share. The idea with a wireless iPOD is really neat and I hope Apple will be in the position one day to ship such a "21st century personal radio transmitter".

China in the News Blog Roll addition

I tend to not update my blog roll often, but since I am kinda fan of big ol China and things over there happen to fast and are kinda complicated I want to add a (german) blog to the roll called "China-in-the-News". To widen awereness of the far east communistic country with so much appeal.

Train you own anti data collector bot

A great little site I happened to wander across today is called "maschinen esses sich selber auf" (machines will eat itself). And its simply such a great idea that I want to help promote the thing. To make it short: You tell a little bot program (a program that works by itself) a website that takes personal data (mostly all do this for profit and to save you adress and later sell it or make you "genuine offers", they all seem to want to have the biggest archive of adresses with the most information about the individuals). That is A LOT OF WEBSITES today. Then the bot (and the other 1000+ bots on the side) visits this website and put in its fake personal data, swamping the database with unusable data streams that to clean takes to much times and renders a whole database totally useless. Well thats the ambiguous plan. Right now the bots are hungry they have not enough websites to eat, because that needs to be fed to them so they do not cause to much traffic running through the pages looking for the "forms" of the big datacenters.
Its a computer against computer war. And I want you to be on the side of the bots against mega databases (and mega corporations behind them). Help them - feed them.

machines will eat itself


How Home Computers Look in the year 2004


Addition: I know its a fake but still thought looks kinda cool :)

Posting and you

A great funny link showed up on a vjcentral thread today. Its a flash animation called "posting and you" and if you write regularly in a forum (such as vjforums) you will have a good laugh. If you never used a forum "omfg thats the big one111!"


CTRL-V a_hacker_story V1.0

ctrlv_09.g4_fturmsignal.gifOn saturday September 11th 2004 protobeamaz:fALk with visual beat support by fRED will showcase "CTRL-V_a_hacker_story". An one hour live mixed VJ short about a young media hacker who brings downtown Berlin to glow.
The next generation short film will be showcased on the 23rd birthday of the Chaos Computer Club onto a live audio set from Sven Dhose and O. van Statten ("Der 3. Raum"). Location is the broken down alien spaceship "C-BASE" @ Rungestrasse 20 Berlin/ Kreuzberg Germany. The short will be injected for maximum blood pressure at around 1:00 am.
Don´t miss out on this great moment in the space time continuum and see how cinema converges with club culture.


Apple Motion the After Effects Killer - part 2 Hands on

After having spend some time with Motion to fully test drive it I have to make some comments.
First of all its a lovely Apple Pro App interface, nice clean and seemingly fast (at first). Like all Apple application that I ever tested its a typical 1.0 release: means its still a late beta and should have been proclaimed as a public beta as such. It crashes left and right its very far from stable (testing on a dual 2 ghz first generation G5 with 1.5 GB Ram and two serial ATA hd and the latest greatest OSX 10.3.5) great features you are getting final cut that would make crashing less painfull are missing (auto save, auto recovery etc.). So much for the first impression. Getting into it is EXTREMLY easy if you ever used Final Cut and even easier when you are an After Effects pro. Things are where you expect them, if they are there. And with simple comps its the fastest motha of all out there to do compositing. I would even go as far as to say with the right kind of footage its realtime. Until you add 4th layer with effect - then the program is not realtime anymore and to my surprise does not allow me to have some kind of prerender (ram preview for the AE diehards) how in hell would I judge the timing if its all jumping over frames sometimes jumping from first to last frame in the timeline. maybe I missed this feature if not without it its almost impossible and reminds me of After Effects 3.1 with RAM preview where you had to render your files. Except that the rendering does run FAST with motion even if not realtime for more complex compositions its fast. Stop the preview before you render because for some odd reason it tries a realtime preview in the background while exporting in the foreground with no way to stop the realtime preview while exporting making the export(render) take 3 times as long.
Recording keyframes does crash the program when you forget to turn off the record button and make some non keyframable action like changing a behavior. Oh and there we are. The end off all keyframing is proclaimed by apple. Indeed the behaviors are easier to use then the javascript counterparts in AfterEffects but they lack some needed functionality in the details in the meantime (how would you put the text animation behavior "type on" to a short rest in between without doubling your text and try to rearrange it?). Converting a behavior to keyframes did not work a single time I tried it. The keyframe window is indeed nice and borrowed from the lovely Shake application. Works very smooth and has some choice of how the interpolation is made (natural, spline, constant, linear). The particles are nice and remind me a lot of sprites in Maya so they lack some more functionality but for all your basic particle needs they are very lovely and realtime (until you hit more then 2000 particles on this machine). The presets give you a good waypoint on what is possible. The effects that Apple gives us to put on the video are quite nice (f.e. primatte RT) but also pretty standard. A nice addition I personally thought is the classic slit scan and slit tunnel :) The typographic tool is very good and has a very very welcome realtime font preview (move through your font list and see the fonts applied in realtime!) also some good ways to alter paragraphs and fonts and use livetype fonts (which I never use until someone tells me how to roll my own).
Well this is about it. Yes I told you about the whole programm. Where does this leave us. With a very neat little application and when I say neat and litte I mean it. Its a good addition to a toolbox but its very far from replacing AfterEffects. It lacks multi composition treatment in one project. It even lacks any time manipulation of the clips (no you can not freeze frame a clip without going to an external programm!) The plugins are kinda sparse and it feels pretty uncompleted all over the place. The good thing is that if Apple decides to update it often it has much potential upward so I would wait until 3.0 to put it into a professional production pipeline without room for experimentation.

PS: I kinda see a VJ application in there everytime I got the chance to play with it. The realtime manipulation of fxs is way smoother then anything else on the market (until it gets kinda complex that is)

The 2008 Swimming in China

A little look into the future of Olympics (since we start to forget about the last ones with our short attention span of modern day communication) lets us see the new stadium to be build for the swimming part. As all things modern China its HUGE and its totally cool and ähm modern ;) It seems the architect wants all people inside to feel like the are sitting inside the water themself. Pretty astonishing. Where the holographic video in the 3rd part comes from I really want to know. It must be one of those secret chinese developments.


23 years Chaos Computing

On Saturday September 11th 2004 the Chaos Computer Club will celebrate its 23rd birthday with a huge party. You are all invited to come and listen to the sound of mo-greens, Sven Dhose (live) und O. van Statten (live). As a premier protobeamaz:fALk und fRED will perform the final 1.0 version of "CTRL V - a_hacker_story". Worlds first vj short film performed live at around 1 am.
The pyonen we will transform the CBASE into the freaky spaceship interior that it was meant to be.
See you there:

23 years CCC (the (un)usual suspects)
September 11th 2004 opening 21:00
CBASE • Rungestrasse 20 • Berlin


Nano Materials on the move

What can you say. It seems the nano front is moving forward at last. According to Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends humanity is on the way to take over natures duty and develop new perfect materials with better charcteristics then nature`s counterpart. Ceramics can be made stronger, Nickel can hold tons of information. There is an all universal patent for creating these nanomaterials (so no way you can roll your own solid state lightin that uses less power the fluorescent lighting and last 50 years). The developers think the market (us) will see the first products in a five year timeframe. They expect that the first application (hurray) will be simple plain 10 terrabit memory modules. OH YES PLEASE and make them 10 cents a piece please since they are selfassembling and you just have to watch them grow.


fALk is back

after long absence due to restructuring of my new home and office space that took WAY longer then anyone expected I hereby tell the world: IAMBACK. Stay tuned for a powerfilled fALk in a brand new office fully connected to the world. With a prototypen website restart around the corner and lots of exciting news, products and events.