Kalkin Revelation: The Story

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Act 0 - Title and Establishing Scene

We are opening the movie with a flight from way above into the divided city of Berlin (in a map/3D style) in the year 2028. One half is very green while the other is white and only has sparse green spots here and there. All the surrounding land is absolutely green with white spots resembling corporate greenhouses here and there (that are huge). We then see the "white" side - its huge clean structures blink up and the text "Bayeonia" comes into view. Scenes of futuristic surveillence cameras/robots, Clean white glassy architecture and people in corporate dress working like robots show up (maybe intercut with robots). We cut back to the top view of the city this time the "Berlin" (so the anarchic) side blinks. The picture freezes gets a little noisier and zooms out to reveal that it is a video shown on a floating screen.

Act 1 - Protagonist Introduction

Ping's point of view

Going further backward with the camera moving away from the beginning poster performance we see Pings arm providing some kind of device that makes the screen float. Camera moving more backward and slightly sideward shows Ping. Looking away from the screen to her right she gets distracted by a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower just in front of her (she is sitting in the gras). She watches it for a couple of seconds as it then flies off into the sky. Ping looks after it until dissapears. With her thumb she is fiddling with a tattooed interface on her arm (stroking it upward downward) we see the butterfly and the flower as it would be seen from Pings point of view on the floating screen. Then she rubs her finger to the left over her arm and we see the last bit of the poster sequence of the beginning. At the end of that "loop" she pushed her thumb down and the butterfly appears. She smiles satisfied, pushes another time on a different part of her arm - her signature appears "PING for a happy world" (or such I have to find a better slogan or a good logo (banksy comes to mind)!!!). She then rubs her thumb (closeup) again and we see the whole sequence play from the part where the anarchic side blinks to the butterfly to her signature. Happy with her work she turns off the screen (again touch her tattooed interface) and gets up.

Az's point of view

Closeup on Azraels Feet with Azraels Shoes which are on some kind of elevation (concrete block or a railing or such) with a blurry street in the background. He slides his finger over the side of the shoes and while he rubs his finger along in one direction the shoe"laces" are tying closer making the shoes fit better. Then he stretches (left right loop) and does other warm ups (decided on location like jumping up and down a little etc etc). Then he practices a jump over a railing or some other obstacle a couple of times. Then runs off into some alleyway.

Big Fish's point of view

We see a swarm of nanobots assembling themself into some kind of iris lookalike structure. The structure slowly zooms out until we see that the nanobots where visible on a floating screen and that the screen is attached to some strange structure that resembles a electron microscope thingy. The outline of Big Fish backlit by the screen comes into view.

His hands fiddle with his nanobot collecting pen which he places on the glowing bit of the tunnel microscope. The pen fills up (visible by a transparent part of the pen that starts glowing more and more).

He then moves over to his experimentation table where an eyball like white substance/object is in a casing. He puts his pen over it and pushes the button with his thumb. Instantly the same kind of iris lookalike structure that we have just seen under the microscope is forming on the eyeball. It starts glowing, closing and opening like a aperture of a photocamera, rotating and then desintegrating somehow eating into the eyball which turns black and starts smoking.

Face of Big Fish -> He looks worried.

Act 2

Ping's point of view

Ping grabs her spray paint belt that lies next to her and gets up. She walks out of the park into the city. Along a couple of streets where at one point we see AZ in the background training. A little further down she briefly talks to someone on the way. She also spots an old MoPic Shoe Poster (from a earlier version of Azraels Shoes that shows some functionality of Azraels Shoes) and she prise off the chip that sits inside the old poster - making it defunct. Then she pulls out a chip of her belt and puts it into the poster in place of the older chip. Instantly her butterfly sighting appears on the posterscreen.

After another street she passes she finally arrives at a spot where she decides it would be a good place to put up the full installation. She wipes off dust and dirt with her hand. Then she pulls out a a roll and a spray can. The roll unfolds into a flowery ornamental mask which she puts on the ground. She takes the spray can and starts painting the wall with some white glittery stuff in a horizontal rectangular longish shape. When the nearly perfect rectangle is done she picks up the mask and spray-paints the right edge with the mask.

She would need to wait shortly for the paint to dry. A good time to pre-roll a spliff.

Once her mural dried she pulls out a chip from her belt pulls off the protection paper and then places it into the round whole of the mask shape on the wall.

