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The title name - Kalki - comes from the 10th avatar of Vishnu - the Hindu god. He is the one who rids earth of its evil and leads mankind along a new path. Kalkin is also in Buddhism - the ruler of Shambhala, a place that closely symbolises heaven in Christianity. It is the destination where only the enlightened arrive. The 25th Buddhist Kalki, according to Tibetan Buddhism, is also Buddha himself. Kalki seen as an inner archetypal symbol of ones self is a designation of spiritual repose and vigor, a "beautiful life essence", impelling people to follow diverse and harmonious paths of virtue, rather than needlessly harsh and destructive paths of bigotry and narrow minded presumptions.

The story will revolve around the self-awakening of an artificial life through the multitudes of connections on the earthly computer network. Characters loosely resembling the other 9 avatars of Vishnu will help Kalki, the 10th avatar, and artificial life to help him enlighten the human race about the real wonders of mother earth.

The story will come in a series of installments showing the awakening and the successive development of the digital life and the struggle of the 10 avatars to keep mankind from enslaving itself. It is the aim of the story to show an alternative route to a life worth living rather then just to criticise what is going on. There will be references to the struggles of the past, the present, and the struggles still to come in the near future. The story is set in the science fiction genre but is also a social commentary on the split society we face today.

The scenario is set around the year 2025 in the divided city of Berlin where corporate interests have bought up half of the city perimeters and transformed this part into a highly controlled zone where every step from every person is watched, nature is only present in airtight greenhouses and generally everything is under tight schedule with only a brainwashy entertainment sprinkled in to keep the residents happy. The rulers are the Board of Directors of this MegaCorporation (name: BAYEON). Hard work is done by dumb robots and disobeying citizens as punishment.

The other side is absolutely lawless. There is no government and anarchism rules. People live self-sufficiently and under the law of nature. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful. Everyone is busy with securing their own daily survival struggle. There is a free market where all kinds of goods can be exchanged with others once a week. The sparce property of the individual is seen as a highly valued good and except from the occasional kid stealing a candy there is not much life-threatening crime present. Street art and art in general is widely accepted and supported.

Both sides live in agreement yet the greedy corporation is of course undermining the peaceful life in every way possible - the reason why there is a propaganda war going on to seduce the citizens from the other side.


A self-forming artificial intelligence would choose an anarchistic, grounded existence over a corporate robot-like existence. It is a beautiful planet and in a real life there are deep and more fulfiling spiritual aspects to the anarchic way of life.

(bearing in mind these are the two option in 2028)

Artificial Life helping humans understand themselves.

Artificial Intelligence would form itself out of technology and would favour an anarchistic way of life.

Through the birth or awakening of this intelligence, people are brought together and connect with what is real and get the best out of it.


  • Artificial Life
  • Split Society - Control vs. Anarchy