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July 03, 2005

Black Eyed Post

Three things grabbed my attention today:

1. The second paragraph of Declaration of Independence includes the lines, "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, sic), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it"

2. Some enterprising flash programmers have put up an animation of the location and number of american casualties overlayed onto a map of iraq which is updated daily, and

3. The iraqi resistance has a website with daily updates of their activities

fALk has also noted on his normal blog that the americans have killed more iraqi's than Saddam... so it just makes me wonder, how long before the american public awakes from its slumber, and brings the troops home from this ill planned, cynical neo-conservative nightmare?

This mix is a re:vlog of the above elements, along with musical accompaniement from a US marine hendrixing the Star Spangled Banner from atop one of Saddams Palaces, taken from one of the trailers from "gunner palace."

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May 06, 2005

re:vlogged: Who's Responsible for this?

Today's re:vlog is an amalgamation of visitors to artificialeye who left comments complimenting us on the quality of the content, so i think it's fair to return the favor by re:vlogging them. In order of appearance: jay dedman licking his girlfriend's eyeball (already referenced once by faLk) combined with kristina rapacki's short film "abstract" which was inspired by Darren Aronofsky's "P.I." All effects, transitions lumakeys, and the chosen frames of the two videos were generated and exported in real time based on audio analysis of the audio track "Who is responsible for this?" from AaronGNP's Gabber Nullification Project in vidvox's GridPro. Thanks to the respective artists for putting their content online under a creative commons license for remixing.

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March 31, 2005

re:vlogging#1 .|. hidden political messages

Yesterday Michael and I had the same idea at the same time without knowing that we each had the idea. We both wanted to do a loop or remix from other video bloggers videos. The synchronity is mirrored in a synchronous two entry release (we wanted to do it in one entry but then the ANT does not recognize the second entry).

Watching a lot of Video Blogs through the artificial eye it seemed that a political message was sticking out all the time. I took some video blog entries and molded them into a political statement. Bullemhead gave the overall theme with his entry Koyannisqatsi. Dylan lend her pair of eyes and the great "empire" typography from her dylan show #2. The thinking head that appears shortly is from Raymond M. Kristiansen´s dltg.vlog the entry is called boris and also the car crashes are from his joyride remix. The very great punchy moving head is from Scratch´s entry that is called Punch.
The ultimate destruction of the world comes through the one eye to stop it you have to lick it. Jay from Momentshowing provided the tongue and his girl the the eye.
The great commentary and the robo hand that takes over the world is from the ultimate video blogging professional Human Dog Productions and I took apart the entry#65 and the robohand entry#62.
Whicked collapsed civilization music by DJ Jóse (prototypen) again...

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re:vlogging#1 .|. a homage to Annie

michael writes:
Annie says on the sidebar of her videoblog, "I'm 19, and live in a suburb of Los Angeles. I love my Mac and I'm incredibly geeky/dorky." As a true testament to her dorkiness and what she claims is her "lack of coordination" she graced the world with a post of her dancing in her new jeans. Unfortunately for her, i dont think she's a dork, i think shes damn hot (love those glasses). Alas, she's a continent away from me, so the only way i can flirt with her is with a re-vlog mix of her original post with some nice ice cream pastel color and streak fx with a bit of rgb delay -- to spice up the stark whiteness of what appears to be her living room -- all added with real time sound synch to her original track using GRIDPRO. Any other videobloggers you think should be re-vlogged here at artificial eye? drop me a mail at exiledsurfer@onemail.at

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