Kalkin Revelation: Gadgets

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#[[Hacker]] with webcam, etc #[[Hacker]] with webcam, etc
#'''Pipette for Ping's antidote''' #'''Pipette for Ping's antidote'''
 +#[[Water bottle]] and umbrella for Az on the docks
-silver spray paint for shoes and spraytin 
call Joern about barrel call Joern about barrel
 +'''Pipette for antidote (from Peter) - MONDAY'''

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  1. Azraels Shoes and armstrip
  2. Tattooed interface of Ping
  3. Artificial eyes for Ping
  4. Floating screen for Ping's interface
  5. Stationary Electron Microscope in Big Fish's laboratory
  6. Nanobots as might be viewed in the Electron Microscope, etc
  7. Nanobot collecting pen used by Big Fish
  8. Chips used by Ping to display her graphics
  9. Spray paint belt worn by Ping when she's doing her installations
  10. Door sensor above the sliding doors TO DO
  11. MoPic Shoe Poster advertising a previous model of Azrael's shoes
  12. Electronic paper for the race registrar to use
  13. Rucksack for Az's food and maybe other items
  14. Experimentation table in Big Fish's lab
  15. Communication desk in Big Fish's lab
  16. Greenhouse attached to Big Fish's lab
  17. Certificate for Az's 2nd place
  18. Futuristic looking lighter to light Az's fire (and some corn)
  19. Sprouted seeds, other seeds and baby plants in Big Fish's lab
  20. Artificial life book, bottle of wine, comfortable chair, jar, for Big Fish's evening
  21. Spraycan with sleeping potion - Ping's last line of defence against Az
  22. Tea making stuff for Big Fish
  23. Plate that has wires coming out in all directions for chip analysis
  24. Floating nano-lights to help in the power surge
  25. Old school generator of some sort for Big Fish's backup power
  26. Sliding door, strong enough to withstand a beating...
  27. Sensor to record the door signals
  28. Big barrel of self made cider, bowl, tables games
  29. Hacker with webcam, etc
  30. Pipette for Ping's antidote
  31. Water bottle and umbrella for Az on the docks


call Joern about barrel

Pipette for antidote (from Peter) - MONDAY