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July 09, 2005

Invocation of Light

As a new format on the blog we introduce mixes from time to time. Mixes are longer then the loops and mostly live mixes one of the blog members did on some occasion. They are meant to demonstrate that you can tell stories and transmit meaning inside the vj context.
The first one of these is "Invokation des Lichtes" my second "fictional narrative" dealing with the TV as our main influence of spirituality and the confusion of ones believes and its soul/body split that can result out of it. Little personal feeling and observation.
Technical details is one night shooting with two DV cameras, 2.5 day postproduction with Aftereffects, 5 minute live mixing with VDMX4.2beta2 and VDMX3 on two powerbooks in my living room as test - no postproduction work on the recording (so all live).

Music is part of a mix done by Kraddy.

WARNING: The file is 6 Minutes long and 50 MB in size. To view it you have to have a MPG4 H.264 standard conform player like Quicktime 7 - Normal MPG4 was not an option as the filesize would have ballooned to over 90Mb to still have accapable quality. I hope you can still enjoy this.

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