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Pings point of view
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==Professors point of view=== ==Professors point of view===
- - the professor nods in amazement.+- the professor nods in amazement.
He takes the chips from Ping and inspects them closely. He takes the chips from Ping and inspects them closely.

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  • The people in Bayoenica becoming unconcious slaves of the system.

Beginning: Revelation


Act 0 - Title and Establishing Scene

Visions of the devided City in a artistic poster performance style showing various aspects of the Bayeonica (survellience and robot like workers etc.) and a little bit of B. and a map of the city and the wall.

Act 1 - protagonist introduction

Zooming out of poster performance and showing Ping beeing distracted by a beautiful butterfly. she watches it for a couple of seconds and shortly later we see her incorporating it into the poster piece.

Act 2

Packs up her stuff walks to through the city perhaps meeting someone on the way makes a minor installment on the way with just the butterfly (not important) and then finds a good spot to put her final piece up. When watching the installed piece there is a brief moment where the signal cuts into a stream of binary numbers - LIFE in binary code.

Then she rewinds to check if it was a mistake she made. But there is nothing but the original piece of visual showing. She has done her job for the day and rolls an oldschool spliff and climbs a building to chill over the city (watch a sunset perhaps?) after wandering around a bit.

Act 3

Pings point of view

From the viewpoint of the roof top she sees Az and other runners running past in the distance. Then focuses on AZ running in the street below and slamming in a door (slapsticky). After a few attempts to run through the door he sees her laughing on the roof shortly. Feeling caught redhanded - even so she is innocent of manipulating the door - she grabs her stuff (perhaps dropping something to give him a lead).

AZ -beeing pissed off - takes a different route.

Pings running off laughing (oh it was funny kind of laughing) running down the stairs into an allyway and turning around to check if he is not following her. Then she goes to Big Fishs green house and tending his plants. Perhaps eats something picked from the plants - tomato. She shows the professor the loop of Azreal running into the door - the both crack up about it. She makes a new loop and on the way home sprays it on the wall. Caption next to the loop "Wonders of modern technology"(???). She goes into her apartment. Changes the walls (that are screens) to a relaxed midnight ocean setting and goes to sleep

Act 4

Pings point of view

She gets woken up by a knock on the door and kind of sleepwalks over to the door, opens it. AZ pushes in - they have a fight. Somehow her eyes get covered (by tshirt beeing pulled) and she freaks out and pulls out a small spray can and sprays it into his face. He immediately falls asleep.


He wakes up and she is looking at him.

They sit down and converse. Table Converstation Sequence with scripted words on the wall out mouth etc pp.

  • AZ: "I lost because of you!"
  • Ping: "Why me?"
  • AZ: "You were fucking around with those doors!"

Az gives Ping the Chip he pulled off her installation and gives it to Ping. She plugs it into her wall and it shows AZ running into the door. Az asks:

  • AZ: "Who if not you?"

The moment she shrugs somethings happens - A bianary code rifts throught the loop - converted stating "IT WAS ME!!!!"

They both look really puzzled.

She has a brainwave and looking through her database recording and finds the place where she recorded the installation from the beginning of the film (butterfly loop) with the code appearing shortly. Ping pulls out her nano floating screen and puts in the binary code that is then translated into ascii characters that spell out "LIFE" and "IT WAS ME". They look puzzled.

AZ proposes to see Big Fish to find out who it was then.

  • Ping: "Big Fish? You know him?"

he nodding.

looking puzzled again.

  • Ping : "Ok good idea!"

nodding they leaving.

Act 5

Pings Point of View

They arrive at Big Fish Laboratory. He looks shocked and surprised and asks them in. Ping showing him the loop she recorded with the binary code in them. She gives him the chips. They wait for Big Fishs to check on the chips. The power cuts out . Fish turns on some strange looking nanofloating light. Big Fish fiddles with something. The power comes back on. Chips are fried because of the powercut. They look dissapointed. Then they decide to to the slidedoor to check it. Whilst they are walking the streetlights flicker and signs are changing behind their backs and other electrical abnormalities. They go to the door place sensor on the door - which strangely opens and closes on its own. Big Fish picks up a signal and with the data collected reassures them and returns to the lab to research and contact his hacker friend. Ping and Azrael go off and have a conversation in some shady underground bar. On the way two or three street sign change to a "Hello! I am here!". One of the two trips over a Kalkin installation but still isn´t recognizing it as such. They go through the city and go to the park and then a hello appears in her eyes.

Other option for a ending.

They all go back to the lab and they call a hacker who says he does not know anything and that he would call them back. Big Fish analyzing the signal they picked up sees the connection extend everywhere on the vast network.

When he comes back to tell them there is no

Professors point of view=

- the professor nods in amazement. He takes the chips from Ping and inspects them closely.