Slowly a picture is (half naturally half electronically looking) assembling, showing Pings signature. Then her whole clip that we have seen in the intro sequence is shown on the spray painted motion picture canvas. Just when we are entering the part that shows the anarchic site blinking the signal drops and some strange binary numbers flash onto the screen ('LIFE' in binary code).

Looking puzzled she turns on the interface on her arm "rewinds" the installation with her thumbs. Looking at it again there seems nothing wrong with it.

Happy that she has done her job so well and being in peace with her artistic self she stumbles back through the city which gets into sunset mood.

somewhere she enters an abondened looking building and climbs up the stairs to the roof. up there she smokes the prerolled joint and chills with a nice view over the city.

Az's point of view

Ping is walking through the city and the camera pans down a side-street where Az is training.

He maybe stops and eats something, then he walks to the start line to register, probably showing his name on the register. He places his rucksack in a locker or corner of some sort. There are three other runners. Then the Parkour race starts - a little bit of rivalry between the competitors (a little push-shove fight breaks out between two of them - one tries to trip another).

Big Fish's point of view

Goes to an online communication device. Talks to online associates. Checks e-mail - full of Help Me!s (shows Big Fish's social status as shaman-doctor type). (Network error or similar message on screen as well, perhaps)

Act 3

Ping's point of view

From the viewpoint of the roof top she sees Az and other runners running past in the distance. Then focuses on Az running in the street below and slamming into a door (slapsticky). After a few attempts to run through the door he sees her laughing on the roof briefly. Feeling caught redhanded - even though she is innocent of manipulating the door - she grabs her stuff (perhaps dropping something to give him a lead).

Az - pissed off - takes a different route.

Ping runs off laughing ('oh it was funny'), running down the stairs into an alleyway and turning around to check that he is not following her.

Then she goes to Big Fish's greenhouse and tends his plants. Eats something picked from the plants - tomato. She shows Big Fish the loop of Azrael running into the door (he is not recognisable from the loop) - they both laugh. She makes a new loop of it and on the way home sprays it onto several walls (at least three). Caption next to the loop "Wonders of modern technology" or similar.

She goes into her apartment. Changes the walls (screens) to a relaxed midnight ocean setting and goes to sleep.

Az's point of view

Everyone splits off in different directions (camera runs with Az). There are shots of him jumping over railings and walls (and the camera). Then he goes to the door below Ping. Runs into the door three times. Hits and kicks door - tries to open it. Noticing Ping laughing, he pauses, giving her a furious look. Checks his tracker and takes a new route. A shot of the tracker changing route.

He runs really fast, pushing himself really hard. (Super composition overlay.)

Overtakes two others. Comes to the finish line, where there are a few people cheering him on. Finishing only 2nd he gets a certificate. Other runners are celebrating. He gets his bag and goes off somewhere by the water. makes a fire and cooks some food that he has taken out of his rucksack. Sits down by the fire looking wistful and deflated.

Then he goes in the direction of home, walking past the loop Ping made of him running into the door, he types the signature "Ping" into the tracker. The tracker blinks up with Ping's location. he furiously rips chip off wall. He looks pissed off, and sets off at a run. Finds her house. He knocks on the door.

Big Fish's point of view

He has an eyeball on some apparatus that is connected to a monitor. Drops nano bot liquid onto the eye. The eye shows an image of his face that is half technical. After, the eye ball disintergrates or turns black. He is momentarily perplexed/perturbed then goes to tend plants or seeds.

Then Ping comes in, saying Hi, walks to the greenhouse. Big Fish follows. Gives Ping a baby plant. Ping eats something in the greenhouse, then shows the loop of Az running into the door. They laugh. Ping says goodbye and goes home.

he assembles nano bots through a electron microscope which form dancing patterns, uses magnetic collecting pen. goes back to analysing the dead eye. he then settles down for the evening with a bottle of red wine and possibly a kitsch old film or old book 'self forming life'. Glass of wine, falls asleep, like old people do. Words and letters on page start playing Game of Life.

Has a dream about artificial life - Game of Life, with a face forming.

Book - Christopher G Langton "Computation at the Edge of Chaos"

Takes nano drugs to work through the night. Drinks tea. ???

Act 4

Ping and Az

She gets woken up by a knock on the door and kind of sleepwalks over to the door, opens it. Az pushes in - they have a fight. Somehow her eyes get covered (by t-shirt being pulled) and she freaks out and pulls out a small spray can and sprays it into his face. He immediately falls asleep.

