Story Pitch

From Live Cinema Research

Die initiale Story um die es hier gehen soll führt den Betrachter in die anarchische (ost) Seite vom futuristischen Berlin (siehe Setting). Ping geht ihrem "digitalen" Graffitti Künsten nach und hacked sich in Heruntergekommene Billboards, digitale Plakate und IPTV streams der Stadt um ihre Stories zu verbreiten, Lennett trainiert für die "independent Parkour" Meisterschaften.

- Lennett runs for the Champoinships and while he has this big lead he wants to get through this automatic door. The door closes just when he wants to get through - multiple attempts to get throught the opening and closing door but it seems the door has its own life and doesn´t let him through. Second thing like this happens. He looses so much time that he is not making it to the finish line first - the thing he trained for so hard in the last years and that got him expelled from the corporate city half. In the tight race that follows the incidents he is getting into the finish line just a split second after the first. He is obviously mad.

- Ping is watching him with her artificial recording eye and cracking up about it. Later she puts the "loop" in her hacking installations all over the town.

- He is looking for the "installation artist" because he thinks that this is the one responsible for his miseries in the race.

- After running through town he finds her peacefully hacking a huge billboard on a busy street. He is really mad beats her threatens to throw her off the building.

- She says defends herself jumps of just to land on a window sims (or whatever). He is worried searches for her down on the building - finds her with a sore leg. She says she has nothing to do with it and was just a spectator. He starts believing her - they set out to look for the cause.

- They go into "peters" laboratory - peter fixing her leg with million times worn bandages.

- she introduces the two to each other. len is telling the story to peter.

- peter cracks up - len is mad again.

- ping calms down len - explains to peter that parkour is lens life and that this championship was the most important in his life.

- peter says he helps to look into the story.

- they go to the two places where it all happened.

- while they go pings installation start to show strange anomalies all over town (different ones)

- They get even more confused.