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March 31, 2005

Losing Who We Are

from michael again:
One of the most important cases being heard before the supreme court at the moment is MGM vs Grokster. Twenty-eight of the world's largest entertainment companies brought the lawsuit against the makers of the Morpheus, Grokster, and KaZaA software products, aiming to set a precedent to use against other technology companies (P2P and otherwise). In honor thereof, i took animated some text in VDMX from an article on Salon.com by Andrew Leonard:

The deeper we get into the digital age, the more we will be defined not by our relationships with physical objects but with the data that we have accumulated in our journeys through life. If we lose the right to own that data and do what we want with it, if the power of the computer, and the Net, is taken from us, we're at risk of losing a lot more than a few files -- we stand at risk of losing the evidence that tells us who we are.

The track is "Run The Crowd" by The Shapeshifters taken from the SXSW music festival performing artist bittorrent.

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