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March 31, 2005

re:vlogging#1 .|. a homage to Annie

michael writes:
Annie says on the sidebar of her videoblog, "I'm 19, and live in a suburb of Los Angeles. I love my Mac and I'm incredibly geeky/dorky." As a true testament to her dorkiness and what she claims is her "lack of coordination" she graced the world with a post of her dancing in her new jeans. Unfortunately for her, i dont think she's a dork, i think shes damn hot (love those glasses). Alas, she's a continent away from me, so the only way i can flirt with her is with a re-vlog mix of her original post with some nice ice cream pastel color and streak fx with a bit of rgb delay -- to spice up the stark whiteness of what appears to be her living room -- all added with real time sound synch to her original track using GRIDPRO. Any other videobloggers you think should be re-vlogged here at artificial eye? drop me a mail at exiledsurfer@onemail.at

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Posted by: Chuck Olsen at April 1, 2005 02:38 AM
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