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 +Performance vs. Conceptional Clips
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Performance vs. Conceptional Clips Michael Shore (1984: 98–99) concludes that Music video is recycled styles ... surface without substance ... simulated experience ... information overload ... image and style scavengers ... ambivalence ... decadence ... immediate gratification ... vanity and the moment ... image assaults and outré folks ... the death of content ... anesthetization of violence thorough chic ... adolescent male fantasies ... speed, power, girls and wealth ... album art come to turgid life ... classical storytelling’s motifs ... soft-core pornography ... clichéd imagery ...

Firstly, all video music clips may be considered to be examples of 'spectacle'. Spectacle, as distinct from narrative, has been discussed in a number of different works on film and TV but in different ways. It is relevant to a discussion of the gaze and address, and representations of sexual difference.

Ellis linked 'spectacle' with the psychoanalytic concepts of voyeurism and fetishism which are intrinsically connected to arguments about the gaze of the spectator and address within the film, and where 'spectacle' involves display, fetishistic looking and direct address