Black out

He wakes up and she is looking at him, maybe having just fed him some sort of cure.

They sit down and converse. Converstation sequence with scripted words on the wall out mouth etc pp.

  • Az: "I lost because of you!"
  • Ping: "Why me?"
  • Az: "You were fucking around with those doors!"

Az gives Ping the chip he pulled from her installation and gives it to Ping. She plugs it into her wall and it shows Az running into the door.

  • Az: "Who if not you?"

The moment she shrugs somethings happens - A binary code rifts through the loop - "IT WAS ME!!!!" (un-readable)

They both look really puzzled.

She has a brainwave and looks through her recording database and finds the place where she recorded the installation from the beginning of the film (butterfly loop) with the code appearing shortly.

Ping pulls out her floating nano-screen and puts in the binary code that is then translated into ASCII characters that spell out "LIFE" and "IT WAS ME!!!!". They look puzzled.

Az proposes to see Big Fish to find out who is sending the messages.

  • Ping: "Big Fish? You know him?"

Az nods.

looking puzzled again.

  • Ping : "OK, good idea!"

nodding, they leave.

Big Fish's point of view

Wakes up

Act 5

Ping, Az and Big Fish

They arrive at Big Fish Laboratory. He looks shocked and surprised to see them together and asks them in. Ping shows him the loops she recorded with the binary code in them. She gives him the chips. They wait for Big Fish to check on the chips. The power cuts out. Big Fish turns on some strange-looking floating nano-lights. Big Fish fiddles with something. The power comes back on. Chips are fried because of the power cut. They look disappointed. Then they decide to go to the sliding door to check it. Whilst they are walking, the street lights flicker around them and signs are changing behind their backs and other electrical abnormalities (which they don't notice). They get to the door and place sensor by it - which strangely opens and closes on its own. Big Fish picks up a signal and with the data collected reassures them and returns to the lab to research it, and contact his hacker friend. Ping and Azrael go off and have a conversation in some shady underground bar. On the way, two or three street sign change to a "Hello! I am here!". One of the two trips over a Kalkin installation but still isn´t recognizing it as such. They go through the city and go to the park and then a hello appears in her eyes.

Other option for an ending.

They all go back to the lab and they call a hacker who says he does not know anything and that he would call them back. Big Fish analyzing the signal they picked up sees the connection extend everywhere on the vast network.

When he comes back to tell them there is no

Az's view- (When Big Fish's checking the data from the door and speaking to the hacker.) They walk to a shady bar. Az and Ping have an unusual drink. Strange coloured cocktails. Register their 'bought' drinks into a computer and leave. Saying goodbye, Az walks to the container ship that he has for a home. A revelation happens on the way.

Big Fish's point of view

The professor nods in amazement. He takes the chips from Ping and inspects them closely.


All go to the bar, Big Fish analyses signal. show the network, calls the hacker guy on webcam. Shows the Hackers shaking his head. The Professor continues analysing the vast network. (shows connection - this is a normal signal, and this is what happens ehre). Whenhe calls the hacker shows Big Fish what a normal signal would look like if it was from the most sophisticated hacker coming from four different links. Also show the ignal from Kalkin somehow resembles brain-wave type activity - a pulsating network. Big Fish shrugs thinking - he can't work it out.

Ping - goes back to the park and has a cigarette. Looking at the stars, Kalkin transforms them into a butterfly she saw the previous day. She rubs eyes, looks again and it is gone. She rewinds and it is there in recording.

Az - could notice a sign??? he could go past a loop of himself running into a loop of himself and the door. There are some people standing around, laughing at it. One starts having a go at Az, Az looks upset, tear rolls down cheek. Kalkin changes the loop in some way. he walks past the butterfly loop and words come up "System overload", "network down" or similar message - tracker out of order.

Ping's point of view

She goes to some open space and relaxes, looking at the stars. Maybe she smokes again. As she watches, some of the stars start turning into the butterfly from earlier. She enjoys it a while (thinking it's maybe a hallucination) but then rewinds her recorder to see it again and the butterflies are still there - she really did see them.

Az's point of view

He is returning home and looks at his tracker but it shows an error message "NETWORK BUSY" or similar.

Big Fish's point of view

The hacker shows him a normal connection to control the door (a single link), and then a hacker's connection to control the door (four or five links), but Big Fish's data shows links from every possible direction, pulsing and moving like a computerised brain-scan.