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March 30, 2005

Guest Entry#1: Copyleft.|.Copyright

Today is only 4 Minutes old but it starts very lovely with the first entry from a guest VJ. I got a mail from Michael yesterday and thought he is very intelligent and in the know. It turnes out after chatting a little that he is dead funny as well. His loops will feel home here our thoughts are somehow close yet far away. So here it goes and expect an answer from me soon...

Falk and i subscribe to different schools of thought as far as content origin are concerned, and i consider myself a copyleftist and believe that once things are released into the public domain, that they are there for us to reinterpret as artists... and essentially that is what enables public dialog. So what better way to set us two apart here on the blog than to remix the copyleft logo with some of my other favorite footage, including a classic demoreel animation clip from niels jansson that he put up on the web in 2000. This is a live mix created in GRIDPRO from vidvox, using the sequencer, with all added color, motion fx and transitions created by synchronizing the modules to the audiotrack in the built in audioplayer. The track is called "copy copy", including the great line "super terror, copy, NOW", from a japanese band way too far ahead of their time, The Plastics which was released as a single on Rough Trade in 1979.

any musicians out there who want to contribute tracks for a mix to be posted on this site can mail me at exiledsurfer at onemail dot at

cheers, exiledsurfer.

Posted by fALk at March 30, 2005 12:20 AM | TrackMeBack

we need ANT to play fullscreen.
this is the kind of stuff i want on my TV.

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