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July 08, 2005

the artificial lifeform is back

Hello again. After some absence due to real life interference I will start posting to the vjblog again...
As Michael did an introduction to himself I thought to make such an entry as well - not really my thing really to see me on screen as I like to be behind the camera not in front - but what can you do. You will now see me posting until next tuesday then Michael is taking over again. Hopefully one day there will be the time again where all of us are posting at the same time not distracted by the outside world.
Oh and I almost forgot the song is from Semebasta and is called jajalied

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April 27, 2005

AVIT05::Peter Maxavision

As promised a little VJ blog coverage of AVIT through the artificial VJ eye. Yesterdays first real session for me was with Peter Maxavision. The oldest VJ in existence I would say and one with the most thoughtful ideas regarding VJing in general of all of em. He sees the survival of mankind directly connected to subculture and therefore sees the vjs as big part of it. He does not stop to criticize the new upcoming young vjs for their moving wallpaper without thoughts and sheds some bright light on the state of the world. He presented his thought through a 2 and a half hour taped interview with some inbetweens of the past times (great footage of the chromapark and the only vj gig ever in east berlin when it was still east berlin in 1988). I try to get the tape from him and put it online in some way or the other. He commented live on the tape and the discussion round afterwards showed that he is not alone with his thoughts on how to shape the future - not only for the vjs.
You can read some of his thoughts in this PDF document called "A look at Video Mix Culture.

Update: I got some great music for this entry is a loop remix from MoGreens the original loop is a free sample from Pete Namlook.
Also wanted to point out that all Visuals in the Mix are filmed and recorded during Peters session.

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April 23, 2005

VJ Blog presentation at AVIT

That you do not see much new content on here lately has to do with the fact that Michael and me are preparing for the upcoming AVIT VJ Conference in Birmingham /Uk next week. Among other lectures and showcases we have the opportunity to present the full concept behind the VJ Blog, say something about the future of our VJBlogging endeavor and invite others to join VJBlogging.

The presentation will take place on

Wednesday April 27th 2005
at 8 p.m.
in the Old Library 2
at the Custard Factory Birmingham.

Michael and I will speak for as long as it takes about any technological, content and delivery issue regarding this VJBlog.
If you are interested in taking part in this project or just want to know more about our thoughts you are welcome to join in.

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April 12, 2005

Exoskeletons, Mechwarriors and Robosapiens

I am coming across so many things that seem to come from the future - at least an early future. Topic of today for me is Mechwarriors and Exoskelotons. So basically we are talking about machine extensions for human physical weakness. The japanese have drawn it in their Mangas for a long time - but now one Mechwarrior gets build and a "driver" sits inside and on top of the world.

The Land Walker from Sakakibara Kikai
Slashdot Artikel on Exoskeletons
Japan Times about Yoshiyuki Sankai
Robosapiens from ThinkGeek

Music from dilvie.com - song called not tonight

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March 31, 2005

Homage to Creative Commons

As an answer to Michaels first post yesterday I would like to point out that I only have a 100% non other source philosophy when doing my normal VJ gigs. This is because I think to develop an own style you have to create all things yourself - like a director of a movie. What seems to got out wrong is that I am all for copyrights. Actually I hate the way the copyright system works right now and have always supported creative ways to bring the system to fall. All blogs on prototypen.com inclusive this one are subject to creative common licenses and my code releases are under GNU so I think to make a counter argument I want to pay homage to Creative Commons .

Music from the the WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share.
performed by Beastie Boys song called now get busy.

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re:vlogging#1 .|. hidden political messages

Yesterday Michael and I had the same idea at the same time without knowing that we each had the idea. We both wanted to do a loop or remix from other video bloggers videos. The synchronity is mirrored in a synchronous two entry release (we wanted to do it in one entry but then the ANT does not recognize the second entry).

Watching a lot of Video Blogs through the artificial eye it seemed that a political message was sticking out all the time. I took some video blog entries and molded them into a political statement. Bullemhead gave the overall theme with his entry Koyannisqatsi. Dylan lend her pair of eyes and the great "empire" typography from her dylan show #2. The thinking head that appears shortly is from Raymond M. Kristiansen´s dltg.vlog the entry is called boris and also the car crashes are from his joyride remix. The very great punchy moving head is from Scratch´s entry that is called Punch.
The ultimate destruction of the world comes through the one eye to stop it you have to lick it. Jay from Momentshowing provided the tongue and his girl the the eye.
The great commentary and the robo hand that takes over the world is from the ultimate video blogging professional Human Dog Productions and I took apart the entry#65 and the robohand entry#62.
Whicked collapsed civilization music by DJ Jóse (prototypen) again...

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March 29, 2005

Robo Sapiens

The World Fair in Japan gets a lot of buzzing lately and most publications reporting from it point out the extraordinary advances in roboter design on display in Tokyo. So Roboter are such an easy topic for an entry here that I had to do it.

* faz.de (german newspaper) reports
* technology review reports

Lovely brokn future music by our local elektronic music hero DJ Jóse (prototypen).

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AVIT VJ conferences Birmingham

First little apology for not posting in frequent manner. I was a little sick the last days and had to recover. Now I am back with full force.
Back on topic.
The AVIT VJ conferences return to their hometurf – the good old United Kingdom. This time they are in Birmingham. I thought what would make a better entry then this? Not much. So here the AVIT entry.

* AVIT 05 Birmingham

Whicked Creative Commons music by Dr. Colossus song called Criticial Beatdown

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March 22, 2005

Vampire bats run like horses

Yesterday was mute day. Not much going on. Today I found something on the fifth click that I think is amusing and gives the vj eye much potential to try the short loop in less time. The movie is so ovious self explaining. Yes its for real.

#Der Gemeine Vampir galoppiert Telepolis (german)

#Original Nature.com Report

#The original movie

The tune is from nixx.ch and the song is called HorseFactor.

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March 20, 2005

Entry #1

The first entry is the first test. The test took me to long. About 3 hours. This had to do with conceptional problems and program crashes. So in the end its too long for all the topics to be covered in any detail. So I call this a bulletin mix. Something I will do when I have enough time and too much to show. Short bulletins of a couple of topics:

USA used tricks to get allies against North Korea
Wisconsin Researchers Create Nano-Bio-Circuits
W3D printer to churn out copies of itself
Revolution in the Digital Rights Management Age - Code v.2
wave vessel: audio visualization
Iran Has 12 Strategic Cruise Missiles
Announcment of vjtorrents.com
bicycle wheel with persintent of vision and message

audio provided by
the sunny sunday afternoon track that I found through the creative commons site for todays entry comes from
Incidental Fusion and is called groovin-afternoon.

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