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April 27, 2005

AVIT05::Peter Maxavision

As promised a little VJ blog coverage of AVIT through the artificial VJ eye. Yesterdays first real session for me was with Peter Maxavision. The oldest VJ in existence I would say and one with the most thoughtful ideas regarding VJing in general of all of em. He sees the survival of mankind directly connected to subculture and therefore sees the vjs as big part of it. He does not stop to criticize the new upcoming young vjs for their moving wallpaper without thoughts and sheds some bright light on the state of the world. He presented his thought through a 2 and a half hour taped interview with some inbetweens of the past times (great footage of the chromapark and the only vj gig ever in east berlin when it was still east berlin in 1988). I try to get the tape from him and put it online in some way or the other. He commented live on the tape and the discussion round afterwards showed that he is not alone with his thoughts on how to shape the future - not only for the vjs.
You can read some of his thoughts in this PDF document called "A look at Video Mix Culture.

Update: I got some great music for this entry is a loop remix from MoGreens the original loop is a free sample from Pete Namlook.
Also wanted to point out that all Visuals in the Mix are filmed and recorded during Peters session.

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respect the crowd...

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