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July 11, 2005

Self Replicating Robots

A entry that is ages old and never got finished trying out newly betas of GridPro I decided to give it a whirl. Not the best and end of all but at least a normal loop entry from me again.
The footage underneath shows a robot that is feed body parts and then builds a replica of itself that again is able to build another replica. Far away from anything dangerous it still needs the feeding and its sole purpose on earth is to replicate itself but the AI research is another little step further.
Music is from Meatsock with the song called mcnothing.

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May 15, 2005

Forget RFID, lets have a TV Riot

Forget RFID...forget TV... now you have another reason to subscribe to ant feeds

"If you're inside a building, a GPS receiver cannot find you. But a $40 radio chip from Rosum Corporation will do it, with the help of TV signals," notes Roland Piquepaille.

The CIA-backed start-up says TV signals are 10,000 times stronger than the ones from GPS. Rosum founder James Spilker, one of the original architects of the GPS satellite... realized a synchronization feature in digital and analog television signals could be used for other purposes than to lock the vertical hold for older TVs.The engineers created a radio receiver chip that could zero in on the TV signal and get the synchronization information. Using precision timing, they figure out how far a TV signal travels before it is picked up by a device equipped with Rosum chips. Next, they compare the measurements against other data that they collect with their own listening stations and then finally calculate the device's position. Rosum's vice president of engineering, Greg Flammel, says tests of the technology show it can track someone in the basement floor of the San Francisco Public Library. It also found a person in the heart of San Francisco's financial district...

So i thought i would send possum rosum corp looking for me across multiple contintents backed by "TV Riot" from The Adored from los angles, my town of exile. This whole issue is so 5 days ago, i know, but it took me till now to get myself together and make this post.

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April 12, 2005

Exoskeletons, Mechwarriors and Robosapiens

I am coming across so many things that seem to come from the future - at least an early future. Topic of today for me is Mechwarriors and Exoskelotons. So basically we are talking about machine extensions for human physical weakness. The japanese have drawn it in their Mangas for a long time - but now one Mechwarrior gets build and a "driver" sits inside and on top of the world.

The Land Walker from Sakakibara Kikai
Slashdot Artikel on Exoskeletons
Japan Times about Yoshiyuki Sankai
Robosapiens from ThinkGeek

Music from dilvie.com - song called not tonight

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Searching for Zod

Last week we had to take a small break from vjblogging as real life interfered a small bit. A little later now an answer to our little copyleft discussion from Michael:

Although at my live gigs i repurpose, mix and match mostly found content, i do also create original material. This was created for a gig i had last week in istanbul. The source material is a 8 bit version of the DOOM gaming engine which a friend of mine named Dara coded just for fun. The material was filmed from the screen as he played (and i LOVE the field scan lines, adds to the feel of the material) and then colored. The audio track is some unnamed loops i also created for the gig last week. And who is ZOD?

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March 29, 2005

Robo Sapiens

The World Fair in Japan gets a lot of buzzing lately and most publications reporting from it point out the extraordinary advances in roboter design on display in Tokyo. So Roboter are such an easy topic for an entry here that I had to do it.

* faz.de (german newspaper) reports
* technology review reports

Lovely brokn future music by our local elektronic music hero DJ Jóse (prototypen).

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