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May 07, 2005

Nice Guy Dave Guest Entry #1

We have a new guest blogger: Nice Guy Dave. I have meet him through my very first vj collaboration ever. The aveja mailing list was set up to promote vjs that wanted to collectively play at the glastonbury festival in 2002. One DVD with a short timesnap of VJ history was its only outcome back then but from there the AVIT idea formed and the core of the people active in that group somehow stayed connected throughout the last years. It is very nice to see Dave joining us.

At the Birmingham AVIT UK05 VJ festival I met with some amazing minds, and they showed me new things. Things vibrant with life. So I made a little VJ Blog when I got home. Each building block you see here is from AVIT - my rail ticket to get there, the little local map they gave out, my notes on a great masterclass, and all the graphics that glue them together are techniques I covered in software workshops helping people get more out of Adobe's After Effects package. I've never vlogged before. I've never even blogged before. Fun isn't it?


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