Kalkin Revelation: Shopping List

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*Plastic for Pings Stencil *Plastic for Pings Stencil
-*call Joern about barrel 
*Pipette for antidote (from Peter) - MONDAY *Pipette for antidote (from Peter) - MONDAY
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*Corn and lamp oil for Az's fire on the docks *Corn and lamp oil for Az's fire on the docks
-*Sliding door - structure and support+*Block to bolt analysing plate to
- +
-*Door sensor & block to bolt analysing plate to+
*Power generator machine *Power generator machine

Current revision

  • Contacts for Ping
  • Blue cloth for blue box
  • alter Wasserkocher / Tauchsieder
  • Eyeball - joke shop / quail's egg from Real
  • Book cover for Big Fish's book
  • cider barrel and bowls (Jörn)
  • Big, double-door size frame with cardboard with blue-box fabric
  • door sensor - card box or better
  • Plastic for Pings Stencil
  • Pipette for antidote (from Peter) - MONDAY
  • Corn and lamp oil for Az's fire on the docks
  • Block to bolt analysing plate to
  • Power generator machine
  • Bottle (needs silver spray and logo?) and umbrella for Az


  • fishing line
  • LEDs and small batteries
  • Lighter - Basti
  • Tea making stuff, battered old mug, etc.
  • Seeds, baby plants (Discovery channel programs)
  • wires for analysis plate
  • Velcro for armstrip
  • Blue and green spray-paint tins - cool-looking - two or three for nanobots
  • Big blue pieces of paper - A0 and A4 - blue spray /paint
  • old-school generator-like device - engine / motor -> Wird nicht gebraucht da im Labor vorhanden
  • Ping's chips
  • small spray tin for sleeping potion
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Latex (paint?)
  • little pots for sprouts
  • laboratory equipment
  • Blue body paint
  • Big Fish's analysing chip - another chip
  • Collecting pen-like thing